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2023 Annual Afflictions

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A fundamental principle that underpins the art of Imperial Feng Shui is the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star, which forms the foundation for our understanding of an energy chart of a home, office or property space. An analysis of a property’s Flying Star chart enables an experienced Imperial Feng Shui master to accurately forecast the well-being and prosperity of a household’s occupants.

Each year, different afflictions, or stars, shift to different sectors in each property. Awareness of these annual afflictions can help circumvent or mitigate potentially harmful or disruptive misfortunes from befalling you or your loved ones. The annual afflictions take effect after Li Chun, which commences on 4 February 2023.

According to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, there are four different types of annual afflictions:

  • Tai Sui (太岁)
  • Year Breaker (岁破)
  • Three Killings (三煞)
  • Five Yellow (五黄)

In 2023, the locations of each annual affliction, as well as their considerations, are listed as follows:

  • Tai Sui (太岁)

In Imperial Feng Shui, Tai Sui (太岁) is also known as Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui. Symbolically associated with the planet Jupiter, Tai Sui’s position is signified by the earthly branch, or the zodiac sign governing the year. Individuals born in the year of the Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse and Rooster should avoid the East sector entirely, as these zodiacs will experience a clash with Tai Sui in 2023.

In 2023, the East sector will be affected by Tai Sui, covering an area of 15 degrees from 82.6° to 97.5°. Offending Tai Sui in 2023 can bring misfortunes and worries, such as material losses, increased obstacles or illnesses affecting the family.

It is prudent to avoid scheduling construction, renovation or other major groundbreaking works in the East direction in 2023. Additionally, avoid sleeping or working with your head facing the Tai Sui direction. In these cases, facing the Year Breaker position is always recommended.

  • Year Breaker (岁破)

Year Breaker, or 岁破, occupies the compass sector directly opposite Tai Sui. In 2023, it occupies the West sector and covers an area of 15 degrees from 262.5° to 277.5°. As opposites, the Year Breaker clashes with Tai Sui and should be treated with similar caution. As such, offending the Year Breaker could similarly bring about a loss of wealth for the household, increased obstacles and illnesses.

Avoid arranging major groundbreaking works, such as renovation or construction in the West direction. Face the Year Breaker when you are working, sitting or sleeping, and avoid working or sleeping with your back facing the Year Breaker, as you will directly be facing Tai Sui.

  • Three Killings (三煞)

The Three Killings are also known as the Three Massacres or San Sha, and are associated with negative repercussions. These consist of three types of Sha Qi, or negative energy — Robbery Sha (劫煞), Calamity Sha (灾煞) and Annual Sha (岁煞). In 2023, the Three Killings are located in the West direction, covering an area of 90 degrees from 232.5° to 307.5°.

The effects of the Three Killings create a myriad of obstacles for individuals, such as encountering theft, loss of wealth, recurring health concerns and professional setbacks.

If the Three Killings are situated in the sitting direction of your house or property, all renovation, construction and major groundbreaking works should be avoided. As the Three Killings are inherently inauspicious, avoid sitting or working with your back facing this direction.

  • Five Yellow (五黄)

Five Yellow (五黄) is an inauspicious Earth star considered to be the most ominous star in the Flying Star chart. This star brings about personal tragedies such as illnesses, accidents, financial losses and relationship conflicts — making it one of the most inauspicious sectors to avoid.

In 2023, the Five Yellow occupies the Northwest sector, occupying an area of 292.5° to 337.5°. Avoid stirring up this area by completely avoiding any renovation or construction work, causing excessive noise, having bright lights or bustling activity. If the Five Yellow Star is situated at the main door, stove or the main bed of the property, it constitutes a negative flying star combination.

Combating 2023 Annual Afflictions

With these circumstances and considerations at hand, the annual afflictions may seem daunting, especially in cases where it is unviable for individuals to relocate their homes or favourably reposition their furniture. Negative effects stemming from the annual afflictions may be combated through the introduction of the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone, which channels these challenges into opportunities for good fortune.

Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone

According to the findings of pioneering Imperial Feng Shui masters in dynastic Chinese history, Imperial White Inkstones possess the potent ability of “一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞”. Directly translated, this indicates that Imperial Harvest-grade Imperial White Inkstones held the ability to amplify the auspicious energies of certain sectors while countering the effects of inauspicious sectors.

The installation of Imperial Harvest’s Imperial White Inkstones activates the authority sector in homes and offices, which governs the power, influence and authority that an individual wields. The activation of the authority sector empowers individuals with influential and strategic opportunities.

The Imperial White Inkstones were a mainstay of Emperor Qian Long’s study during the Qing dynasty — central to his thoughts and deliberations regarding state affairs. These Imperial Feng Shui treasures empowered him with intuition, benefactor luck and wisdom, catalysing the success of the Qing dynasty.

Read about the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone here

Today, the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone is a welcome addition to any home. Countering the adverse effects of missing sectors while enhancing positive sectors, this treasure is indispensable to the contemporary home.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey, and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826.

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