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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 May 2019

The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 2)

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50% of home Feng Shui is governed by the influence of the surrounding or external landform features. In the previous article, Master David shared a checklist of the five auspicious landform Feng Shui features that have helped many clients achieve success. We also talked about how Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, Li Ka-Shing, built his property using principles based on this checklist.

In the second part of this series, Master David will DECODE the ten important golden verses stated in the Imperial Feng Shui classics to AVOID selecting inauspicious Feng Shui houses that cause financial difficulties, major illnesses and disharmony.

Three Golden verses that govern the selection of lands

Three golden verses that govern the selection of land

Seven Golden verses that govern the selection of houses

7 golden verses that govern the selection of homes

What is Sha Qi (煞气)?

Inauspicious landform features create Sha Qi (煞气). Sha Qi refers to negative Feng Shui or attacking energy. Even though it is invisible, Sha Qi can often make one feel uncomfortable. In more serious cases, Sha Qi can affect your luck cycle and prolonged exposure to this negative energy can be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. Have you entered a building or a house which made you feel uneasy for no apparent reason? This could be due to the presence of Sha Qi caused by bad design and construction.
Golden verses in the application of land selection
1. 前宽厚窄,失印逃走
This verse highlights the importance of selecting an auspicious regular plot of land when it comes to selecting your residence.
If the residential building is sitting on an irregular plot of land where the front-facing side of the land is broad and the back-facing of the land is narrow, it will have the following implications:
  • Massive outflow of wealth
  • Difficulty to accumulate wealth
  • Lack of credibility
2.  前窄后宽,富贵如山
If the residential building is sitting on a plot of land where the front-facing side of the land is small and the back-facing side of the land is broad, it is deemed as an auspicious plot of land that helps the residents to accumulate wealth while having minimal outflow of wealth.
3. 前后相对,代代有财
The most auspicious plot of land is square or rectangular. The front and back-facing sides of the land are equal. According to the classics, this auspicious feature helps to build wealth and prosperity that last for generations to come.
Golden verses that govern the selection of houses

1. Wind Gap Sha (天斩煞)

Golden verse: 天斩煞 – 宅若有天斩,利斧劈人丁

Wind Gap Sha (天斩煞)

Wind Gap Sha or “cutting blade” is defined as the gap between two buildings. As seen in the illustration above, the flow of strong wind penetrates through the gap between the two buildings which will generate undesirable attacking energy to the facing units.

If any part of your house is facing this Sha Qi, it will affect the occupant in that particular room with health issues that may eventually lead to surgery.

2. Wall Knife Sha (壁刀煞)

Golden verse: 壁刀煞 – 围墙门柱冲大门,家中易有中风人

Wall Knife Sha (壁刀煞)

Wall Knife Sha, also known as “poison arrow” is defined as the sharp edge of the building or anything with a sharp edge pointing towards the main door, your body, or your home.

Wall Knife Sha will result in many challenges in your life such as loss of wealth, lawsuits and even family disharmony.

According to the principles of Emperor Landform, “墙头冲门,常被人论”, which means: if the main door faces the “wall knife”, it will cause conflicts and gossip at work or home. Family members will be prone to neck-related issues, car accidents or finance-related issues.

If the back or side of the house has Wall Knife Sha, occupants may face issues from malefactors, extra-marital affairs and even financial troubles caused by their relatives.

3. T-Junction Sha (路冲煞)

Golden verse: 路冲煞 – 众路交冲,家无老翁

T-Junction Sha (路冲煞)

If your main door or building is facing a T-junction, this is known as T-Junction Sha. The implications for business owners are poor sales and difficult customers. Retail spaces that face the T-junction will have frequent changes of tenants due to business failures.

The implication for homeowners is poor health. The classics mentioned that it is rare to see elders living in a house that faces a T-junction as it often results in poor health.

Residents that experience T-junction Sha are prone to eye-related diseases and traffic accidents. Residents with children should avoid this as it is not ideal for your children’s academics.

4. Curved Blade Sha (镰刀煞)

Golden verse: 镰刀煞 – 镰刀面向门,医生常上门

Curved Blade Sha (镰刀煞)

Curved Blade Sha refers to the shape of a road in front of a building that has a curve point towards it.

The Curved Blade Sha is one of the most serious types of Sha Qi because it means the Qi is “deflected” from the building.

As such, when a building directly faces a Curved Blade Sha, occupants tend to suffer financial losses, abdominal health issues and accidents. In more serious cases, it may lead to surgery and major illnesses.

5. Suppression Sha (压迫煞)

Golden verse: 压迫煞 – 两高夹一低,破败招人欺

Suppression Sha (压迫煞)

The golden verse: “两高夹一低,一世被人欺“ states that if a shorter building is flanked by two taller buildings on the sides, the occupants will tend to experience more malefactors at work, a decline of family fortunes and lack of motivation to succeed in life.

When it comes to the selection of the building, it is important to ensure that the residence or office building relative to two immediate buildings by the side is of equal heights.

6. White Tiger Sha (白虎煞)

Golden verse: 白虎煞 – 白虎起高峰,老婆骂老公

White Tiger Sha (白虎煞)

In Chinese Metaphysics, the right side is defined as White Tiger while the left side is defined as Green Dragon.

In the golden verse, it is stated that if a residential building or office building has a taller building located on the right instead of the left-hand side of the building, the building is said to be afflicted with White Tiger Sha.

White Tiger Sha creates over-dominating women situations in the household. As a result, people living in a residential tower afflicted by White Tiger Sha tend to experience disharmony and hen-pecked family dynamics.

7. Flowing Water Sha (流水煞)

Golden verse: 流水煞 – 门槛河道直流出,一路贫穷百世哭

Flowing Water Sha (流水煞)

Imperial Feng Shui classics state that occupants will suffer financial losses if there’s a river flowing underneath the house. This Feng Shui formation is also known as 水破天心 (water breaking the heavenly heart).

Water can be defined as physical or virtual water. Physical water refers to physiographical features like seas or lakes. Virtual water refers to roads.

In a modern context, when a house or commercial building is positioned directly above a driveway (virtual water), it is deemed to be afflicted with Flowing Water Sha.

Flowing Water Sha creates financial problems, attracts malefactors, and causes disharmony and major health issues for the occupants.

Solutions to resolving Sha Qi 

The Imperial Feng Shui secret lies in Imperial White Ink Stone.

Imperial White Ink Stone (乾隆御用白端,一白遮三丑)

Solution of resolving Sha Qi

The Imperial White Ink Stone has the potent ability of “一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞”. It can promote the auspicious energy of one sector while countering three inauspicious sectors.

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