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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 01 March 2024

Tua Pek Gong: A Beacon of Prosperity and Wealth

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In the vibrant pantheon of Southeast Asian folklore, amid a diverse array of culturally revered figures, one stands out with undeniable allure — Tua Pek Gong. While many mythical beings in the Chinese pantheon are renowned for their military prowess or sage counsel, Tua Pek Gong emerges as the Direct Wealth God and a beacon of wealth and prosperity.

In commemoration of his legacy, his birthday is designated as the second day of the second lunar month, which falls on 11 March this year.

History behind Tua Pek Gong

Despite his origins as an earth deity in Chinese folklore, Tua Pek Gong is deeply ingrained in the cultural traditions of indigenous peoples across the Southeast Asian region. Historically believed to preside over village affairs and ensure favourable weather conditions for crops, Tua Pek Gong holds a revered status among their devotees as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

Today, devotees hold Tua Pek Gong in high esteem, regarding him as one of the foremost figures in the pursuit of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. He is equated with the concept of prosperity within the Fu Lu Shou trinity, embodying the essence of wealth and fortune. As such, Tua Pek Gong is often honoured in many social and religious contexts through elaborate rituals and ceremonies, each imbued with deep cultural significance that reflects the enduring traditions passed down through generations.

These rituals, carefully choreographed and faithfully observed, serve as a testament to the enduring reverence for Tua Pek Gong. Through offerings and acts of devotion, devotees seek to honour his blessings and ensure his continued favour.

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Tua Pek Gong in Contemporary Times

Reflecting on Tua Pek Gong’s history and significance in contemporary times, we are reminded of the rich cultural heritage and traditions shaping our lives. From ancient rituals to modern interpretations, Tua Pek Gong’s influence transcends generations, guiding us toward abundance and fulfilment.

Tua Pek Gong’s presence transcends mere spiritual reverence; it intertwines intimately with the economic fabric of his followers’ lives. As the patron deity of primary economic endeavours, his blessings are fervently sought in pivotal career decisions and business ventures. In the labyrinth of life’s crossroads, devotees turn to him for guidance, seeking assurance and clarity as they navigate the intricate paths of their professional journeys.

Revered as the Career God of Wealth, Tua Pek Gong guides those working towards massive career breakthroughs. By attracting powerful benefactor support, individuals are empowered to ascend to the top echelons of the corporate world.

Virtue of Propriety

The Five Constant Regulations, also known as the Sangang Wuchang (三纲五常), embody a set of virtues that serve as a guiding framework for individuals, offering a pathway to prosperity and harmony. In Imperial Feng Shui, these virtues are linked to the five universal elements — Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金), and Water (水) — rooting them deeply within the philosophy of this ancient art. Among these virtues, propriety, often associated with Tua Pek Gong, emphasises the importance of adhering to socially and contextually appropriate manners.

Imperial Harvest acknowledges the significance of the intricate details in Tua Pek Gong’s worship, honouring the cherished rites observed at significant events where his blessings are sought. As a pivotal figure in Imperial Harvest’s signature Five Wealth Gods collection, Tua Pek Gong has played a crucial role in the multifaceted successes experienced by blessed clients.

Imperial Harvest’s Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong is a recognition of his enduring cultural legacy, paying homage to this timeless deity and the rich traditions he continues to inspire in the modern age.

Savoir Faire

Gold Ingots (元宝)

At the heart of this exquisite treasure are the gold ingots, also known as yuan bao (元宝). These symbolise prosperity and good fortune in traditional Chinese culture. As a revered figure for many, Tua Pek Gong holds sway as a prominent wealth symbol — often sought out for guidance in matters of earthly abundance. As a Direct Wealth God, he frequently offers insights into career paths and primary income sources.

For Tua Pek Gong, the significance of gold ingots extends beyond their visual appeal, representing the influence he wields over the material wealth of his followers. Within the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong, the gold ingots carry profound meaning, acting as conduits of positive energy and success. They empower their destined owners to recognise trends and seize strategic opportunities, serving as potent amplifiers of wealth that safeguard prosperity and foster growth.

Dragon Scepter (玉龙杖)

The Dragon Scepter, an imposing weapon in Chinese culture, is a powerful emblem warding off malevolent influences while symbolising Tua Pek Gong’s revered stature. The depiction of a dragon evokes the legendary creature associated with the emperors of ancient China, embodying qualities of authority, wisdom, and decisiveness revered by Imperial Feng Shui practitioners. This iconic emblem invites its destined owners to embark on a symbolic journey of strength, wisdom, and the auspicious pursuit of prosperity.

Crowning Tua Pek Gong’s Dragon Scepter, the dragon’s head emits heavenly flames, symbolising the boundless potential and success awaiting its bearer. With divine winds at their back, wearers of this sacred artefact effortlessly overcome challenges, soaring to unparalleled heights in their endeavours. As a beacon of fortune and protection, the Dragon Scepter embodies the timeless allure of Tua Pek Gong’s blessings, guiding its recipients toward enduring prosperity and success.


In the Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong, Imperial Harvest reaffirms the enduring importance of this powerful wealth deity in the career aspirations of its esteemed clientele. This exquisite jadeite masterpiece symbolises the preservation of cherished traditions within the Imperial Harvest family, serving as a guiding light across generations.

With inspiration stemming from ancient Chinese cauldrons used for ritual offerings to Heaven, as part of religious rites conducted at the Temple of Heaven, the emblem is a timeless tribute to the profound spiritual connections woven into the fabric of Chinese culture. Just as these cauldrons symbolised reverence towards the divine, the emblem embodies a deep-seated respect for tradition and a commitment to Imperial Feng Shui’s principles and practices.

As we reflect on Tua Pek Gong’s history and his influence in contemporary times, we are reminded of the rich cultural heritage and traditions that continue to shape our lives. From ancient rituals to modern interpretations, Tua Pek Gong’s influence transcends generations, guiding us towards abundance and fulfilment.

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