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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 23 July 2021

Enhance your Indirect Wealth with Zhong Kui and Tua Di Ya Pek

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The Seventh Lunar Month Festival will soon be upon us, with Buddhists and Taoists around the world embarking on a series of elaborate rituals and practices.

For Taoists, a key component of Seventh Lunar Month celebrations involves commemorating the birthday of Di Guan Da Di (地官大帝), the supreme ruler of Earth who governs earthly wealth capacity (地财库) and indirect wealth luck. These celebrations culminate on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, or Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节).

By bestowing upon devotees uncanny intuition and instinct, Di Guan Da Di empowers them to make inspired moves in the financial markets at opportune moments, enabling them to build consistently increasing investment portfolios.  With Di Guan Da Di’s oversight of indirect wealth, the seventh lunar month is a golden opportunity for Imperial Harvest’s blessed clients to enhance their indirect wealth luck (旺偏财运) by acquiring the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek.

Zhong Kui

As a god of indirect wealth overseeing windfall sources of income, Zhong Kui’s mission involves helping devotees achieve financial success through windfalls such as clinching important contracts, closing sizable deals and even making large winnings in the lottery. Zhong Kui also smoothens devotees’ paths to achieving their financial ambitions by removing malefactors from their lives. He is revered by devotees for bestowing upon them windfall opportunities such as inspired trading decisions and lottery winnings. These sources of income are often as large as 100 times of one’s monthly income.

The significance of windfall income for:

Business owners: Landmark deals or large contracts that constitute that elusive and long-awaited big break

Sales professionals: High value deals that rake in sizable commissions to help one attain distinguished titles and entry to prestigious groups

Salaried career professionals: Record-breaking bonuses or profit-sharing schemes

Other generic sources of windfall income include speculative trading (such as in FOREX and stocks) and dealings in property.

Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui

This seventh lunar month, Imperial Harvest honours Zhong Kui’s intelligence, foresight and achievements with the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui pendant, which enhances your indirect wealth luck by balancing the major yin.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese literature and illustrations of Zhong Kui, Imperial Harvest’s Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui is endowed with powerful wealth-enhancing features that not only propel destined owners toward their aspirations, but also remain true to the legend of Zhong Kui’s life story.

Five Wealth Goblins

The five wealth goblins create powerful and massive sources of wealth, including stock trading and lottery income such as from 4D and Toto. They also attract powerful explosive opportunities, deals and inspirations for destined owners, helping them achieve massive gains and breakthroughs.

Wealth-Commanding Sword

This powerful tool empowers the destined owner with influence and authority at work. Wielding significant influence over key decisions allows destined owners to shape and craft their professional success. Meanwhile, being able to command authority enables one’s voice, ideas and preferences to be heard more easily, and accords increased legitimacy that comes with being a trusted leader in a particular field.

Wealth-Fetching Chain

Zhong Kui’s wealth-fetching chain helps the destined owner secure lucrative opportunities, and prevents them from being disrupted by lurking malefactors. It also securely locks away the owner’s wealth to prevent leakage.

How the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui has blessed our clients

One of Imperial Harvest’s blessed clients, Kuan Liang, works at a government agency, where he enjoys good career stability and progression. However, being the ambitious individual that he is, Kuan Liang started venturing into speculative trading in stocks and cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, he saw limited success and often suffered crippling losses.

In an attempt to turn his fortunes around, Kuan Liang sought out a Classical Feng Shui master, but was told that he would continue suffering such losses as an inevitable fulfilment of his destiny. He was at a loss and desperate for a solution.

The turning point came when Kuan Liang learnt about Imperial Harvest and the Imperial Feng Shui philosophy of helping individuals create and live out their desired destiny. He decided to schedule an appointment to learn how he could achieve long-awaited breakthroughs in his portfolio.

After a detailed session with Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants to discuss his goals and aspirations, Kuan Liang was prescribed the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui, which is ideal for those seeking sizable windfall opportunities, especially from indirect wealth streams such as trading.

A few weeks after this, Kuan Liang encountered a few windfalls as a result of his timely trading decisions, and his portfolio value has now tripled from his initial outlay. He was also offered a position in a new area he had long been interested in exploring, marking a significant career breakthrough.

Tua Di Ya Pek

Tua Di Ya Pek is another wealth god who, along with Zhong Kui, governs the indirect wealth sources and success of his devotees. Specializing in investment-based sources of indirect wealth, Tua Di Ya Pek is the most closely-guarded Imperial Feng Shui secret utilised by our clients in top proprietary trading and investment management companies. He blesses devotees with auspicious indirect wealth luck to help them spot and leverage opportunities to generate large returns through investments and trade.

Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek

Designed with ambitious traders and investors in mind, the Tua Di Ya Pek is a lifetime luck multiplier for destined owners to grow their wealth and success through explosive increments in investment earnings. Hedge funds, private equity and fund managers looking to achieve investment breakthroughs have flourished their businesses and grown their AUM (Assets Under Management) by 5-20X in as little as 5 years.

Imperial Harvest pays tribute to Tua Di Ya Pek with the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek, specially commissioned for our blessed clients to enhance their indirect wealth this seventh lunar month.

Di Ya Pek

Pictured in the foreground, Di Ya Pek helps destined owners achieve strong and consistent portfolio returns across different asset classes. The wealth garnering fan he wields is designed to shield the owner from market volatility, and bring massive fortunes thorough stable and consistent returns regardless of prevailing market conditions. Di Ya Pek also dons a tall hat bearing the Chinese characters “天下太平”, indicating the blessing of peace, prosperity and happiness upon all who encounter his presence.

Tua Ya Pek

Behind him, Tua Ya Pek wears a hat with the Chinese phrase “见发财” (“prosper at first sight”). This auspicious hat, along with his tablet which reads “发财”, meaning “prosper”, empowers destined owners with strong intuitive powers to spot highly profitable opportunities.

Collectively, the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek is specially crafted to supercharge your indirect wealth luck, bringing you sizable returns in your investment portfolio. The intricacy of its wealth-garnering features is a testament to the superlative quality of all Imperial Harvest treasures.

By enabling destined owners to navigate treacherous financial markets with ease, Tua Di Ya Pek generates massive and consistent growth in their financial portfolios. Even in the most volatile of financial markets, destined owners can thrive and prosper with a peace of mind. Indeed, the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek is a lifetime luck multiplier for its destined owners to grow their wealth and success through explosive increments in investment earnings.

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