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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 March 2021

Creating your Financial Destiny with Imperial Feng Shui

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Wealth capacity refers to the amount of wealth you will amass in your lifetime. By analysing your wealth capacity, we can determine your financial limitations and income potential in your lifetime.

There are two types of wealth in the study of Bazi: direct and indirect wealth.

Direct wealth 正财 refers to wealth attained through hard work and effort. Your full-time job has a direct correlation with your direct wealth: when your direct wealth luck is enhanced, your effort to output ratio increases. This results in higher salary increments, better sales performance or consistent breakthroughs in business profits.

Indirect wealth 偏财 refers to wealth growth through your financial decisions, intuition and inspirations. It has a direct correlation with investments, tradings and alternative sources of income. When your indirect wealth is enhanced, your investment and trading returns will improve by leaps and bounds.

In this article, we will debunk the three most common misconceptions about wealth capacity that are advocated by classical Feng Shui masters.

Misconception 1: “You do not have indirect wealth, therefore you are not suited for investments.” 

Classical Feng Shui preaches the fatal idea of fulfilling your destiny. Having worked with thousands of clients over the years, we have seen many of them avoid the financial markets out of unfounded fear as they were told by their Classical Feng Shui masters that they do not have indirect wealth.

With Imperial Feng Shui, the focus is on creating your desired financial destiny.

Imperial Feng Shui identifies and activates your lifetime favourable element to create a consistent state of good luck which in turn helps you achieve steady returns in your investment portfolio.

Misconception 2: “This is not the right time to invest because your indirect wealth luck is weak.” 

The hard truth is that the financial market does not adhere to your luck cycle. It is constantly moving, regardless of your luck cycle.

An example is the stock market bull run in 2020. Many people heeded their Classical Feng Shui master’s advice and stayed away from the financial market. This led to many lost opportunities to ride the bull market and multiply their financial portfolios.

Classical Feng Shui’s concept of using your luck cycle to time your investment is illogical and irrelevant.

Imperial Feng Shui advocates a different philosophy. Imperial Feng Shui is about creating favourable luck conditions to empower you to achieve consistent investment and trading returns regardless of investment climates.

Misconception 3: “You should invest in shipping and marine industries because your favourable element is water.” 

This is another prime example of how Classical Feng Shui masters misapplied the concept of favourable elements and caused many people to suffer from huge financial losses when they invest in slow-growing or sunset industries based on their favourable elements.

Imperial Feng Shui is different. Imperial Feng Shui applies the principle of favourable elements to empower our clients with auspicious luck and enlarged wealth capacity to generate superior investment returns.

Imperial Harvest Stories: Kuan Liang

When Kuan Liang first came to Imperial Harvest, we learnt from him that his Classical Feng Shui master had told him that he was not suited to invest and would only incur losses.

True enough, the predictions of his Classical Feng Shui master came true. His investment turned red, and he was at a loss.

Things took a positive turn after he consulted associate consultant Samuel Ling. After learning about his goals and aspirations, Samuel prescribed Kuan Liang the Fine Lavender Jadeite Zhong Kui.

His first taste of success came in the form of several 5-figure lottery winnings. Within three months, he also landed his dream job.

Heartened by the results, he proceeded to acquire the third-generation Bliss of Harvest jadeite ring. As of Feb 2021, his investment portfolio has tripled.

We are living in unprecedented times, which presents many opportunities for us to thrive and multiply our investment portfolio.

Since our founding, Imperial Harvest has been resolute in our commitment to authentic Imperial Feng Shui.  Behind this ancient and noble philosophy lies the fundamental belief in unlimited human potential.

Over the years, Imperial Harvest has meticulously applied the profound principles of Imperial Feng Shui to the modern world, keeping it relevant for yet another generation of leaders and pioneers.

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