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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 18 November 2022

Selecting a home with the best Feng Shui

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For many, the global turmoil of the past couple of years has created daunting economic conditions. While some have pivoted their economic pursuits to take advantage of novel opportunities, many have been left disadvantaged in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, global political instability and other shocks to the markets. The far-reaching impacts of these conditions have wreaked havoc on the prices of commodities and consumer goods, as well as assets with more significant outlay, such as property and other large investments.

The role of the residential home has undergone significant upheaval in recent times. With the rise of decentralised work arrangements, the lines between work and leisure have inevitably blurred, and are likely to remain so. While opinions on this new dynamic may be mixed, many are indeed spending more time at home, which — while conducive for casual gatherings and communal activities — is often woefully inadequate for many to fully immerse themselves in pressing work commitments.

With physical space in short supply, many now find themselves clamouring for respite from the inevitable conflicts arising from the increased presence of family members. As more individuals strike out on their own to seek refuge from hectic homes, the property market is witnessing an upswing in demand. Rents are soaring to unprecedented levels. For prospective homebuyers, inflationary pressures limit the size and location of the choices available to them.

The importance of Good Home Feng Shui

As the home increases in importance as a physical space for both work and lifestyle pursuits, ensuring one occupies the right home is imperative. The increasingly heavy financial outlay that accompanies seeking out a home only heightens the significance of choosing the right place. What then makes a home the “right” one? How does one go about identifying the “right” home?

While the suitability of a home may be benchmarked against numerous factors, Imperial Feng Shui has long been a revered authority in identifying and creating auspicious living spaces. This exclusive branch of metaphysics practised by ancient Chinese royalty has not dimmed with the passage of time, instead going from strength to strength as an auspicious tool for success. Today, the increasingly competitive housing market underscores the importance of good home Feng Shui. For those who remain in close pursuit of this cherished ancient art, leveraging its principles takes on yet greater significance.

Established by Master David, Imperial Harvest has flourished as a leading authority in Imperial Feng Shui over the years, spearheading a revival of interest in this ancient art. Today, it is a trusted advisor to countless blessed clients from all walks of life, empowering them to unlimited success in their personal and professional endeavours. Like many keen observers, Master David keeps himself informed of developments in the property market. As a trusted Imperial Feng Shui consultant to countless homebuyers over the years, we are honoured to play a leading role in selecting and creating an auspicious home for every blessed client.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location — Pinpointing a home with auspicious external landforms

One of the most pertinent factors in determining the auspiciousness of a home is the type of external landforms in its vicinity. These may include surrounding buildings, terrain and amenities such as roads and other infrastructure. As part of the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit, Master David conducts a comprehensive analysis of these factors, paying close attention to:

  • The height and shape of surrounding buildings
  • The direction, velocity and volume of traffic in the vicinity
  • The presence of flat land dragon features in the surrounding terrain and topography
  • The flow of Qi, or universal cosmic energies, in and around the home
  • Auspicious and inauspicious landform features
  • The volume, brightness and auspiciousness of the:
    • Red Phoenix (front of the home)
    • Green Dragon (left of the home)
    • White Tiger (right of the home)
    • Black Turtle (back of the home)

Regardless of how large or isolated a home may be, it is inevitably influenced by at least some of these factors. As they govern the flow of macro energies surrounding the home, understanding their presence and intensity facilitates the identification of inherent structural deficiencies and advantages in the home. With the home Feng Shui audit, Imperial Harvest guides home seekers through a bespoke suite of remedies and enhancements, empowering them to take their wealth, health and relationships from strength to strength.

Step 2: Internal Affairs — Looking within for auspicious energy maps

Turning the focus on the interior of the home, Master David then conducts a detailed analysis of the flow of Qi within and between the spaces of the home. This is analysed alongside the energy map of the home, which is determined by assessing its facing direction and Feng Shui period.

Learn more about Feng Shui periods here

Imperial Feng Shui principles dictate that a home’s facing direction is determined by tucking a Luo Pan (罗盘), a highly precise Feng Shui compass, against its main door. A series of complex measurements should then be taken from this position. This contrasts with a variety of other methods espoused by modern-day Classical Feng Shui practitioners, whose newfangled techniques often yield inconsistent and inaccurate readings. A common misconception, for instance, is that the main door of a home always points to its facing direction. While this is often true, it is not necessarily the case.

