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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 25 October 2019

IWC Schaffhausen appoints Master David as principal Feng Shui consultant

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Clients far and wide congratulated Master David for his most recent appointment as IWC Schaffhausen’s Principal Feng Shui consultant.

This marks the first time a Swiss Luxury Watchmaker has ever appointed a Feng Shui master to audit the Feng Shui of their flagship boutiques. Committed to his craft, Master David was personally involved in every step of the grand re-opening of the ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands boutiques – renovation, date selection for the grand re-opening and most importantly, the installation of the Imperial Harvest Crystal collection.

Planning and discussion with senior management of IWC Schaffhausen

Installation of Imperial Harvest-grade crystal at Ion Orchard Boutique 

Installation of Imperial Harvest-grade crystal at Marina Bay Sands Boutique 

Unwavering passion to uphold traditions

With a passion for innovation and technical inventiveness, IWC Schaffhausen has established an international reputation for its excellent and stalwart craftsmanship from Schaffhausen, a town in Switzerland with historic roots in watchmaking.

In the past century, the advent of classical Feng Shui has led to a decline in the authentic practice of Imperial Feng Shui, much like how the Quartz Crisis almost led to the demise of Swiss watchmaking. However, the determination to uphold and revive the ancient art of horology by visionary watchmakers has brought about its successful transformation.

Swiss Luxury watchmakers like IWC persisted in upholding the highest tradition in watchmaking, insisting on its motto Probus Scafusia, a Latin phrase for “good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen”.

Appallingly similar to Swiss watchmaking, Imperial Feng Shui went through a dark period where Classical Feng Shui was popularised using cheap and readily available substitutes like Liu Li (man-made glass), water feature/fountain and salt.

Relentless pursuit of only the highest of qualities

Ironically, while the rest of the industry rushed to convert to quartz in order to compete, those who continued their support for the mechanical movement and stayed true to the path like IWC, Patek Philippe and Rolex went on to flourish and prosper.

Mechanical watches have successfully transformed and become one of the most commercially successful genres of luxury, appreciated for their impeccable craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and, sometimes associated with the social status of their owners, rather than simple timekeeping devices.

Likewise, Master David pursues the highest order of Imperial Feng Shui with the finest grading of precious earthly gems like Jadeite, Agarwood and Sandalwood – the same standards held by Chinese royal families that were once kept secret only to them, designed to secure the power of the Emperor.

Master David revived the art of Imperial Feng Shui by providing specific and tailored Imperial Harvest-grade treasures that were once reserved only for the Emperor of China. Armed with three generations of Imperial Feng Shui expertise, he sets his sights to bring back the former days of glory and respect that people have for Feng Shui. Imperial Feng Shui is a highly-respected philosophy with roots that can be traced back thousands of years ago as the Imperial Feng Shui practice was made exclusive to the Chinese emperors during ancient times. It has since become an integral part of the Chinese culture, and the knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation.

Following the strict tradition and standards of Imperial Feng Shui, an individual’s luck cycle will harmonise seamlessly with heaven and earth by applying only genuine and proven principles. It starts by administering tailor-made Imperial Feng Shui solutions to individuals’ needs. This helps them to succeed in all aspects of their lives – careers, businesses, investments, health and relationships

As IWC believes in craftsmanship that keeps watches running for generations, in the same manner, Imperial Harvest believes in prospering every generation with our Imperial Feng Shui treasures, with Master David at its helm.

Congratulations to IWC Schaffhausen!

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