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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 25 November 2022

Feng Shui tips to know before buying a new property

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The Feng Shui of a house is often determined by the landforms surrounding the property, the completeness of the house’s layout, as well as its facing orientation. Landforms govern 60% of a home’s Feng Shui — a large majority. Therefore, it is important to select an apartment unit or landed property that is nested within a good-quality land site.

What are some important points to consider when selecting a favourable unit?

Based on the principles of Emperor Landform in Feng Shui, the ideal shape of a piece of land is a square or rectangular format. The term, “Four Points of Gold” (四点金) was coined to describe the ideal unit layout, with no missing sectors. However, contemporary homes often overlook the importance of these sectors, as the construction of new Build-To-Order (BTO) has taken on a modular approach. As such, it is common for modern homes to have missing sectors.

It is important to keep your goals and aspirations in mind in selecting a favourable unit. For example, couples who wish to conceive should avoid selecting a BTO unit with missing northeast and west sectors, as these sectors represent the young children in a family unit.

Married couples with kids should avoid selecting a unit missing northwest and southwest sectors. The absence of these sectors indicates an absence of authority or power in their scope of work, which may lead to a leakage of wealth.

Where should my kitchen be situated?

The kitchen governs the household’s health and is also considered the treasury and wealth centre of the home. Corresponding with the fire element, should not be situated in these sectors of your home:

  • North sector: This sector is associated with the water element and corresponds with the reproductive organs of the body. If the kitchen is sited in this sector, it constitutes a clash between the fire and water elements, indicating impending difficulties in conceiving.
  • Northwest sector: The sector represents the metal element, corresponding with power and authority in career or industry pursuits. When the kitchen is situated in the Northwest sector of the home, it constitutes a fire-metal elemental clash which causes instability in an individual’s career or business, resulting in difficulties with wealth accumulation.
  • West sector: This sector also corresponds with the metal element but represents communication and harmony. The resulting fire-metal elemental clash could cause household members to experience dissonance and conflicts in the home.

Read other tips to enhance the Feng Shui of your kitchen here

What is the ideal facing direction of my home?

The ideal facing direction of any home is contingent on the Bazi chart of the individuals. According to the studies of the Eight Mansion Theory in Feng Shui, each individual’s Bazi chart corresponds with a unique Gua number, which highlights auspicious and inauspicious directions. However, these calculations require the help of a seasoned Feng Shui master to accurately perform the calculations to ensure the selection of a house with an optimal direction.

The Gua number is calculated based on the birth date and gender of a person. A better understanding of the Gua number supports the development of an individual’s potential, as well as the overall improvement of their lot in life.

November 2022 BTO Feng Shui Analysis

While every home belongs to a specific Feng Shui period, the way that this is determined varies with the different types of residences. For flats, condominiums and BTOs in particular, the Feng Shui period is dependent upon the year that construction was completed. By this principle, all new BTO projects that will be launched for the foreseeable future belong to Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle.

To select a favourable unit that can tap into the auspicious energies stemming from Period 9, understanding the concepts of Direct Spirit (正神) and Indirect Spirit (零神) takes centre stage.

The Direct Spirit is defined as the directional area of the timely period star. Activating the Direct Spirit in Period 9 would require mountains or hills to appear in the following respective directions, relative to the BTO site: northeast, south, west and northwest.

The Indirect Spirit is the directional area opposite the timely star. Its activation in Period 9 requires water landforms to appear in the following directions, relative to the BTO site: north, east, southeast and southwest.

Feng Shui Analysis: West Glades @ Bukit Batok

The newly-launched West Glades @ Bukit Batok complies perfectly with the concepts of Direct and Indirect Spirit, as indicated by the hilly area located in the west and northwest sectors. With the Little Guilin water formation located at the east and southeast sectors relative to the BTO site, the Bukit Batok BTO development is perfect for Period 9 Feng Shui.

However, the development is close to several proposed sites of religious worship, such as churches or temples. These religious buildings possess Yin energy and may lead to a disruption in the energy balance of your home.

