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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 10 February 2023

Imperial Harvest 2023 Chinese New Year Celebration

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To usher in the Year of the Water Rabbit, Imperial Harvest was delighted to celebrate the Chinese New Year with our blessed clients for the first time since our last in-person celebrations three years ago.

Since then, the Imperial Harvest family has only grown from strength to strength. This year, following the relaxing of COVID measures, we are proud to host our blessed clients for an exquisite banquet luncheon on 4 February at the Orchard Hotel — for an afternoon filled with joie de vivre, exclusive highlights and exciting activities.

Registration promptly kicked off with Imperial Harvest’s dedicated consultants, as well as Master David himself greeting our esteemed family of clients.

Event Lineup

The event kicked off with a lively drum performance, leading to Master David’s opening speech which recapped some of Imperial Harvest’s greatest accomplishments in the last year — from the release of the Imperial Harvest Emblem to the appointment of Imperial Harvest as the principal Feng Shui consultant to many MNCs, to our features in major publications, such as Prestige, Pin Prestige and AMEX Centurion.

Next, Master David premiered the Imperial Harvest Consecration Ceremony, highlighting the enduring ritual blessings steeped in tradition that is faithfully upheld at Imperial Harvest. This exclusive, behind-the-scenes perspective showcases the crafting and anointing process behind each Imperial Harvest treasure before it is delivered to each blessed client.

Finally, this introductory segment of our Chinese New Year event culminated with the Yusheng.

As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations, Master David engaged a distinguished Singaporean Chinese calligraphy artist with over 50 years of experience to curate and create personalised pieces of art with our family of clients, with auspicious phrases to usher in prosperity and good fortune in the new year.

Following shortly after Master David’s introductory speech was a lively dragon and lion dance performance.


Setting the stage for the next segment of the event’s lineup, Master David took to the stand again with his second speech, highlighting the importance of this foundational period leading up to Period 9 next year, along with the key Imperial Harvest collections to place you in good stead for the unprecedented Feng Shui period to come.

Master David then unveiled the latest Imperial Harvest collection — the reimagined Five Wealth Gods. Over the years, the Imperial Harvest Five Wealth Gods collection has been firmly established as one of the stalwarts of the Imperial Harvest stable. While this pioneering series has always remained true to the legends behind the five Wealth Gods of Chinese tradition, it has today been given a renewed outlook and purpose.

Underlying the renewed collection is the Sangang Wuchang (三纲五常), a set of core Confucian principles that has resonated with millions over the centuries. Collectively, it represents the five favourable qualities of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and trustworthiness that make up the universal cosmic life force that resides in us. Each pendant is meticulously designed, interwoven with the unique qualities and principles of each of the five deities.

Read about the reimagined Five Wealth Gods collection here

Lastly, Master David revealed the winners of our lucky draw. Ten lucky winners from our family of blessed clients walked away with prize hampers courtesy of Eu Yan Sang.

With that, Imperial Harvest wraps up our 2023 Chinese New Year celebrations. We are honoured to have been able to host our blessed clients this year, and Master David and the Imperial Harvest team are grateful for their referrals and recommendations, and for allowing us to be their trusted Imperial Feng Shui partner on their life journeys.

Gain valuable insights on Period 9 Feng Shui with Imperial Harvest! Prepare for the new Feng Shui period, and learn how to place yourself and your loved ones in good stead to get a headstart in Period 9. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826.

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