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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 May 2024

The Secrets of Millionaire Home Feng Shui (Part 4)

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Various methods are deployed for identifying wealth sectors in Feng Shui. The foundation of Classical Feng Shui was built on the principles of Imperial Feng Shui. However, many Classical Feng Shui Masters conduct audits with severely compromised knowledge due to a lack of proper lineage and imparting of knowledge.

In this article, we compare the methods commonly employed by Classical Feng Shui masters to identify wealth sectors with the authentic Imperial Feng Shui methods.

Classical Methods

Self-taught classical Feng Shui practitioners often use the 45-degree method to identify auspicious wealth sectors due to its simplicity. To identify the wealth sector using the “45 Degree Corner” method, we need to look for the longest visible corner from the entrance of the house. This wealth corner would be 45 degrees diagonally left from the entrance of the house.

The Classical Eight Mansion and Xuan Kong Eight Mansion are popular classical Feng Shui principles. They propose that there are eight types of houses based on eight facing directions, a theory built upon the principles of the Eight Trigrams.

Facing DirectionGua NumberLife Generating (生气)Heavenly Doctor (天医)Longevity (延年)Stability (伏位)Mishaps (祸害)Five Ghosts (五鬼)Six Killings (六煞)Life Ending (绝命)

According to the Classical Eight Mansion theory, the Life Generating (生气) sector is defined as the wealth sector.

Xuan Kong Eight Mansion

Facing DirectionGua NumberPrimary WealthSecondary Wealth
W3 震NW

Based on Xuan Kong Eight Mansion theory, the concepts of the Five Elements and the Flying Stars are combined to derive the auspicious wealth sectors. However, common sense would suggest that these theories are illogical.

These methods have significant limitations. The primary flaw of Classical Eight Mansion and Xuan Kong Eight Mansion theories is their failure to consider crucial factors such as planetary movements, celestial constellations, and the construction year of the property. This oversight leads to an incomplete analysis of the house’s Feng Shui. Additionally, the reliance on outdated or improperly transmitted knowledge results in substantial gaps in understanding. Consequently, classical Feng Shui methods often produce erratic and inconsistent results, undermining their reliability and effectiveness.

Authentic Imperial Feng Shui Methods

What is San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star?

San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star, an Imperial Feng Shui system, studies the movement of the nine stars in the Big Dipper Constellation (北斗九星) and the planetary movements of Saturn and Jupiter, the two largest planets in our solar system. Each of the nine stars in the Big Dipper Constellation governs a Feng Shui period of 20 years.

Star No.NumberElement
1Greedy Wolf (贪狼)Water
2Huge Door (巨门)Earth
3Lu Cun (禄存)Wood
4Literati Arts (文曲)Wood
5Lian Zhen (廉贞)Earth
6Martial Arts (武曲)Metal
7Po Jun (破军)Metal
8Left Assistant (左辅)Earth
9Right Assistant (右弼)Fire

Feng Shui Period

A Feng Shui period lasts for 20 years, beginning with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Each period is governed by one of the nine stars of the Big Dipper Constellation.

Principle of Timeliness and Auspiciousness

A star is deemed timely and auspicious when it aligns with the prevailing Feng Shui period. Three stars are perpetually auspicious: Stars 1, 6, and 8. The auspiciousness of the remaining six stars changes with each passing Feng Shui period.

  • Period 1: Star 1 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 2, and then Stars 6 and 8.
  • Period 2: Star 2 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 3, and then Stars 1, 6, and 8.
  • Period 3: Star 3 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 4, and then Stars 1, 6, and 8.
  • Period 4: Star 4 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 5, and then Stars 1, 6, and 8.
  • Period 5: Star 5 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 6, and then Stars 1 and 8.
  • Period 6: Star 6 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 7, and then Stars 1 and 8.
  • Period 7: Star 7 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 8, and then Stars 1 and 8.
  • Period 8: Star 8 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 9, and then Stars 1 and 6.
  • Period 9: Star 9 is the most timely and auspicious, followed by Star 1, and then Stars 6 and 8.

Understanding the Nine Important Stars of Big Dipper Constellation

Star 1: Greedy Wolf (贪狼星) — White (Water Star)

Star 1, the first star of the Big Dipper Constellation, is a potent catalyst in Imperial Feng Shui known for ushering in wealth and prosperity. When activated, its influence can benefit various professional fields:

  • Career Professionals: Star 1 helps discover new career opportunities and significant salary increases, aiding faster advancement up the corporate ladder.
  • Sales Professionals: It plays a critical role in attracting new customers, essential for increasing sales and bolstering business growth.
  • Business Owners: Star 1 drives expansion into new markets and ensures the success of new product launches.

Overall, Star 1 is valuable for starting new careers, launching new businesses, making new investments, meeting new people, and securing support and favours. Its wide-ranging influence makes it a cornerstone for professional and personal growth.

Star 2: Huge Door (巨门) — Black (Earth Star)

Star 2, an influential element in Imperial Feng Shui, is known for its stabilising properties and ability to enhance interpersonal relations. When activated, its impact is profound:

  • Homeowners and Families: Star 2 provides stability, support, and nurturing energy, enhancing family harmony and aiding long-term projects.
  • Real Estate Professionals: It favours property investments and ventures related to land, improving prospects in these areas.

However, if untimely and inauspicious, Star 2 can cause health issues related to the digestive system and overall physical health, as well as delays, obstacles, and general misfortune in various endeavours.

