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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 31 August 2023

The 10 Gods (十神) in Chinese Metaphysics

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To fully comprehend the concept of the 10 Gods, it is paramount to understand their origins. The 10 Gods are derived from the Five Elements (五行), with its principles related to the Production and Controlling cycles of the 5 Elements.

Within the concept of the Five Elements, each factor can appear in both Yin and Yang forms. For instance, the Wood element further breaks down into its Yin and Yang components: Yi Wood (乙木) and Jia Wood (甲木), respectively.

The duality of Yin and Yang extends to the Resource (印枭), Authority (官杀), Wealth (财星), Output (食伤) and Friend (比劫) elements, yielding two Stars — or Gods — aligning with each of the Five Elements. The 10 Gods draw their origins from this interplay between the elements.

Why are the 10 Gods important?

The 10 Gods play a pivotal role in Chinese Metaphysics, interacting with the 10-Year Luck Pillar and Year Pillar — a crucial tool in forecasting an individual’s potential life trajectory. This allows for further elaboration on details surrounding important influences and events that may transpire at specific times.

Without a comprehensive understanding of the 10 Gods, an accurate interpretation of an individual’s Bazi chart is severely limited. Confined to a base understanding of an individual’s character solely through the Daymaster (日柱), an accurate interpretation is unfeasible.

Without the 10 Gods, a Bazi chart yields little results. Only the technical aspects of the chart — such as the Daymaster, its strengths and weaknesses, elemental strengths, and interactions within the chart — remain discernible. Therefore, gaining a foundational comprehension of the inherent characteristics of the 10 Gods marks a significant breakthrough in analysing and precisely extracting insights from a Bazi chart.

What are the 10 Gods?

The 10 Gods comprise the following Stars: Direct Wealth (正财星), Indirect Wealth (偏财星), Eating God (食神星), Hurting Officer (伤官星), Direct Resource (正印星), Indirect Resource (枭神星), Rob Wealth (劫财星), Friend (比肩星), Direct Officer (正官星), and Seven Killings (七杀星).

Within each of the Five Elements are two polarities that correspond to Yin and Yang, which represent the 10 Gods:

  • Resource Stars: Correspond to the element that generates the Daymaster in the Five Element Production cycle, the Resource Stars include the Direct Resource Star (正印星) and the Indirect Resource Star (偏印星).
  • Authority Stars: Symbolised by the element that exercises control over an individual’s Daymaster, which includes the Direct Officer Star (正官星) and the Seven Killings Star (七杀星).
  • Wealth Stars: The Wealth Stars refer to the element that the Daymaster controls within the Controlling cycle. These Stars include the Direct Wealth Star (正财星) and the Indirect Wealth Star (偏财星).
  • Output Stars: The Output Stars within a Bazi chart correspond to the element produced by the Daymaster. The Output Stars include the Hurting Officer Star (伤官星) and the Eating God Star (食神星).
  • Friend Stars: Represented by the element that is the same as the Daymaster, the Friend Stars include the Rob Wealth Star (劫财星) and the Friends Star (比肩星).

What are Resource Stars?

The Resource Stars corresponds to the element that generates the Daymaster as per the Five Element Production cycle. It propels individuals to expand their intellectual pursuits, explore diverse perspectives, and pursue knowledge. Additionally, it nurtures the qualities of patience, tolerance and empathy.

Direct Resource Star (正印星)

The Direct Resource Star is of the opposite polarity to the Daymaster. This Star represents formal education, parental support and knowledge acquisition through formal channels. It also represents mentors and mothers.

This Star aligns with values of knowledge and respect, with those guided by this star exhibiting a contemplative nature. They can reflect inwardly and navigate challenges with composure. However, these individuals may showcase impractical tendencies, often complicating their decision-making skills and hindering their autonomy.

The Direct Resource Star is associated with the following:

Indirect Resource Star (偏印星)

In contrast to the Direct Resource Star, the Indirect Resource Star is of the same polarity as the Daymaster. It represents thought and knowledge, and the ability to discern useful information.

The Indirect Resource Star imparts many qualities to individuals influenced by it. It promotes intuitive insights, combined with imaginative thinking that fosters innovative solutions. On the other hand, those influenced by the Indirect Resource Star may exhibit tendencies towards paranoia and overthinking, potentially complicating their decision-making process. Carelessness in their work approach can emerge as a drawback, and a preference for solitude might lead to isolation.

The Indirect Resource Star is associated with the following:

What are Authority Stars?

The Authority Stars are symbolised by the element that exercises control over an individual’s Daymaster. The significance of the Authority Stars transcends the realms of leadership, achieving status, and wielding authority.

Direct Officer Star (正官星)

The Direct Officer Star corresponds to the Influence Star with the opposite polarity as the Daymaster. This Star epitomises elements that exert control over us, such as societal status, power and career. It represents authoritarian forces, like laws and regulations.

Those under the influence of the Direct Officer Star tend to exhibit the values of honour, courtesy and respectfulness. Their innate independence and sense of responsibility often position them as natural leaders. However, they may display inflexibility and difficulty compromising, potentially leading to conflicts. They may be indecisive, inhibiting their ability to take initiative effectively.

