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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 14 September 2020

Three Important Office Feng Shui Tips

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When it comes to selecting an office with good Feng Shui, it is important to pay attention to these three important tips

Tip 1: No missing sectors

If the office has a missing sector in the North-West, it will affect the performance of the CEO. If the office has a missing sector in the East, it will affect the performance of the male managers.

Tip 2: No backs should face the door

When one selects an auspicious position in the office, they should avoid having their back facing the door, otherwise it can cause you to experience backstab or malefactors at work.

Tip 3: Avoid facing sharp edges

When one selects a desk position, they should avoid facing any sharp corners or edges as it will cause them to experience obstacles or challenges at work.

About Master David Goh 

Master David Goh is the founder of Imperial Harvest – Singapore’s leading Imperial Feng Shui consultancy. Widely recognised as the world number one authority in Imperial Feng Shui, who regularly consults for Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Based in Singapore, Master David has been regularly featured in many major newspapers for his opinion on the world’s economy and market movements.

Master David Goh is also an accomplished Imperial Feng Shui master and interdisciplinary creator whose remarkable works cover the fields of Imperial Feng Shui, sculpture and design.

While historical legacies have been reinterpreted by many time-honoured western brands, Master David realised that no brand fully captured the beauty and wisdom bursting from hundreds of years of Imperial Feng Shui heritage.

Hence, he has chosen jewellery as the platform to fulfil his mission. In his quest “to redefine Imperial Feng Shui traditional symbolism through a contemporary lens and to let Imperial Feng Shui culture shine in the world of luxury once more”, he saw jewellery as the most natural art form.

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