Feng Shui Analysis: Kallang Horizon

In the principles of landform assessment in Imperial Feng Shui, it is imperative to consider the concept of the Water Dragon, which refers to the rivers or waterways flowing through Singapore. The convergence of two water dragons (rivers or waterways) converging at the Kallang Horizon BTO development forms the Double Dragon Emerging out of Oceans formation (双龙出海局) — an auspicious formation enabling wealth energies to gather and accumulate at the development.

The Sir Arthur Bridge and Sim’s Avenue Road form the Dragon Gate, thereby setting up another auspicious formation, the Golden Carp Leaping over Dragon Gate (鱼跃龙门局). This formation fosters positive transformations and advances in the careers and businesses of the BTO’s occupants.

The development is located right next to Kallang MRT station, which is affected by the noise generated by trains and commuters each day. This disturbance can draw Sha Qi, or inauspicious energy, to your home. Units closer to the station will bear the brunt of the inauspicious energy generated by the train tracks.

Feng Shui Analysis: Ulu Pandan Banks

The Ulu Pandan Banks BTO development near Dover MRT station benefits from the southwesterly flow of the Ulu Pandan canal, which activates the property’s Indirect spirit. Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Road help contain the auspicious energy within this BTO development site, making this an auspicious plot of land.

Similarly to the Kallang Horizon development, this BTO may be affected by the inauspicious energy generated by Dover MRT station, and it is not recommended to select a unit close to the MRT station.

Feng Shui Analysis: Queensway Canopy

The Queensway Canopy BTO development is embraced by Queensway and Portsdown Avenue, which forms the Jade Belt (玉带环腰) formation and amplifies benefactor support and the accumulation of wealth. The convergence of these roads to the north of the BTO site enables the activation of Indirect spirit, further promoting wealth and prosperity.

However, the proposed development features other government agencies and buildings, such as police stations, fire stations and hospitals. These buildings generate Yang energy, which could disrupt the balance of energy in your home.

Feng Shui Analysis: Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah

In the case of certain BTO sites, Singapore’s government accounts for artificial water bodies, such as ponds, as part of the town’s planned layout. As such, it is vital to ensure that these artificial water bodies appear in the right sector, relative to the BTO site. In the Tengah BTO development, the proposed Tengah Pond is located in the southwest sector, activating the Indirect Spirit and enabling an influx of wealth and prosperity.

Units along Tengah Garden Boulevard and Tengah Avenue are near proposed sites of religious worship. As these buildings possess Yin energy, being close to them could cause the balance of energy in your home to be disrupted. The proposed health and medical centres located on the other end of the BTO development along Tengah Garden generated Yang energy, which may also disrupt your home.

Feng Shui Analysis: Yishun BTO Developments

There are three newly-launched BTO developments in Yishun at this time: Vanda Breeze @ Yishun, Miltonia Breeze @ Yishun and Aranda Breeze @ Yishun.

For apartment units located near reservoirs, it is important to take into consideration the position of the dam, relative to the development site. It is also crucial to ensure that the Qi energy locked by the water corresponds with the auspicious Indirect Spirit position. In the case of all three BTO developments in Yishun, the Yishun Dam perfects the Qi east of the BTO site, enabling the activation of the Indirect spirit, and an influx of wealth and prosperity.

The Aranda Breeze @ Yishun BTO development may potentially experience disruption of energy within the household due to the Yin energy generated by proposed places of worship. Whereas Miltonia Breeze @ Yishun may experience excessive Yang energy that stems from the proposed medical and healthcare facilities in the area.

Imperial Harvest is Singapore’s leading Imperial Feng Shui consultancy, offering key Feng Shui services that include auspicious unit selections, audits of existing homes and renovation advice. These services serve to guide prospective homeowners to create spaces with optimal Feng Shui, allowing each household member to achieve breakthroughs in their wealth, health, career and relationship endeavours.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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