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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 08 February 2024

Your Period 9 Feng Shui Checklist

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The start of Period 9 in 2024 marks a significant milestone in the history of Imperial Feng Shui, ushering in a transformative era of passion, innovation, progress and opportunity.

Taking place from 2024 and 2044, this unprecedented era of Imperial Feng Shui promises to be a catalyst for both personal and professional growth, allowing us to manifest our aspirations with clarity and purpose.

What is a Feng Shui Period?

A Feng Shui period (元运) is a comprehensive calendar system that monitors the orbits of key celestial bodies, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, in relation to the Earth. Each Feng Shui period encompasses three periods, each spanning 20 years. A major Feng Shui cycle totals 60 years in its entirety.

Traits of Period 9

Period 9 stands out for its association with the Fire element, signifying a time of energy and profound transformation. It is a time that prompts us to welcome shifts and fresh outlooks, paving the way for both personal and collective advancement.

The influence of the Li Trigram (离卦) is central to Period 9, enhancing its connection to the Fire element. This trigram acts as a beacon for those journeying through the dynamic changes of this era, offering direction and inspiration.

In Feng Shui, this period is under the influence of the Right Assistant Star (右弼星) from the Big Dipper constellation (北斗七星), renowned for its ability to bring recognition, status and leadership.

The celestial guardian of Period 9 is the Red Phoenix, a symbol of resilience, renewal, and rebirth. The period calls on us to view adversity as a catalyst for growth, embodying resilience and the ability to renew oneself, much like the legendary phoenix rising anew.

The onset of Period 9 heralds significant growth in industries associated with the Li Trigram. Tech-driven economies and information technology-related trends flourish, reflecting the innovative spirit and forward-thinking mindset that define this transformative period.

Learn about Period 9 here

Why Preparation is Key in Period 9

Recognising the significance of this monumental shift in Feng Shui periods is crucial. The last occurrence of Period 9 spanned from 1844 to 1864, making this Period 9 an unprecedented new era for us. The rapid pace of technological advancement and unprecedented societal changes set the stage for a new chapter in the annals of Feng Shui history.

Armed with this knowledge, we can navigate the challenges that may arise within our interpersonal relationships and homes with grace and resilience. Furthermore, by aligning ourselves with the dynamic energies of Period 9, we position ourselves to seize the abundant opportunities for growth and evolution that lie on the horizon. Understanding the implications of Period 9 is imperative to maximise our potential in this transformative landscape.

Your Period 9 Checklist: Assessing the Feng Shui of Your Property

Period 9 brings about metaphysical changes in our properties — whether in our homes, offices, or retail spaces.

Determine Period and Facing Direction:

  • Period of the house: Identify the period of your property, which is determined by the year of its completion.
  • Facing direction of the house: Determine the facing direction of your property based on the orientation of the main window. While this is often determined using a professional Feng Shui compass, you may also use compass apps on your smart devices. In Period 9, North and South-facing are considered the best directions.

Flying Star Analysis:

  • Analyse the Flying Star combination of your property’s main entrance. This entrance serves as the main Qi mouth for the home.
  • Obtain specific information for a meticulous analysis of the house’s Flying Star chart, ensuring that it corresponds to Period 9.
  • Utilise tools like Imperial Harvest’s Flying Star Calculator to generate the Flying Star chart for your home.

Interpret Flying Star Chart:

  • Use the generated Flying Star chart to understand energy influences in different areas of your home, checking against Imperial Harvest’s explanation of the 81 Flying Star Combinations.
  • Gain insights into applying appropriate Imperial Feng Shui principles to enhance the energy flow and auspiciousness of your property.
  • Identify areas that can usher in wealth and prosperity for the household based on the auspicious Flying Star combinations.

Identifying Problem Areas

Taking proactive approaches in assessing our surroundings and identifying potential problem areas can help us uncover areas that may be out of alignment with Period 9. Through this introspective process, we set the stage for positive change and transformation, laying the groundwork for a prosperous and harmonious future.

Activating the Right Assistant Star (右弼星)

In the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, extensive studies have revealed the pivotal role of Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood in unlocking the full potential of the Right Assistant Star (右弼星). At the heart of this transformative process lies the invocation of sandalwood, revered for its ability to activate auspicious heavenly blessings. As a symbol of prosperity and abundance, Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood emerges as a powerful conduit in this new era, channelling auspicious energies and guiding individuals along their destined paths to success.

The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Zodiac Guardians collection pays homage to resilience and strategic wisdom. Seamlessly aligning with the transformative energies of Period 9 while honouring the esteemed traditions of Imperial Feng Shui heritage, this collection embodies the visionary spirit of Emperor Kangxi. Crafted from Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood, symbolic of profound wisdom and insight, these guardians stand as guiding symbols of unwavering strength and strategic prowess.

Activating the Direct Spirit (正神) and Indirect Spirit (零神)

Understanding the concepts of Direct and Indirect Spirit is paramount for harnessing the auspicious energies of Period 9. Master David’s insights unveil a significant shift in Feng Shui dynamics as Star #9, known as the Right Assistant Star (右弼星), and Star #1, the Greedy Wolf Star (贪狼星), has relocated to the South and North Sectors, respectively, in Period 9.

This relocation of auspicious natal elemental stars to these pivotal sectors heralds a golden opportunity for strategic Feng Shui planning and execution. Staying attuned to these changes and adapting practices accordingly is essential for maximising the benefits of Feng Shui in this transformative period.

Meticulously crafted, the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain is an exquisite collection that seamlessly integrates with the energies of Period 9 — reflecting a deep understanding of Imperial Feng Shui principles. At the heart of this collection lies the seamless melding of mountain and river features, symbolising the concepts of Direct and Indirect Spirit. This harmony not only enhances the collection’s aesthetic appeal but also empowers our clients to manifest abundance and prosperity during the auspicious Period 9.

Harnessing Mountain and Water Stars

In Imperial Feng Shui, the activation of auspicious Mountain and Water Stars play an important role in balancing a home or office space. Mountains, symbolising stability and strength, harness the support of benefactors, while water, evoking the fluidity of a flowing river, is linked with a dynamic economy and prosperity. Activating these elements ensures a thriving environment, fostering success and abundance within the household.

The Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain collection, featuring elements of both mountain and water features, similarly activates the auspicious Mountain and Water Stars within the property. Effectively leveraging its auspicious properties, it ushers in large streams of wealth and amplifies benefactor support, relationship harmony, and financial success.

Identifying and Activating the Wealth Sector

In Period 9, it becomes crucial to remain cognisant of the potential shifts in your property’s wealth sector. Ensuring that the wealth sector aligns with the energy of Period 9 becomes paramount, as this sector of the home signifies growth and wealth accumulation, playing a vital role in individual success. Correctly identifying and activating these sectors can catalyse the flow of prosperity within the household.

The Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove Collection stands as a guardian of financial prosperity, seamlessly blending Feng Shui principles with the pursuit of abundance. Functioning as a catalyst for its destined owners to achieve their highest goals and aspirations, this collection harmonises similarly with Period 9 energies, inviting individuals on an extraordinary journey toward unparalleled success and prosperity.

Prosper with Imperial Harvest

For those seeking tailored readings of their personal wealth prospects and an in-depth understanding of their property’s Feng Shui in Period 9, Imperial Harvest’s Bazi consultations and Feng Shui audits utilise multi-generational wisdom, providing beneficial insights to guide you towards success and prosperity.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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