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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 02 September 2020

Seventh Lunar Month Special Collection

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The indirect wealth gods from the Five Wealth Gods collection is only available during the Seventh Lunar Month. This is the golden opportunity to supercharge your indirect wealth capacity.

In this article, Master David showcases three important Imperial Harvest signature collections that have brought many clients investment, trading and financial breakthroughs.

1. Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui 

Ideal for:

  • Windfall luck
  • Investment success
  • Prevent loss of wealth
  • Removal of malefactors

Zhong Kui is the windfall wealth god who summons the five wealth goblins to bring three different sources of investment income: windfall, trading and investment breakthroughs.

Wealth Garnering Sword

Wealth Commanding Sword commands influence and authority for the destined owner. Influence is the key to explosive success in the modern economy.

Wealth Fetching Chain

Wealth Fetching Chain secures million-dollar opportunities, preventing them from being stolen away from harmful malefactors. It also locks away your wealth to prevent leakage of wealth.

Five Wealth Goblins

Five Wealth Goblins attract powerful explosive opportunities, deals and inspirations for its destined owners, from all industries across different geographies, enabling its destined owner to have massive gains and breakthroughs.

Click here to learn more about the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui

2. Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek

Ideal for:

  • Identifying highly profitable investment opportunities
  • Massive investment success
  • Windfall luck
  • Consistent portfolio returns

Known as the Investment God of Wealth, Tua Di Ya Pek is also the grand indirect wealth god – one of the most closely guarded Feng Shui secrets used by clients working in top proprietary trading companies, big fund houses and investment management companies.

Di Ya Pek 

Di Ya Pek is the figure in the foreground. Di Ya Pek helps its destined owner to achieve strong and consistent portfolio returns across different asset classes.

He wields the wealth garnering fan to bring massive fortunes to its destined owner so that its destined owner can thrive and prosper even in the most volatile financial markets.

Di Ya Pek wears a tall hat that bears the Chinese word 天下太平 (peace and prosperity) bringing peace and prosperity to its destined owner.

Tua Ya Pek

Tua Ya Pek is the figure in the background. Tua Ya Pek helps its destined owner to spot winning investments and trade opportunities that generate explosive returns.

Tua Ya Pek is the figure in the background. He holds the tablet that bears 发财 (Prosper) to command the arrival of massive fortunes to accelerate the massive and consistent growth of its destined owner’s financial portfolio, navigating the treacherous financial markets.

Tua Ya Pek wears a hat that bears the word 一见发财 (Prosper at first sight), empowering its destined owner to develop strong intuition to spot highly profitable investment opportunities amidst the abundance of investment opportunities.

For investors and traders who wish to grow their financial portfolio, this is possibly your best investment ever. A lifetime luck multiplier to grow your wealth and success.

Click here to find out more about the Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek

3. Imperial Harvest Sandalwood

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood collection is derived from Old Mountain Sandalwood trees that are at least 80 years of age before they are logged to create the finest sandalwood collection for our esteemed clients.

In order to ensure that blessed clients are able to enjoy the full potential of our sandalwood collection, the freshly logged sandalwood is stored at the indirect wealth sector of our workshop studio.

Ideal for:

  • Prevention of loss of wealth
  • Increased income from indirect sources (investments, windfalls)
  • Business opportunities
  • Consistent growth in financial portfolio without leakage.

Did you know?

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood belongs to the top 0.1% of the world’s sandalwood family. The extraordinary Imperial Harvest Sandalwood are 100% natural, grown and harvested in the treacherous mountains of India (Mysore region). Every Imperial Harvest Sandalwood has to go through 30-40 years of aging and fermentation before it qualifies to be Imperial Harvest grade.

95% of the sandalwood supply are ordinary wood treated with chemical sandalwood perfume and oils.

4.9% of the sandalwood supply are planted by farms and treated with chemical growth fertilisers to accelerate the growth of sandalwood.

Paying tribute to the Royal Traditions

Royal families of the past like Emperor Qian Long wore India Old Mountain Sandalwood beads to empower themselves with wealth and success. The result was a prosperous nation, filled with harmony and prosperity.

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