The Direct Officer Star is associated with the following:

Seven Killings Star (七杀星)

The Seven Killings Star refers to the Influence Star that shares the same Yin-Yang polarity as the Daymaster. It is a Star epitomised by its explosive force, representing crimes, scandals and conflicts. However, its strength can be used to bring many things to completion.

Individuals under the influence of the Seven Killings Star are often charismatic, captivating others with their ambition and influence. Quick-wittedness and decisive decision-making contribute to their effectiveness. On the other hand, these individuals may be unreasonable and exhibit occasional temperamental tendencies. Their recklessness may lead to impulsive actions and challenges in cooperating with others.

The Seven Killings Star is associated with the following:

What are Wealth Stars?

The Wealth Stars refer to the element that the Daymaster controls within the Controlling cycle. While Wealth Stars are closely tied to matters related to wealth, it is also associated with interpersonal relationships and encompasses an individual’s essential character traits and values. The lack of this crucial element in a Bazi chart signifies a great imbalance that deviates from the ideal Bazi chart.

Direct Wealth Star (正财星)

The Direct Wealth Star is of the opposite polarity to the Daymaster, aptly embodying the harmonious principles of Yin and Yang. Therefore, it is often seen as an auspicious star and viewed as a favourable Wealth Star. It relates to gaining control through hard work, often representing one’s salary.

The Direct Wealth Star encompasses a range of positive qualities, making it a notable presence within Bazi charts. Those influenced by this Star tend to exhibit traits such as responsibility and trustworthiness, instilling a sense of reliability in their interactions. Their strong work ethic and practical approach to life further contribute to their reputation as dependable individuals. Additionally, the Direct Wealth Star bestows them with a reasonable and rational outlook, enhancing their ability to navigate situations with practicality and thoughtfulness. However, individuals influenced by this star might display tendencies towards being calculative and controlling. They may exhibit a small-minded perspective that limits their ability to see the bigger picture.

The Direct Wealth Star is associated with the following:

Indirect Wealth Star (偏财星)

Conversely to the Direct Wealth Star, the Indirect Wealth Star has the same polarity as the Daymaster. This Star gains or accumulates assets and skills through unconventional methods, like venture funding or short-term investments. These indicate possibilities for returns from investments and trading.

The Indirect Wealth Star encompasses a multi-faceted range of qualities, with those under its influence demonstrating generosity. This Star fosters business acumen and wise judgment, contributing to effective decision-making. However, those influenced by the Indirect Wealth Star may display impatience and a tendency to seek shortcuts, potentially overlooking important details due to their less detail-oriented nature. Additionally, an impulsive streak could lead to hasty decisions without thorough consideration.

The Indirect Wealth Star is associated with the following:

What are Output Stars?

These stars encompass an individual’s potential life journey, along with their accomplishments, aspirations, ambitions, and contributions. Today, the Output Stars hold great influence, with an individual’s innovation and creativity often placed at the forefront of individual success.

Hurting Officer Star (伤官星)

The Hurting Officer Star is of the opposite polarity to the Daymaster. It signifies creative ideas, deviating from convention and challenging prevailing norms and individuality. For women, the Hurting Officer Star represents their sons.

Some characteristics represented by the Hurting Officer Star include those who are highly individualistic, charismatic, outgoing and quickwitted. They are highly innovative, placing value on their perseverance and tenacity. However, they may be impulsive and temperamental, with tactless or argumentative habits that may not admit to their mistakes.

The Hurting Officer Star is associated with the following:

Eating God Star (食神星)

The Eating God Star shares the same polarity as the Daymaster. The Eating God Star governs a refined palate, associated with original ideas and the creativity needed to overcome adversities. For women, the Eating God Star represents their daughters.

The Eating God Star often represents individuals who are thoughtful and contemplative. With an eye for detail, they are great strategists who emphasise creativity and meticulousness. However, the Eating God Star also represents over-analytic, stubborn or delusional qualities.

The Eating God Star is associated with the following:

What are Friend Stars?

Friend Stars symbolise the element aligning with the Daymaster. They influence self-confidence, willpower, social interactions, and personal worth. These stars define who we are and facilitate our understanding of others. Fundamentally, they represent self-identity, relationships, inner strength, and support in life’s pursuits.

Rob Wealth Star (劫财星)

The Rob Wealth Star is of the opposite polarity to the Daymaster. It represents both friends and teammates, as well as competitors and rivals. This Star denotes individuals who have healthy, yet friendly competition with each other.

Individuals guided by this star tend to be affable and approachable, readily engaging with others. Their innate charisma endows them with a natural allure, while their exceptional communication skills contribute to their effectiveness as communicators. Their adaptable nature enables them to navigate various circumstances. However, they may exhibit envious tendencies, and a predisposition for boastfulness and impulsive behaviour, occasionally stemming from insecurity.

The Rob Wealth Star is associated with the following:

Friend Star (比肩星)

Aligning with the same polarity as the Daymaster, the Friend Star represents people of equal standing. It represents the ability to connect with others and reflects a sense of self and identity.

Those guided by this star tend to exhibit self-assurance and independence, contributing to their optimistic outlook. Their decisiveness and sense of responsibility enhance their capabilities. Individuals influenced by the Friend Star may showcase self-centred tendencies and stubbornness. Insecurity can also manifest intermittently, impacting their overall demeanour.

The Friend Star is associated with the following:

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