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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 March 2024

The Transformative Influence of Guyu (谷雨)

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The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气) in Chinese metaphysics are aligned with astronomic occurrences and natural phenomena, marking subtle shifts in the Earth’s temperatures and climates, guiding farmers towards optimal planting and harvesting times.

The sixth solar term in the Chinese calendar and the last term of Spring, Guyu (谷雨) occurs on 19 April this year, when the sun reaches a celestial longitude of 30°. Its arrival marked a crucial phase in China’s agricultural calendar, symbolising the start of a season vital for crop growth.

Guyu also marks a transitional period signalling the upcoming Summer season and is characterised by steadily increasing temperatures, strong sunlight and abundant seasonal rainfall.

Historical Significance of Guyu

The practice of observing solar terms, like Guyu, has deep roots in Chinese culture, history and metaphysics—dating back thousands of years. This system was originally devised to organise agricultural activities in harmony with the seasonal changes, however, the importance of these solar terms is deeply integrated into the fabric of Chinese society, influencing not just agriculture but also daily life, festivals, and rituals.

This period holds significant importance in the imperial court’s calendar, underscored by an acute awareness of its critical timing. This importance was captured in the saying, “spring rain is valuable as oil” (春雨贵如油), reflecting the high value placed on this seasonal downpour.

Guyu signifies the importance of rainfall to the agricultural societies of ancient China. In the context of dynastic China, agriculture stood as the cornerstone of the economy. The outcome of the harvest was more than a measure of agricultural success; it was a reflection of the emperor’s legitimacy and divine right to govern.

A successful harvest was seen as a sign of the emperor’s favourable relationship with the heavens, a crucial aspect of his authority and mandate to rule. Thus, the onset of Guyu was not merely a meteorological event but a herald of potential abundance, prosperity, and significant achievements, laying the groundwork for a season that could fortify the emperor’s reign and ensure the well-being of the empire.

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The emphasis on the anticipated rainfall during Guyu and its connection to the empire’s fortune highlights the critical role of water in achieving success. This is echoed in the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, where it is believed that “Mountains govern benefactors, authority, and harmony, while water governs wealth, opportunities, and intuition” (山管人丁,水管财) — which underscores the significance of water in the quest for prosperity and abundance.

In Imperial Feng Shui, activating auspicious Mountain and Water Stars is important in balancing a home or office space. Mountains, symbolising stability and strength, harness the support of benefactors, while water, evoking the fluidity of a flowing river, is linked with a dynamic economy and prosperity. Activating these elements ensures a thriving environment, fostering success and abundance within the household.

Today, Imperial Harvest holds time-honoured Imperial Feng Shui traditions at the heart of the brand, adopting and spearheading modern approaches to these ancient principles. Through the placement of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals in homes or offices, the contemporary practice seeks to empower occupants with unparalleled wealth and prosperity.

Imperial Harvest Treasure Pot

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Imperial Harvest’s Treasure Trove Collection showcases a precision and finesse in craftsmanship that distinguishes it from others. It beckons individuals to embark on a journey towards unparalleled success and abundance, particularly in Period 9.

As a guardian of financial prosperity and well-being, this collection acts as a catalyst for its destined owners, propelling them towards their loftiest goals and aspirations. Creating a harmonious synergy between Imperial Feng Shui principles and the pursuit of abundance, the Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove collection seamlessly integrates prosperity and balance.

Designed with emblems of prosperity, the collection showcases the elegance of Ruyi Scepters, encapsulating wishes for prosperity. Central to the collection are gold ingots, epitomising wealth and abundance, serving as sources of positive energy and strategic empowerment. The Double Dragon motif embodies strength, wisdom, and good fortune, symbolising benefactor support and the relentless pursuit of success.

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Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain stands as a culmination of years of dedicated research, design and craftsmanship. The exclusively designed collection was created with leveraging Period 9 in mind and pays homage to the celestial animal of the period, the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

At the heart of the collection lies a deep commitment to craftsmanship, echoing the spirit of timeless artistry. Every detail in the collection is meticulously crafted, reflecting the legacy of skilled artisans who poured their expertise and passion into creating these enduring treasures.

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection is a symphony of wealth-garnering features designed to empower individuals with the essence of success, influence, and prosperity. Key features in each treasure invite an environment ripe for success and a steady influx of wealth, with the inclusion of celestial animals in each masterpiece enhancing the wealth-attracting qualities of the collection, channelling auspicious energies and guiding individuals towards abundance.

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