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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 30 June 2023

Stars of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

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Within the Qi Men Dun Jia system, the Stars depicted within the chart embody the prevailing luck that influences an individual’s plans and actions. This intricate system encompasses comprehensive astronomical calculations and various aspects of Chinese metaphysics. These aspects include Yin and Yang (阴阳), the Five Elements (五行), 10 Heavenly Stems (十天干), the Eight Trigrams (八卦), and the 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气). Qi Men Dun Jia enables an accurate selection of optimal times and directions to achieve desired outcomes, providing precise forecasts for unfolding situations.

Imperial Harvest Qi Men Dun Jia

In our previous article, we explored the profound significance and principles of the Eight Doors within the Qi Men Dun Jia system, which reflects human elements and immediate surroundings. These Eight Doors hold immense importance in predicting outcomes and guiding actions, as the quality of the door directly shapes the potential results of your endeavours.

In this week’s article, we continue our foray into the foundational concepts of Qi Men Dun Jia, exploring the notions and applications of Stars.

Stars in Qi Men Dun Jia

Within the Qi Men Dun Jia system, the Stars depicted within the chart embodies the prevailing luck that influences an individual’s plans and actions — unlike the Eight Doors which symbolise an individual’s actions and initiatives. The Stars carry unique characteristics, illustrating the general climate and circumstances to commence your actions.

Stars in Qi Men Dun Jia

Within this system, some stars hold a neutral influence, while others bring positive effects or unfavourable implications.

Modern Applications of Stars

These Stars follow a specific sequence — Wood, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Metal, Water, Earth — forming what is referred to as the Rotating Palace Qi Men. Understanding each Star’s characteristics and applications in the Qi Men Dun Jia system offers valuable insights into its impact on various aspects of life, allowing individuals to make informed decisions and leverage its potential for success.

The Stars in the Qi Men Dun Jia system are as follows:

Flying Star 1 — Grass Star (天蓬 tiān péng)

Flying Star 1 - Grass Star

The Grass Star, or the Tian Peng Star, holds unique characteristics and diverse applications in the Qi Men Dun Jia system. The Grass Star offers opportunities for quick financial gains and successful outcomes through calculated risks. Understanding the implications of the Grass Star helps individuals navigate financial opportunities wisely and be mindful of potential pitfalls in other areas of life.


  • Facilitates quick money-making.
  • Associated with engaging in illegal activities.
  • Supports taking risks with successful outcomes.


  • Fast Money: The Grass Star generates quick money, benefitting from ventures like property launches or time-limited sales events.
  • Risk and Success: The Grass Star encourages calculated risks, ensuring successful outcomes. It aids entrepreneurial ventures and investments for higher returns, especially when combined with the Live Door and auspicious heavenly stems.
  • Cautionary Notes: Despite the financial potential, the Grass Star is linked to scams and deceit. Exercise caution in business, career, and relationships to avoid dishonest practices.
  • Relationships and Career: The Grass Star signifies affairs in relationships. In careers, it suggests potential shady practices by employers or companies, necessitating caution.

Flying Star 2 — Grain Star (天芮 tiān ruì)

One of the least favourable stars, the Grain or Tian Rui Star is associated with illness and a need for caution. It symbolises slow progress, emphasising the importance of recovery, reflection, and rebuilding from a position of strength. As such, taking bold actions may yield limited results.


  • Associated with illnesses and health-related matters.
  • Indicates the need for caution and attention to one’s well-being.
  • Earth-element nature indicates slow progress.
  • Represents the process of rebuilding and recovering from losses, and reflecting on past mistakes to learn from them.


