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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 25 August 2023

Embrace Period 9 with Imperial Harvest’s Red Phoenix Mountains

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A remarkable collection aligned perfectly with Period 9, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain (九运九紫朱雀山) is an exquisite treasure that pays homage to the celestial animal of this new era, the Red Phoenix.

For those uninitiated, Period 9 marks the next major period in the Feng Shui cycle, commencing in 2024 and prevailing till 2044. Period 9 is ruled by the Right Assistance Star (右弼星) of the Big Dipper constellation (北斗七星) and signifies the Li Trigram (离卦) and the element of Fire.

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain in Clear Quartz

This curated addition to the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain maintains the exceptional standards that Imperial Harvest is known for, making use of wholly untreated Clear Quartz in the design of these additions.

Clear Quartz stands as a testament to the mesmerising allure of nature’s crystalline wonders. Its ethereal charm lies in its absolute clarity and remarkable transparency, a manifestation of its growth in isolation from its enclosing host rock. Much like its counterpart Rose Quartz in this collection, Clear Quartz emerges as a pristine masterpiece, untouched by the inclusions and hues that often grace other crystals.

In commercial terms, a vast majority of Clear Quartz loses its essence due to imperfections within the crystal. As such, these natural treasures undergo artificial treatments in an effort to induce more captivating colours within the precious stones. However, the consequence is a departure from their genuine state and natural elegance.

Imperial Harvest’s carefully curated collection of Clear Quartz Red Phoenix Mountains rises above the sea of altered beauty, featuring exquisite specimens of Clear Quartz. Here, our commitment to utmost quality upholds the sanctity of the crystal’s natural qualities, to preserve its pristine clarity, and to safeguard its innate allure.

This exclusive selection showcases Clear Quartz in its purest essence, an embodiment of transparency both in its physical form and in the intention behind its curation. Each specimen within this collection is a testament to the rarity that nature can bestow and the dedication that true connoisseurs of natural beauty can exhibit.

Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain — Phoenix Crystal

Within this realm of exquisite craftsmanship, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication. Harmoniously blending artistry and opulence, years of meticulous research have culminated in this exceptional tribute to the celestial animal of Period 9, the Red Phoenix (朱雀).

Historically, the Phoenix was revered as a celestial creature gracing only the most tranquil, prosperous, and joyous domains. In the annals of ancient China, the Phoenix held a distinguished position as a quintessential symbol of imperial might and opulence, frequently employed to signify celestial authority bestowed upon the Empress. Among the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountains, the Red Phoenix stands as a powerful wealth-garnering feature, symbolising auspicious energies while guiding individuals towards abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain — Dragon Crystal

Naturally complementing its Phoenix counterpart, the Imperial Dragon occupies a paramount position as one of the most potent and celestial beings. Its symbolism is a resplendent testament to unparalleled might, making it a beacon of power and divinity. Much like the Phoenix, the Imperial Dragon possesses auspicious energies, bringing positivity, prosperity and guidance towards abundant wealth.

The inherent auspicious power of this newest inclusion in the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain collection is significantly enhanced by the gold ingots positioned closely to the Imperial Dragon. Symbolising triumph and affluence, these favourable emblems bring propitious circumstances to advance the monetary aspirations and objectives of their destined owners. The gold ingots stand as evidence of an innate understanding, nurturing individuals’ innate capacity to discern key trends and capitalise on strategic prospects as they manifest.

An Ode to Craftsmanship

The exquisite artistry of skilled craftsmen is revealed through the intricate carving and meticulous polishing of clear quartz, bringing forth the innate luminosity of the gemstone and achieving unparalleled perfection in every aspect. This craftsmanship transforms each masterpiece into a true embodiment of the fusion between artistic brilliance and the principles of Feng Shui, standing as a testament to the exceptional levels of skill and dedication involved in the creation of these precious works.

Deeply grounded in the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain collection comprehends the significance of harnessing potent and auspicious energies during Period 9. At Imperial Harvest, our unwavering commitment lies in crafting extraordinary creations that not only encapsulate timeless beauty but also serve as constant reminders of each individual’s capacity to flourish, leave an indelible mark, and embark upon an unwavering journey towards lasting prosperity.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826.

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