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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 08 January 2021

Spring 2021 Imperial White Inkstone Collection – Royal Panda

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Lichun (立春) is known as the beginning of spring and the start of a new Chinese solar year. In ancient China, the first day of Lichun was considered an important day as it was the best time to plan for work on the farm and make preparations for the ploughing and the sowing on the fields after the long winter break. Traditionally, farmers held ceremonies to pray for a prosperous and bountiful year ahead.

Likewise, in the Imperial Courts of China, Lichun marks the start of the first and most important ceremony held in the year. This ceremony was conducted by the Emperor of China (Son of Heaven) to pray for good harvest and abundance for All Under Heaven ( 天下, or Tian Xia). It would commence on the first Xin day stem of the first lunar month (正月上辛日) and play an important role in sowing the seed of prosperity.

Under the auspices of the Imperial Feng Shui masters, artisans would design and craft Imperial Feng Shui treasures for the royal family during Lichun as they symbolised auspicious blessings for the new year.

This year, Lichun (立春) falls on the 3rd of February. To welcome a new year of success and breakthroughs, Master David has specially prepared the 2021 Spring Collection of Imperial White Ink Stones.

Royal Panda – Inspired by Wu Zuoren

Inspired by the clean and precise painting style of one the most important artists of contemporary China, Wu Zuoren, the Royal Panda collection is created by Master David as a tribute to the widely acclaimed artist.

Renowned for his illustrations of scenery and nature, Wu Zuoren deftly combines the art of traditional Chinese painting with that of Western painting. His works are characterised by simplicity, clear expression and vigour.

Royal Panda – Imperial White Inkstone 2021 Spring Collection

The panda leads a carefree life that is full of joy and inquisitiveness, and is a symbol of abundance. Paired with the bamboo, whose ladder-like steps represent endurance and steady progress towards success, the Royal Panda collection is derived from Master David’s intention to instil powerful emblems of auspiciousness on the emperor-grade inkstone.

Exact precision is needed in this collection as every stroke cannot be changed once it is made

Utilising pointillism to form minuscule dots to recreate lifelike shadows and playing with strong contrasts between different shades of black to fabricate volumes on the whole composition, the Royal Panda collection is one of Master David’s most desirable designs.

The dynamism and expressiveness of the brush strokes, amalgamated into the harmonious rhythm of the composition as a whole, communicate Master David’s mastery over East Asian art, Imperial Feng Shui and calligraphy as a whole.

Abstract hues of black and white depicts life-like pandas amongst bamboo groves 

Intentionally portraying the pandas with jovial expressiveness during Spring through the nominal use of chiarascuro (strong contrasts between shades of black) and with cadenced detailing, Master David accentuates the inner essence of nature in this collection.

Endowing traditional Chinese ink wash painting techniques and its remarkable harmony and unity of style on the Imperial White Ink Stone, the collection parallels the highest standards of literati paintings with its complex level of artistic expression and flair.

The collection showcases the importance of movement and rhythmic vitality, and emphasises the concept of “life within painting”

Combining the rich customs of Oriental art with Imperial Feng Shui heritage, the Royal Panda – 2021 Spring Collection ushers in a new decade of abundance and breakthroughs.

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