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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 June 2021

Four Generations of Bliss of Harvest

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Enter a world of unlimited possibilities with Imperial Harvest’s signature Bliss of Harvest Collection.

Crafted from the finest raw materials and hand-finished by expert artisans with a scrupulous attention to detail, the Bliss of Harvest Collection hallmarks Master David Goh’s creative vision and progressive conventionality – design philosophies which underpin the elegant fusion of ancient Imperial Feng Shui principles with modern aesthetics.

History of Bliss of Harvest 

The Temple of Heaven (天坛) is one of the largest altar complexes in China and an impressive paradigm of Chinese mystical and cosmological symbolism.

Agriculture was the economic backbone of ancient China. A bountiful harvest established the political legitimacy (heavenly mandate) for a particular emperor’s reign. As such, the Temple of Heaven was built for Chinese emperors to make heavenly sacrifices, pay respect to their ancestors, and pray for abundant harvests during the Winter Solstice annually.

The Temple of Heaven was built between 1406 and 1420, during the reign of Emperor Yongle, who was also responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City. The temple was enlarged and renamed “Tian Tan” (天坛) during the reign of Emperor Jiajing in the 16th century. It was renovated in the 18th century under Emperor Qian Long.

It is a spatial representation of Chinese cosmology and astronomy, on which the political power and legitimacy of the imperial dynasties were based for more than two millennia.

The iconic tripled gabled circular building inspired the emblematic Bliss of Harvest collection.

2018 – The First Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings

Made to measure, each Bliss of Harvest jadeite ring features a carefully sculpted fine jadeite ring, clasped by two 18k gold rings engraved with the iconic Imperial Harvest logo.

The First Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings boast a bold and unprecedented design that manifests wealth and abundance for its destined owner.

2019 – The Second Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings 

An elegant fusion of Imperial Feng Shui culture and modernity, the Second Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings are a contemporary statement of class and elegance.

The curved inscription of Imperial Harvest is an abstracted symbolism of the Chinese Emperor’s wishes made at the Temple of Heaven every Winter Solstice.

A minimalistic reimagination of Winter Solstice traditions at the Temple of Heaven, the Second Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings exude simplicity and elegance, with a versatility fit for daily wear.

2020 – The Third Generation Bliss of Harvest Rings: 600 years of Temple of Heaven

2020 marked the Temple of Heaven’s 600th anniversary.

The All-New Bliss of Harvest Ring: Temple of Heaven Edition is arguably Imperial Harvest’s most iconic collection, paying homage to the famous Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of Heaven. It concretises the historic links between Imperial Harvest and our dedication to authentic Imperial Feng Shui traditions.

Our lustrous 18K solid rose gold rings are created from a proprietary blend of pure gold, copper and silver – representing heaven, earth, and human elements.

The beautiful hue intensifies with age, and evokes the vibrant red found throughout the Temple of Heaven, a colour deeply synonymous with prosperity and auspiciousness.

The Bliss of Harvest Rings are embellished with the finest jadeite cabochon, perfectly round and glistening, resembling the gilded orb which crowns the Temple of Heaven’s regal Hall of Prayer. It takes hours of finely-honed craftsmanship to harvest the cabochon from a jadeite boulder, shaping it to perfection, and hand-polishing the gem to bring out the jadeite’s natural depth of colour.

The intricate design gives the impression of three separate bands wrapped gently around the finger, comforting and caressing the owner.

Elegant in form, and robust in construction, our intricately designed rings take inspiration from the Hall of Prayer. Its roof is formed of three graceful circular tiers which build on each other, rising to a crescendo, and merging into one magnificent creation.

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2021 – All-New Bliss of Harvest Rings: 490 years of Summer Solstice Celebrations at the Temple of Earth

An exclusive collection, the All-New Bliss of Harvest Rings: Temple of Earth Edition celebrates 490 years of Summer Solstice celebrations at the Temple of Earth this June.

The second largest temple in Beijing after the Temple of Heaven, the Temple of Earth is one of China’s most important historical monuments.

First inaugurated by Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty in 1531, Summer Solstice traditions at the Temple of Earth are jovial, marking a season of growth, abundance and success.

Fusing the art of Imperial Feng Shui and modern design codes, the collection creatively realises Imperial Harvest’s determination to reimagine Fine Jadeite. An authentic Imperial Feng Shui treasure, Fine Jadeite can simultaneously be transformed into exquisite pieces of jewellery.

Every Imperial Harvest Jadeite cabochon is meticulously hand polished to a luminous high-shine. Masterfully crafted by expert artisans, the centre piece of every ring contributes to its sleek silhouette. Each of the two ring bands in the tributary collection comprises a unique combination of several tasteful finishes – matte, satin and mirror.

Designed to inspire growth, excellence and success, the All-New Bliss of Harvest Rings: Temple of Earth Edition are statement pieces fit to bring every individual from day to night.

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Celebrate this Summer Solstice – a season of auspiciousness, abundance and achievement – with the All-New Bliss of Harvest Rings: Temple of Earth Edition.

An innovative yet harmonious fusion of creative textures with Imperial Harvest’s unmistakably iconic round jadeite cabochon, both the All-New Bliss of Harvest Rings: Temple of Earth Edition capture an unyielding dedication to progressive conventionality.

Watch the full evolution here:

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