How do I know the Feng Shui period of my home?

While every home belongs to a specific Feng Shui period, the way this is determined varies with the type of residence. The Feng Shui period of apartment blocks, consisting largely of HDB flats and condominiums, is determined by the year in which construction was completed. This means that all new Build-To-Order projects launched by HDB for the foreseeable future now belong to Period 9.

Meanwhile, landed properties — including terraced, semi-detached and detached homes — are connected to the earth’s energy, giving rise to a different derivation of their Feng Shui period. For such homes, this shifts according to when each owner commences occupation. To illustrate, a homeowner who moves into a landed home in Period 7 owns a Period 7 home. If this home changes hands in Period 8, however, it then belongs to Period 8, under the new ownership.

Alongside the home’s facing direction, accurately determining its Feng Shui period ensures the precision of the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart generated in the final step of the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit.

Step 3: Star Search — Principles of the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star

The San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart forms the very heart of the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit. Deciphering a home’s unique chart yields important insights into the invisible energies governing it. This enables Master David to undertake a series of detailed analyses to facilitate the optimisation of the home’s layout, as well as the strategic placement of furniture and other fundamental items. The Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit generally analyses the following according to San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star principles:

  • The main door’s energy influence with respect to each room
  • The influence of each room door’s energy influence on individual occupants
  • The positioning of the stove and its implications for occupants’ health
  • The positioning of study tables and how it influences academic or occupational performance
  • The positioning of each bed and its relationship with occupants’ wealth, health and relationships with others
  • The setup of the altar table, if present, and its effects on the family’s prosperity
  • The landform features surrounding the home with respect to the San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star

The analysis of the home’s San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart empowers home seekers with a blueprint of the home’s layout. With Master David’s advice on where and how to site essential equipment such as beds and the stove, they are better able to envision how each area of the home is likely to take shape.

How my Bazi chart affects my home

However, no home is complete without its occupants. Setting up one’s home entails not only close reference to its San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart, but crucially also the Bazi chart of its occupants. One’s Bazi chart consists of a series of Imperial Feng Shui indicators – including lifetime favourable elements, auspicious colours and luck patterns – that collectively provide precious insights into one’s destiny. It is therefore essential for the setup of the home to be compatible with the occupants’ Bazi charts. With a detailed analysis of these charts, Master David maps the insights gleaned to the home’s San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star chart, unifying occupants and home in perfect harmony and activating decades of ensuing auspiciousness.

Enhancing your home’s auspiciousness with Imperial Harvest’s earthly treasures

The achievement of success, both economically and in one’s interpersonal relationships, is governed by a complex web of factors. Apart from the inherent aspects of one’s home, such as its location and layout, strategically-installed earthly treasures also play a significant role in influencing the trajectory of one’s state of affairs and fortunes.

To cap the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit experience, Master David presents an overview of the Imperial Harvest suite of earthly treasures. Guided by the aspirations and circumstances of the home occupants, a meticulously curated selection is closely assessed for suitability in the home. Clients are invited to view shortlisted treasures at the Imperial Harvest gallery, where Master David and his team are on hand to address any queries about Imperial Harvest’s diverse collections.

Within the trove of home treasures, Imperial Harvest crystals consistently rank among the most sought-after. Renowned for their outsized role in activating the water star in homes, they herald an abundance of opportunities and prosperity, along with the regulation of indoor Qi. Their significance in Imperial Feng Shui, coupled with their ethereal glass-like allure, makes them a timeless classic in the Imperial Harvest collection.

Within the range of Imperial Harvest crystals, a number of Master David’s creations are distinctly well-received. These pieces have consistently generated great interest among Imperial Harvest’s blessed clients, and form the bulk of enquiries received by Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants.

Master David features the following selection of Imperial Harvest crystals, recently acquired by a few of Imperial Harvest’s esteemed clientele.

Imperial Harvest Qilin Crystal

The Imperial Harvest Qilin Crystal depicts the Qilin (麒麟), an archetypal specimen of ancient Chinese legendary creatures. In Chinese mythology, they are iconic symbols often associated with auspicious meanings such as good fortune and prosperity. According to folklore, the Qilin acts as the supreme guardian of heaven, standing at its gates to fend off malevolent elements. With the head of a dragon and the torso of a horse, it is indeed an imposing sight to behold. The former enables its release of a special form of Qi known as “Sheng Qi” or “Celestial Breath”, which confers a surfeit of golden opportunities to achieve one’s aspirations.

