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All New Bliss of Harvest Jadeite Ring Collection

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To commemorate 600 years since the building of the renowned Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Imperial Harvest is proud to present the new generation of our Bliss of Harvest ring collection showcasing our highest level of skill and craftsmanship.

The Bliss of Harvest ring is arguably our most iconic collection, paying homage to the famous Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of Heaven. It exemplifies the historic links between Imperial Harvest and our imperial Feng Shui traditions.

Our new designs continue to set the highest standards for Imperial Feng Shui jewellery design, and is testament to Master David Goh’s bold and inspired vision.

Our lustrous 18K solid rose gold rings are created from a proprietary blend of pure gold, copper and silver – representing heaven, earth, and human elements.

The beautiful hue intensifies with age, and evokes the vibrant red found throughout the imperial temple, a colour deeply synonymous with prosperity and auspiciousness.

The Bliss of Harvest ring is embellished with the finest jadeite cabochon, perfectly round and glistening, resembling the gilded orb which crowns the Hall of Prayer. It takes hours of finely-honed craftsmanship to harvest the cabochon from a jadeite boulder, shaping it to perfection, and hand-polishing the gem to bring out the jadeite’s natural depth of colour.

The intricate design gives the impression of three separate bands wrapped gently around the finger, comforting and caressing the owner.

Elegant in form, and robust in construction, our tri-band rings take inspiration from the Hall of Prayer. Like the Bliss of Harvest ring, its roof is formed of three graceful circular tiers that build on each other, rising to a crescendo, and merging into one magnificent creation.

The Temple of Heaven (天坛)

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is a vast imperial temple complex completed in 1420 under the reign of Emperor Yongle during the Ming Dynasty. It is not only a great architectural masterpiece, but was also the most important imperial temple for centuries, symbolising the profound relationship between heaven and earth.

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest (祈年殿)

The main building within the temple complex is the circular, three-tiered Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests to the north. It is a grand, impressive, circular building with a visually harmonious three-tiered roof representing the cosmic trinity of Heaven, Earth and Human luck. The entire building is supported by 28 large pillars and was meticulously constructed without the use of any nails.

It was here during the winter solstice that the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped the God of Heaven and prayed for prosperity – every year, for hundreds of years.

The Five Rings of the Collection

Ref: BOH6001

(Singapore Design Patent No.30202109016U)


Design notes:

  • Yin-Yang matte and mirror finish providing a tasteful contrast
  • Accented by four handcrafted screws representing the four innermost pillars of the Hall of Prayer

Ref: BOH6002

(Singapore Design Patent No.30202109013S)

Design notes:

  • An elegant ring defined by a glamorous diamond-studded inner band that catches the eye and the imagination
  • Four structural pillars representing the four innermost pillars of the Hall of Prayer

Ref: BOH6003

(Singapore Design Patent No.30202109015T)

Design notes:

  • Hand-burnished mirror finish
  • Eight round brilliant cut diamonds forming four structural pillars representing the four innermost pillars of the Hall of Prayer

Ref: BOH6004

(Singapore Design Patent No. 30202109011Q)

Design notes:

  • Yin-Yang matte and mirror finish providing a tasteful contrast
  • A distinctive geometric design that echoes the perfectly circular Hall of Prayer standing in a square yard, representing Heaven and Earth


Ref: BOH6005

(Singapore Design Patent No.30202109010V)

Design notes:

  • Matte finish
  • Minimalist and abstract tri-band design that is robust, discerning, and conveys a restrained sense of power

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