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Five Wealth God Series – Zhong Kui

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Among Imperial Harvest’s signature Five Wealth Gods collection, Zhong Kui, the windfall god of wealth is one of the best-sellers of all time.

Since its introduction, many clients have benefited from blessings of Zhong Kui and enjoyed massive financial breakthroughs.

In this article, we will share the legend of Zhong Kui and the story behind Master David’s design inspiration.

Legend of Zhong Kui

According to legend, Zhong Kui was a gifted scholar who topped the Imperial civil examination. However, the Emperor denied his rightful title of Imperial Scholar and high ranking court official due to his unsightly appearance. Outraged by this injustice, Zhong Kui took his own life.

During the divine judgement in his afterlife, the King of Hades saw much potential in Zhong Kui and bestowed him the title of Indirect Wealth God (偏财神钟馗), despite his grave sin of suicide.

In his previous life, Zhong Kui failed to achieve his goals and ambitions due to discriminations and lack of opportunities. Hence, he made it his mission in his current life as the Indirect God of Wealth to help devotees achieve massive financial breakthroughs via investments, trading and windfalls. He removes malefactors and creates the opportunity for one to start anew, bringing them a step closer to the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui


Master David drew inspiration from ancient Chinese literature and illustrations of Zhong Kui to create the powerful Imperial Feng Shui treasure that embodies the wealth enhancing features and rich stories behind Zhong Kui.

Five Wealth Goblins 

The Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui summons the five wealth goblins to create five powerful and massive sources of wealth and prosperity – stock investment, speculative trading (FOREX and stocks), windfalls (4d/toto), property investments and other exotic investments. The Five Wealth Goblins also attract powerful explosive opportunities, deals and inspirations for its destined owners, from all industries across different geographies, enabling its destined owner to have massive gains and breakthroughs.

Wealth Commanding Sword

The Wealth Commanding Sword commands influence and authority for the destined owner. Influence is the key to explosive success in the modern economy, and is the reason why many modern-day influencers are able to become overnight millionaires through their followers’ support. Authority is equally important, as being recognised as the leading authority in the industry enables you to have an unfair advantage over your peers in the real estate and financial advisory industries.

Wealth Fetching Chain


The Wealth Fetching Chain used by Zhong Kui helps to secure million-dollar opportunities, preventing them from being stolen away from harmful malefactors. The Wealth Fetching Chain also securely locks away your wealth, and removes greedy malefactors that are standing in your path to success, preventing the leakage of wealth.

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