With its multifaceted auspiciousness, installing the Qilin in the home heralds the attraction of supreme luck and prosperity to the occupants. As it was traditionally associated with the literati class, it is also leveraged to attain boundless success in academic or occupational pursuits.

The Qilin features alongside the Ling Zhi (灵芝), which has for centuries remained a key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. Owing to its association with longevity and good health, it complements the Qilin by connoting peak physical condition — essential for pursuing and relishing success. In a nod to its rarefied status – with its price and scarcity — images of Ling Zhi were historically displayed by the nobility to indicate the birth of an important scion.

Capping the Imperial Harvest Qilin Crystal is a gold ingot perched atop the Ling Zhi, referencing its appearance during major festivities such as Chinese New Year to usher in unbridled prosperity. It also serves as an apt reminder of the raison d’être of the Imperial Harvest crystal collection — activating the water star to uncover boundless abundance.

Imperial Harvest Imperial Dragon Crystal

The Imperial Harvest Imperial Dragon crystal features another Chinese mythical creature — one revered in dynastic China as an auspicious emblem of wealth, authority and abundance. The Imperial Dragon closely personifies the Chinese idiom 龙头老大, which suggests that dragons are innately at ease with occupying leadership positions, or exhibiting dominance in a wide range of contexts. Indeed, the creature is synonymous with Chinese Emperors — veritable leaders in their own right — who often had motifs of it embossed on their robes, thrones and across the imperial palace. Each of these images depicted this remarkable creature in an imposing front-facing stance, reflecting its unrivalled dominance over all other mythical creatures in the imperial Chinese pantheon. Coupled with the distinctive five claws of the Imperial Dragon, this profoundly entrenched the absolute authority wielded by the ruling Emperor.

The Imperial Harvest Imperial Dragon is buttressed by a torrent of roiling waves, which symbolise surges of good fortune, strength and resilience to overcome any challenges in one’s path. The vigorous fluidity of the waves aptly signifies in the destined owner’s life, 财源滚滚 — indicating that their life is analogous to a bubbling cauldron engorged with effusive streams of prosperity pouring in from all directions.

Imperial Harvest Birds and Flower Crystal


With the Imperial Harvest Birds and Flower crystal, Master David captures the pristine vibrance of the rainforest, where life springs forth in unhindered exuberance. Far from the relentless reaches of urbanisation, nature thrives in perfect harmony, teeming with an abundance of resources.

This very spirit of 生机勃勃 — vitality and the passionate pursuit of life — represents Master David’s vision for the destined owner of this immaculate crystal. Just as nature provides bountifully, the destined owner encounters ample opportunities to pursue their passions, along with an abundance of prosperity that quenches every need and desire.

Shaping your auspicious home with Imperial Harvest

From home seekers to individuals intent on remodelling or those who wish to audit the Feng Shui of their existing property, the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit is an indispensable step in the pursuit of their ideal home. Through comprehensive consultations and site visits, Master David’s steady hand and detailed guidance ensure that securing the location and layout of one’s dreams is but a mere formality.

As the new year looms on the horizon, the upcoming festive period is a timely opportunity to take stock of one’s life and earthly pursuits. With the ebb and flow of the times, change is life’s only constant, making it crucial to review one’s Feng Shui every now and again. In the home, adjustments may be carried out through the installation and reorientation of specific treasures to conform to changes in the Feng Shui period.

In the midst of the upcoming festivities, Master David invites blessed readers to view the Imperial Harvest Crystal collection — a contemporary embodiment of the centuries-old Imperial Feng Shui tradition. Just as Emperor Qian Long delivered bountiful success through the installation of impeccably designed crystals throughout the imperial palace, homeowners today can leverage the renowned properties of these treasures to activate the auspicious water star in their homes.

Anchored by Master David’s dedication to Imperial Feng Shui, the Imperial Harvest home Feng Shui audit and crystal collection are trusted tools feted by scores of blessed clients for the enduring abundance they manifest.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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