  • Illness Divination: The Grain Star provides insights into specific illnesses, highlighting health-related matters and emphasising the need for caution and proper care.
  • Rebuilding and Recovery: The Grain Star is favourable for recovery and rebuilding. Instead of rushing into new actions, it is recommended to focus on gradual recovery to a position of strength.
  • Taking Caution: The Grain Star’s slow and non-progressive nature makes it unsuitable for new ventures, in which progress may be limited or nonexistent. It is important to address underlying issues before moving forward.
  • Relationship Application: The presence of the Grain Star alongside the Death Door in relationships suggests potential difficulties. It indicates a lack of competence, direction, or effectiveness in an office setting. Maintaining distance from such individuals is advisable.

Flying Star 3 — Destroyer Star (天冲 tiān chōng)

Flying Star 3 - Destroyer Star

The Destroyer Star, also known as the Tian Chong Star, possesses distinctive traits that shape individuals’ behaviour and abilities. This star is unfavourable for financial matters, it influences deal-making, legal proceedings, sports, and specific business scenarios. The presence of the Destroyer Star signifies potential conflicts and challenges in starting a business, indicating the likelihood of obstacles and opposition along your entrepreneurial journey.


  • Likened to a bad-tempered and combative individual.
  • Likened to an individual that is not very intelligent, and careless with money.
  • Likened to a kind-hearted or competitive individual.


  • Deal-Making: The Destroyer Star can be advantageous in deals, leading to favourable terms, but it may create conflict during negotiations.
  • Legal Proceedings: Individuals with the Destroyer Star may challenge judges or confront unpleasant statements in court.
  • Sports: The Destroyer Star provides energy and stamina, and is beneficial for sports and physical activities.
  • Business Start-ups: Generally, the Destroyer Star is not favourable for starting a business, dealing with financial matters, or legal proceedings. However, it can be advantageous in risky situations demanding persistence and energy.

Flying Star 4 — Assistance Star (天辅 tiān fǔ)

Flying Star 4 - Assistance Star

The Assistance Star, also known as the Tian Fu Star, brings assistance and support to matters regarding education, new businesses, knowledge gathering, money-related endeavours, and cultured activities.


  • Auspicious star associated with assistance and support.
  • Less aggressive when compared to Destroyer or Hero Stars.
  • Immune to the concepts of Graveyard and Counter, meaning that its positive influence remains unaffected even in challenging circumstances
  • Assistance and Ambassador stars are positive in every segment of the Qi Men Dun Jia chart.


  • Education and Knowledge: The Assistance Star benefits education, making it favourable for students and scholars. It promotes personal growth and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • New Business Ventures: The Assistance Star supports new business ventures, contributing to success and prosperity.
  • Cultured Pursuits: The Assistance Star positively influences cultural activities like art, music, literature, and aesthetics.
  • Health and Beauty: It is associated with good health and natural beauty, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Relationships: The Assistance star indicates a cultured and educated individual, making them a suitable partner in terms of knowledge, sophistication, and manners.

Flying Star 6 — Heart Star (天心 tiān xīn)

Flying Star 6 - Heart Star

The Tian Xin star, or Heart Star, is powerful and auspicious in Qi Men Dun Jia. It represents authority, prosperity, and effective leadership. The Heart Star is favourable for financial activities, especially investments, guiding sound financial decisions. Additionally, it indicates positive outcomes in medical treatment. Individuals influenced by this star possess natural leadership skills.


  • Authority and commanding presence, representing a military commander or general
  • Ability to manage employees and achieve remarkable feats
  • Associated with financial matters and investment


  • Management: The Heart Star symbolises authority and a commanding presence. Individuals influenced by this star possess natural leadership qualities and excel in management roles.
  • Financial Matters: The Heart Star is closely associated with prosperity. It serves as an auspicious money star, favouring individuals engaged in investment and finance. Investing in various ventures is beneficial when guided by the influence of the Heart Star.
  • Health: The Heart Star also holds auspicious significance for those seeking medical treatment. When the Heart Star aligns with the Live Door, it indicates the potential for recovery from illnesses or health-related challenges.

