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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 17 November 2023

2024 Annual Afflictions

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In Chinese metaphysics, annual afflictions refer to specific astrological conditions that can introduce challenges or difficulties in a given year.

These afflictions, represented by many celestial influences, shift to different sectors of your properties annually. As such, an awareness of these changing patterns is valuable in proactively addressing and mitigating potential adversities for yourself and your loved ones.

These afflictions come into play after Lichun (立春), marking the start of spring in the Chinese calendar, beginning on 4 February 2024.

What are Annual Afflictions?

According to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, there are four different annual afflictions to take note of:

  • Tai Sui (太岁)
  • Year Breaker (岁破)
  • Three Killings (三煞)
  • Five Yellow (五黄)

In 2024, the location of each annual affliction, in addition to their considerations, are listed as follows:

Tai Sui (太岁)

In Imperial Feng Shui, the position of Tai Sui (太岁) — or Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui — is defined by the zodiac sign of the year. It is associated with the orbit of the planet, Jupiter. In Chinese metaphysics, each year in Jupiter’s 12-year-long orbit around the sun corresponds with a zodiac animal, with 2024 marking the year of Dragon, which corresponds to the Southeast direction.

The impact of Tai Sui manifests in various ways, which include legal challenges, family disputes, unfavourable financial luck, instances of illness or accidents and unexpected events, such as natural disasters or potential deaths.

Tai Sui spans a width of 112.6° to 127.5° on the compass, occupying the Southeast sector of your property space. In 2024, individuals born in the year of the Dragon, Ox, Rabbit or Dog will experience clashes with Tai Sui. As such, it is advised to refrain from planning construction, renovations, or significant groundbreaking activities if your property’s facing direction is the Southeast direction.

Additionally, it is wise to avoid sleeping or working with your head facing the Tai Sui direction, with the recommended alternative being to face the Year Breaker position in such situations.

Year Breaker (岁破)

The Year Breaker, or Sui Po (岁破), is the compass sector directly opposite of Tai Sui. In 2024, it occupies 292.6° to 307.5° on the compass, aligning with the Northwest direction.

As opposites, the Year Breaker clashes with Tai Sui and should be treated with similar caution. Offending the Year Breaker in 2024 could lead to outcomes such as a household loss of wealth, increased obstacles, or illnesses.

To mitigate potential risks, it is advised to refrain from scheduling major groundbreaking activities, including renovations or construction, if your property’s sitting direction is in the Northwest direction for the year. Additionally, when working, sitting, or sleeping, it is recommended to avoid positioning yourself with your back facing it, as this would mean directly facing Tai Sui.

How to determine the sitting and facing directions of your property

Three Killings (三煞)

The Three Killings, also known as the Three Massacres or San Sha, are associated with negative repercussions and encompass three types of Sha Qi — Robbery Sha (劫煞), Calamity Sha (灾煞), and Annual Sha (岁煞). In 2024, the Three Killings are positioned in the South direction, spanning from 142.6° to 216.5°.

These negative energies can lead to various obstacles, including theft, wealth loss, persistent health issues, and professional setbacks.

If your property is sitting in the South direction, it is advisable to refrain from all renovation, construction, and major groundbreaking activities. Given the inherently inauspicious nature of the Three Killings, it is also recommended to avoid sitting or working with your back facing this direction.

Five Yellow (五黄)

The Five Yellow (五黄) is regarded as the most ominous star in the Flying Star chart, representing an inauspicious Earth star. Its presence brings about personal tragedies, including illnesses, accidents, financial losses, and relationship conflicts, making it a highly unfavourable sector to navigate. In 2024, the Five Yellow Star occupies the West sector, ranging from 247.6° to 292.5°.

If the main door of your home is located in the West, caution is advised regarding both financial matters and health for household members this year.

If you are facing the Western direction when working or studying, you may experience potential setbacks and challenges in both professional and academic pursuits.

If your stove is situated facing West, be attentive to your family’s health and well-being.

For homes sitting in the West direction, it is advised to avoid renovation and construction activities.

Positions of 9 Flying Stars (九宫飞星) in 2024

The position of the 9 Flying Stars about the main door of your home, office or retail space indicates varying effects on your property and its occupants throughout the year.

If the main door of your property is situated in the West, South or Southeast sector, it may indicate unfavourable health concerns and illicit greater caution for commercial and financial activities for the space’s occupants. On the other hand, if the main door is situated in the North, Southwest, East and Northeast sectors, it is considered auspicious and indicates favourable situations for your personal and professional endeavours in the year.

If the main door of your property is located in the:

  • South: The Broken Soldier Star (破军星) is located in the South (7) position, prompting its occupants to be wary of potential conflicts arising from legal or contractual issues.
  • Southwest: The Right Assistant Star (右弼星) is in the Southwest (9) position in 2024, bringing lucrative career breakthroughs and business success — establishing recognition, status and authority.
  • West: In 2024, the Sickness Star (廉贞星) is located in the West (5) position. This star is the most ominous and is associated with major illnesses, grave misfortune and potential fatalities.
  • Northwest: The Academic Star (文曲星) is located in the Northwest (4) sector, bringing new relationship opportunities in 2024.
  • North: The Left Assistant Star (左辅星) is located in the North (8) position, ushering in career progression, advancement and growth for the property’s occupants.
  • Northeast: In 2024, the Military Arts Star (武曲星) is in the Northeast position, heightening power and authority, especially for those working in public services or military organisations.
  • East: The Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星) is located in the East (1) position, bringing fresh opportunities to the occupants of the property.
  • Southeast: In 2024, the Huge Door Star (巨门星) is in the Southeast (2) position, cautioning the property’s occupants to remain cognisant of potential health issues.

Learn more about the 9 Flying Stars here

Combating 2024 Annual Afflictions

Historically, Imperial White Inkstones were a focal point in Emperor Qian Long’s study during the Qing dynasty, integral to his reflections on state affairs. These Imperial Feng Shui treasures were bestowed upon his intuition, benefactor luck, and wisdom, contributing to the success of the Qing dynasty.

Based on the insights of pioneering Imperial Feng Shui masters, Imperial White Inkstones align with the concept, “一白遮三丑, 一旺挡三煞”, which signifies their capability to enhance the auspicious energies of specific sectors and counter the negative effects of inauspicious ones.

The Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone activates the authority sector within homes and offices. This sector governs an individual’s power, influence, and authority. Its activation empowers individuals with influential and strategic opportunities.

Today, the Imperial White Inkstone proves to be a valuable addition to any home. By countering the adverse effects of missing sectors and enhancing positive ones, this treasure is indispensable in any home, office or retail space.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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