Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 September 2019

Master David Audits Damiani’s Flagship Boutique

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Many clients have congratulated Master David for his most recent appointment as the Principal Fengshui Consultant for Italian Luxury Giant’s flagship boutique.

This marks the first time the Italian luxury giant appoints an Imperial Feng Shui Master to audit their flagship boutique at Ngee Ann City.

Bespoke Measurement

Master David measured the direction of Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre before he proceeded to measure the main door of the flagship boutique.

Master David measuring the direction of Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre.

Master David measuring the main entrance of the flagship boutique.

Expert Analysis by Master David Goh

Master David explained the internal landform of the flagship boutique (incoming and outgoing energy) and plotted the Flying Star chart to forecast the monthly sales performance for each sales counter.

The senior management team was amazed and enthralled by Master David’s ability to forecast the monthly sales performance based on his professional and complex calculations.

Planning with Senior Management

Master David proceeds to discuss the action plans and remedies required to refine the Feng Shui of the Italian fine jewellery brand’s flagship boutique.

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