Flying Star 7 — Pillar Star (天柱 tiān zhù)

Flying Star 7 - Pillar Star

The Pillar, or Tian Zhu Star is considered an unfavourable one due to its argumentative and conflict-driven nature. Avoiding confrontation is crucial to avoid any negative outcomes. Working solitarily and discreetly may be more suitable for individuals influenced by this star.


  • Displays a staunch and argumentative nature.
  • Different from the Destroyer star, which has a kind heart despite a bad temperament.
  • Competitive in nature, always seeking to assert dominance.
  • This signifies the need to lie low and avoid conflicts to prevent negative outcomes.


  • Avoiding Conflicts: The Pillar Star advises caution to avoid conflicts. The Star’s inauspicious nature requires a subdued approach to prevent negative consequences.
  • Working Solitarily: The Pillar Star is better suited for solitary work, lacking compatibility with teamwork or harmonious interactions.
  • Secondary Income: The Pillar Star benefits discreet or undisclosed activities, enabling individuals to establish a secondary income source.
  • Relationship Application: When the Pillar star combines with the Fear door, it signals a challenging and potentially abusive relationship as the individual associated with these stars is quick to initiate conflict. Exercise caution and maintain distance for personal safety.

Flying Star 8 — Ambassador Star (天任 tiān rèn)

Flying Star 8 - Ambassador Star

The Ambassador Star, known as the Official or Tian Ren Star, is a generally auspicious one in Qi Men Dun Jia. It brings stability and longevity to business, finance and academic pursuits, as well as the establishment of a reliable and trustworthy reputation.


  • Belongs in the segment as the Live Door, indicating a favourable nature
  • Associated with slow and steady success, symbolising stability and longevity
  • Virtuous and does not support cheating or unethical practices
  • Portrays an individual who is entrepreneurial, capable, and reliable


  • Business and Finance: The Ambassador Star fosters business and economic growth, establishing foundations for long-term success and financial stability.
  • Examination and Studies: While not as specific as the Assistance Star, the Ambassador Star supports academic pursuits through diligence and capability, facilitating success in academic endeavours.
  • Selection of Business Partners: The presence of the Ambassador Star in a person’s life stem signifies an entrepreneurial, reliable, and capable individual who demonstrates strong business acumen.

Flying Star 9 — Hero Star (天英 tiān yīng)

Flying Star 9 - Hero Star

The Hero Star represents bold and self-centred energy within the Qi Men Dun Jia system, which prioritises personal satisfaction and self-promotion. This star is beneficial for socializing, networking, and expanding your influence.


  • Loud and prominent, similar to the Scenery Door
  • Symbolises individuals who prioritise self-interest and personal satisfaction
  • Often associated with industries like fashion and social media.


  • Starting a New Job: Assessing a job’s suitability involves considering the combination of the Open Door and the Hero Star. The presence of the Hero star in a workplace indicates a self-centred environment focused on personal gain and potential deceit, prioritising self-promotion over teamwork and employee well-being.
  • Socializing and Networking: The Hero Star is advantageous for socializing and networking. It helps impress others, expand influence, and temporarily take charge and control a group. It creates an attractive persona that attracts people to gather around.
  • Selecting Business Partners: Observing the Hero Star in a potential business partner’s life stem provides insights. Individuals influenced by this star may project an impressive image but lack substance. Partnering with them may result in an imbalanced relationship.
  • Relationships: The combination of the Hero Star and the Growth Door suggests a flashy, egoistical individual who values appearance. While they may be financially capable and run a company, caution is advised due to the potential superficiality and self-centeredness associated with the Hero Star.

Understanding Qi Men Dun Jia at Imperial Harvest

Distilling and condensing the art of Qi Men Dun Jia into a convenient and beginner-friendly calendar chart, Master David has created an informative tool that assists you in leveraging favourable circumstances and amplifying your luck to attain greater heights of success and prosperity.

Download Imperial Harvest’s Qi Men Dun Jia calendar here

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