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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 05 January 2024

Zodiac Signs Affected by Tai Sui (太岁) in 2024

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According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2024 ushers in the vibrant year of the Wood Dragon (甲辰) — emphasising growth, strength, and the pioneering spirit. Within the rich tapestry of Chinese tradition, particular attention is directed towards Tai Sui, whose influence is anticipated to impact specific zodiac animal signs throughout the year.

What is Tai Sui?

Within the realm of Imperial Feng Shui, Tai Sui (太岁), also known as Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui, is intricately linked to the zodiac sign governing each year. Tai Sui’s alignment is related to the orbital path of the planet Jupiter. According to Chinese metaphysics, Jupiter’s 12-year journey around the sun corresponds to the twelve zodiac animals. In 2024, Tai Sui aligns with the Dragon zodiac, aligning with the Southeast direction.

Tai Sui spans a width of 112.6° to 127.5° on the compass, predominantly occupying the Southeast sector within your property space. In 2024, those born under the signs of the Dragon, Ox, Rabbit, or Dog will find themselves in potential clashes with Tai Sui.

Addressing Tai Sui

In 2024, consideration of the alignment of Tai Sui is critical for those navigating the Chinese zodiac. Tai Sui is thought to wield a profound influence, affecting the fortune and well-being of individuals associated with specific zodiac signs.

This year, as the Wood Dragon assumes its celestial prominence, individuals born under each zodiac sign are encouraged to explore the nuanced dynamics of their relationship with Tai Sui to harness favourable energies and mitigate potential challenges.

How does Tai Sui affect you?

The influence of Tai Sui can manifest in diverse ways, encompassing legal challenges, family disputes, unfavourable financial outcomes, instances of illness or accidents, and unexpected events such as natural disasters or potential fatalities.

Consequently, it is advisable for those clashing with Tai Sui to refrain from planning construction, renovations, or significant groundbreaking activities if your property’s orientation aligns with the Southeast direction. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid sleeping or working with your head facing the Tai Sui direction. Instead, it is recommended to position yourself facing the Year Breaker (岁破) in such situations.

In Feng Shui and Chinese astrology, the concept of “犯太岁” (Fan Tai Sui) is steeped in tradition, providing valuable insights into navigating life’s challenges.

Zodiac Signs Affected by Tai Sui

In 2024, Tai Sui primarily exerts its influence on individuals born in the year of the Dragon and Dog. However, its influence also extends to those with the Ox and Rabbit zodiac signs.

Dragon (龙) — Torturing Tai Sui (刑太岁)

Individuals born under the Dragon zodiac may face financial risks, disputes, and interference from gossip. The clash with Tai Sui during their birth year intensifies, leading to poor overall fortune.

The absence of auspicious stars complicates matters, making progress challenging. Health concerns and security issues may also arise, prompting a need for heightened awareness and precautionary measures. As such, navigating the year with diligence and prioritising well-being becomes crucial for individuals born under the Dragon sign.

Dog (狗) — Clash with Tai Sui (冲太岁)

In 2024, individuals born under the Dog zodiac may face obstacles in various aspects of their lives, experiencing limited support from influential figures. Career progression may be challenging, and investments may yield unfavourable results.

The conflict with Tai Sui brings overall poor luck and significant pressure. Financial entanglements with ominous stars increase the risk of losses if not carefully managed. While career development opportunities are rare initially, they may emerge in the second half of the year.

Ox (牛) — Harm Tai Sui (害太岁)

In 2024, individuals born under the Ox sign may experience career setbacks and obstacles, leading to frustration. The destructive influence of Tai Sui suggests unstable fortune, potential accidents, and financial crises.

While challenges may arise, auspicious stars indicate eventual assistance and resolution through support from friends, alleviating temporary difficulties.

Rabbit (兔) — Break Tai Sui (破太岁)

Those born under the Rabbit sign may encounter conflicts at work, potential health issues, and family difficulties. Influenced by the challenging Tai Sui, they might face instability in relationships and be prone to accidents. Health-wise, minor illnesses may persist. Workplace luck may be lacking, hindering a positive work environment.

Individuals born in the year of the Rabbit must spend quality time with family to foster understanding and prevent negative energy from affecting relationships. Maintaining close ties with family members becomes essential for navigating challenges in the year of clashing Tai Sui.

Mitigating the effects of Tai Sui

As we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon in 2024, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians are a symbol of resilience, prosperity, and strategic wisdom.

Amidst the potential challenges posed by Tai Sui in 2024, these zodiac guardians serve as more than exquisite ornaments — they become potent Imperial Feng Shui treasures in mitigating negative influences.

This collection is a triumphant reimagining of the revered Imperial Harvest classic, a powerful fusion of resilience, prosperity, and strategic wisdom. Meticulously crafted, the collection aligns harmoniously with the transformative energies of Period 9 Feng Shui in 2024. Guiding their destined owners, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians invite boundless possibilities and navigate the coming year with confidence.

Crafted with meticulous detail and attention, each zodiac guardian embodies the timeless allure of sandalwood—a wellspring of wisdom and insight within Chinese tradition. This exclusive collection pays homage to the military and economic triumphs of Emperor Kangxi, weaving together a rich tapestry of Chinese history and heritage.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 91221826.

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