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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 05 July 2021

3 Imperial Harvest Treasures To Help You Prosper in Your Investments in 2021

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Since the beginning of 2020, Master David and his team of Imperial Harvest consultants have conducted many review sessions with our blessed clients. One of the recurring themes back in the 2020 review sessions conducted with many clients is about supercharging their investment luck (indirect wealth).

It was at that point in time that many Imperial Harvest clients began their investment journey with the guidance and support of Master David and their Imperial Harvest Treasures.

Many clients took Master David and his team of consultants’ advice. Clients laid the important Feng Shui foundation for their investment luck, acquired the suitable Imperial Harvest Treasures and took massive actions to invest heavily in the stock market in March and April 2020: Technology, Precious Metal, Digital Gold (Crypto-currencies) – part of Master David’s forecast during the review session.

“Opportunity is time sensitive. 2021 is an important year to grow and multiply your investment portfolio” – Master David Goh 

In this article, we highlight 3 important Imperial Harvest treasures that will help you prosper in your investments and usher in an abundance of wealth alongside important calls from Master David for 2021.

1. India Old Mountain Sandalwood Collection

Wealth capacity is one of the most prominent features of our destiny chart. It refers to the amount of wealth we can accumulate in life, thus determining our financial success. There are two types of wealth capacities: direct wealth capacity and indirect wealth capacity.

Direct wealth capacity is defined as the income potential we derive from our career, business, sales and other regular sources of income. If you are a full-time investor, the income you earn from investing influences your direct wealth.

On the other hand, indirect wealth capacity refers to the income potential we derive from our investment, trading and other secondary sources of income. If you have a full-time job, but engage in investment on the side, the income you earn from investing counts towards your indirect wealth.

The India Old Mountain Sandalwood collection is ideal for those looking to boost their indirect wealth capacity – perfect if you are investing or trading on the side.

View the full India Old Mountain Sandalwood collection

2. All-New Bliss of Harvest Jadeite Ring Collection 

To commemorate 600 years since the building of the renowned Temple of Heaven in Beijing, we are proud to welcome the newest generation of Bliss of Harvest rings to arguably our most iconic collection yet.

Inspired by the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of Heaven, these lustrous 18K solid rose gold rings are a striking showcase of unprecedented skill and craftsmanship.

They are created from a proprietary blend of pure gold, copper and silver, representing heaven, earth and human elements respectively. The beautiful hue intensifies with age and evokes the vibrant red found throughout the imperial temple – a colour deeply synonymous with prosperity and auspiciousness.

The tri-band design captures the essence of the Temple of Heaven’s roof. The circular bands wrap gracefully around the finger of its wearer, caressing and comforting it.

Each Bliss of Harvest ring is also embellished with a perfectly rounded and glistening jadeite cabochon, which resembles the gilded orb that crowns the Hall of Prayer. It takes hours of finely honed craftsmanship to harvest the cabochon from a jadeite boulder, shaping it to perfection and hand-polishing the gem to bring out its natural depth of colour.

View the full Bliss of Harvest Jadeite Ring collection

3. Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection

In the study of Imperial Feng Shui, the water star (also known as wealth star) governs wealth, opportunities and intuition (山管人丁,水管财).

Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is the authentic method used to activate the water star position to usher in wealth and prosperity.

The Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection plays a vital role in helping you adjust and enhance Qi in your surroundings. As such, placing an Imperial Harvest crystal in the auspicious water star position will empower you with inspiration and opportunities to bring you and your family an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

For investors and traders, activating the indirect wealth star in your house is vital for your investment success.

View the full Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection

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