Star 3: Lu Cun (禄存) — Jade (Wood Star)

Star 3, known for fostering growth and creativity, is a vital force in driving business and personal development. When activated:

  • Entrepreneurs and Creatives: It enhances growth, expansion, and innovation, crucial for those in dynamic and creative fields.
  • Professionals Seeking Growth: It promotes personal development and intellectual pursuits.

However, in its untimely and inauspicious phase, Star 3 can lead to legal disputes and increase the risk of accidents, particularly affecting the limbs and liver.

Star 4: Literati Arts (文曲) — Green (Wood Star)

Star 4 is celebrated for its influence on academic and romantic endeavours. When activated:

  • Students and Academics: It boosts learning and intellectual achievements.
  • Individuals Seeking Relationships: It enhances romantic prospects and social interactions.

However, when inauspicious, Star 4 can cause relationship issues, scandals, and health problems related to the liver and reproductive system.

Star 5: Lian Zhen (廉贞) — Yellow (Earth Star)

Star 5 wields considerable influence over authority and wealth accumulation. When activated:

  • Leaders and Managers: It brings enhanced authority and leadership capabilities.
  • Investors and Business Owners: It aids in wealth accumulation and financial stability.

However, when untimely, Star 5 is associated with severe misfortunes, significant health issues, accidents, and financial losses.

Star 6: Martial Arts (武曲) — White (Metal Star)

Star 6 is synonymous with authority and career advancement. When activated:

  • Executives and Leaders: It enhances leadership qualities and influence.
  • Career-Oriented Professionals: It promotes recognition and career success.

However, when untimely, Star 6 increases the risks of theft, deception, and can lead to legal issues and conflicts.

Star 7: Po Jun (破军) — Red (Metal Star)

Star 7, known as Po Jun or the Breaking Army Star, carries a dual influence in Imperial Feng Shui. When activated, it can have significant impacts in various spheres:

  • Security and Protection Professionals: Enhances abilities in fields related to security and protective services, promoting vigilance and strategic planning.
  • Entrepreneurs in Fast-Moving Industries: Supports ventures that require quick decision-making and adaptation, beneficial for dynamic business environments.

However, in its untimely and inauspicious phase, Star 7 can bring heightened risks of theft, deception and financial losses, necessitating enhanced safeguards. In addition, it may lead to legal issues, verbal conflicts, and potentially damaging disputes and interpersonal conflicts. Star 7’s influence is particularly noted for its sharpness and severity, requiring careful management to harness its positive aspects while mitigating the negative impacts.

Star 8: Left Assistant (左辅) — White (Earth Star)

Star 8 is a powerful enhancer of wealth and stability. When activated:

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: It significantly boosts wealth and financial opportunities.
  • Individuals Seeking Stability: It provides a strong foundation and support in personal and professional endeavours.

Star 9 – Right Assistant (右弼) — Purple (Fire Star)

As a symbol of future prosperity and joy, Star 9, when activated:

  • Future Planners and Innovators: Indicates growth, wealth opportunities, and overall prosperity.
  • Those Seeking Happiness: Enhances joy, celebrations, and social engagements.

However, in its untimely phase, Star 9 is associated with fire hazards, accidents, eye problems, and emotional instability. During Period 9 (4 February 2024 to 3 February 2024), the four auspicious flying stars are Stars 9, 1, 8, and 6. As the prevailing period star, Star 9 is the most auspicious, followed by Star 1. Star 8 and Star 6 are part of the three perpetually auspicious stars.

Activate Auspicious Stars with Imperial Harvest Collections

“山管人丁,水管财”, is a well-cited principle in the study of Imperial Feng Shui. It translates to, “Mountain Star governs benefactors, authority and harmony, while the Water Star governs wealth opportunities and intuition”.

Direct Wealth Sector (正财位) — Water Star 8 (左辅星)

The direct wealth sector governs your primary source of income. For most people, the primary source of income is their career, business or sales. If you are a full-time investor, the income you earn from investing is considered your primary income.

Indirect Wealth Sector (偏财位) — Water Star 9 (右弼星)

The indirect wealth sector governs your secondary source of income. If you are working full-time but engage in investment on the side, the returns from your investments account for your secondary income.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collections

In the studies of Imperial Feng Shui, the Mountain Star governs benefactors and health, while the Water Star governs wealth and opportunities. The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is masterfully designed and exclusively blessed by Master David to activate the auspicious Water Star, ushering in wealth, prosperity, and success for the family.

Featured Collection: Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove

Unlock wealth and prosperity with the Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove Collection. Each piece in the collection is designed to attract wealth, weaving a distinctive narrative that conveys profound meaning and invites the energies of prosperity and fortune.

Key Features:

  • Ruyi Scepter Handles: A potent emblem of abundance, the Ruyi Scepter design empowers you to realise your dreams and navigate your path to prosperity with clarity and purpose.
  • Double Dragons Chasing the Wealth Orb: This powerful motif signifies the arrival of benefactors who support and guide you toward your goals, ensuring a smooth and protected journey to success.
  • Gold Ingots: Representing wealth accumulation and enduring prosperity, these elements signify the abundance of success you will attain, ensuring lasting fortune and growth.

Featured Collection: Imperial Harvest Mythical Creatures — Dragon

Highly revered in Chinese mythology, the Dragon is one of the most important figures and is considered the most auspicious emblem of great power, wealth, and authority. As a spiritual and cultural symbol, the Dragon emits auspicious energies that bring prosperity and strategic opportunities to its destined owners.

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