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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 September 2020

Untold Secrets of Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads

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Imperial Jadeite Bead necklace and bracelet had been a firm favourite among Chinese Royal families. Many Chinese Emperors and Empresses are often depicted wearing Jadeite Beads necklaces and bracelets in various Chinese paintings.

Imperial jade refers to the finest-quality jadeite that is almost transparent with a vibrant jadeite colour. The jadeite beads exhibit perfectly matching colour, combined with an outstanding translucency and excellent lustre.

As part of the royal family tradition, the appointed Imperial Feng Shui master would analyse the destiny charts of important Chinese Royal Family members before prescribing and blessing their favourable elemental jadeite pendant, rings or beads.

A specially appointed Imperial Feng Shui master would then bless the royal family jadeite jewelleries at the Temple of Heaven (天坛) on specially chosen auspicious dates and times to empower the Chinese royal family with consistent state of good luck, wealth and success.

Emperor Qian Long’s Imperial Feng Shui Jewellery Collection 

Emperor Qian Long is particularly fond of Imperial grade Jadeite. He is often depicted wearing the imperial jadeite jewellery like bead necklace, ring and pendant in various Chinese paintings.

Emperor Qian Long depicted in Chinese Painting with his favourite Imperial White Jadeite Beads

At this part, many people would ask why Emperor Qian Long wore white jadeite and not any other coloured jadeites. The answer can be found in Emperor Qian Long’s Bazi chart.

Decoding Emperor Qian Long’s Bazi Chart

Based on Emperor Qian Long’s Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, his lifetime favourable elements would be Metal and Earth elements. Hence his favourable elemental colours would be White, Yellow and Brown.

Hence Emperor Qian Long is depicted in many Chinese Paintings with his favourite Imperial White Jadeite Beads and Jadeite jewelleries.

Emperor Qian Long’s Annual Prayers at Temple of Heaven 

The Temple of Heaven (天坛) is an imperial complex of religious buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. The complex was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for a good harvest.

During the annual ceremony of prayer for good harvest at the Temple of Heaven 天坛, Emperor Qian Long would pray to the Universe with his 108 Imperial Jadeite Beads while offering agarwood and sandalwood incense.

Read about the significance of 108 Beads

Superlative Jadeite Beads in Modern Times 

In modern times, exceptional jadeite masterpieces still commanded astronomical prices and are worn exclusively by the extreme rich. Some collections have fetched millions of dollars in internationally renowned auction houses like

Imperial Harvest Jadeite Beads

As a gemstone connoisseur, Master David understands that the intricate beauty of jadeite is best presented in their simplest forms, the Imperial jadeite beads are the epitome of this guiding principle. Every single jadeite bead is harvested from the centre of a raw exquisite jadeite boulder.

Imperial Harvest’s Glassy variety Imperial Jadeite Beads 御鼎豐老坑玻璃种翡翠珠子

In order to create a string of matching jadeite beads of extremely fine quality, Imperial Harvest gemmologists work with our team of artisans to inspect the raw jadeite boulders to ensure that it meets the stringent standards set by Master David.

Next, our artisans often have to carve up to ten times the number of beads in order to select the most suitable ones. Out of ten fine quality jadeite beads carved and polished, one jadeite  qualifies to be Imperial Harvest grade, nine are rejected and disposed.

The perfect proportion, shape and roundness of the Imperial Jadeite beads demonstrates experienced judgement and extreme precision; a reflection of Imperial Harvest’s impeccable craftsmanship.

These beads boast wondrous luminosity, and as if lit from within.

The colour depth evokes a sense of tranquillity, as if staring into a lush forest canopy, with the sunlight filtering through the thick foliage.

The Ultimate Wealth Multiplier 

Imperial Harvest Jadeite is the testament of Master David’s unwavering commitment to empower his blessed clients with the finest earthly treasures to achieve breakthrough results in their business, career, investments and relationships.

The Imperial Jadeite beads is the ultimate wealth multiplier which supercharges your direct and indirect wealth capacity.

Harnessing the auspicious energy of an entire jadeite boulder, this Imperial Feng Shui treasure empowers blessed clients with powerful foresight, opportunities, benefactors to achieve massive immediate breakthroughs in their career, business, investment and wealth. The roundness of each bead represents leading a fulfilling and successful life  (‘圓滿‘).

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