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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 21 May 2021

Mangzhong: New Beginnings with Imperial Harvest QING Collection

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The auspicious season of Mangzhong precedes the Summer Solstice’s grandiose celebrations, spanning from 5 to 21 June.


The 72 Pentads (月令七十二侯集解) is an ancient Chinese calendar system which depicts the subtle changes in Nature over the four seasons. It achieves this detailed periodicity by dividing each year into 72 five-day segments, hence its name.

According to the 72 Pentads, May is the optimal time for the sowing of seeds. As autumn arrives in summer’s wake, bountiful harvests are reaped in preparation for winter––a result of diligence, rigor and tenacity during Mangzhong.

Heralded as the proper coming of summer as temperatures rise consistently, Mangzhong is an auspicious time of new beginnings, growth and breakthroughs.

Ref No. IHQ4126

To commemorate Mangzhong as an auspicious occasion of new beginnings, Imperial Harvest presents our magnificent QING Collection, inspired by the Qing Dynasty’s regal jewellery collection.

The Imperial Harvest QING Collection pays tribute to the fashion and philosophy of the Qing Golden Age. Simultaneously, it expresses the natural beauty of three precious materials – gold, jadeite, and diamonds.

Our brilliantly cut diamonds which adorn the collection are a modern interpretation of the beads characterising Qing Dynasty’s tasteful imperialist fashion. Like the beads, the elegant fluidity tangible in the design of our QING Collection represents everlasting longevity and prosperity.

Like the farmers sowing their seeds during the Mangzhong festival, each Jadeite cabochon resembles an elegant motif of the seed and inspires its wearer to embark on a new journey of growth and success.

Ref No. IHQ7784

Inspired by Imperial Rites and Rituals, Imperial Harvest designed and commissioned five gemological cuts of Imperial Harvest jadeite cabochon.

Ref No. IHQ5172

Ref No. IHQ5170

Commemorate this season of growth, prosperity and joy with Imperial Harvest’s exquisite QING Collection.

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