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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 26 April 2024

Lixia: A Season of Renewal and Prosperity

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Lixia (立夏), marking the onset of summer in the traditional Chinese calendar, holds profound cultural significance as it ushers in a season of growth, renewal, and optimism. The seventh of the 24 Solar Terms (节气), Lixia is celebrated on May 5th. It influenced agricultural practices, embodying the spirit of prosperity and new beginnings, historically observed with festive activities and cultural observances.

Cultural Observances of Lixia

The arrival of Lixia brings about a shift in weather conditions, influencing agricultural communities’ planting and harvesting schedules. With a rise in temperatures and a notable increase in rainfall, this period creates an environment conducive to crop growth. Historically, Lixia was pivotal for the livelihoods of many communities in dynastic China, symbolising oncoming prosperity and auspiciousness often marked by festival activities.

During Lixia, communities would historically prepare for the coming growth season, a crucial time for planting that sets the stage for future harvests. This period’s significance permeated all levels of society, including the imperial court, where emperors donned red robes and led ceremonies to honour agriculture and pray for favourable weather and fruitful harvests.

Celebrating Bi Gan

Symbolic of growth and renewal, Lixia’s arrival indicates a season of fresh perspectives and new beginnings. This year, this auspicious period brings great anticipation for a season of excitement and prosperity, as this rousing solar term coincides with celebrations for Bi Gan (比干), the revered God of Wealth.

Historically, Bi Gan served as a loyal minister to King Zhou, the last ruler of the Shang dynasty. He is celebrated for his unwavering integrity and loyalty. Over the centuries, Bi Gan’s legacy evolved from that of a historical figure to a deity in Chinese folk religion, revered particularly as the God of Wealth and a paragon of righteousness. His embodiment as a symbol of moral and financial abundance perfectly complements the themes of growth and prosperity celebrated during Lixia. As Lixia unfolds, it invites us to reflect on these dual aspects of evolution, setting the stage for a summer filled with abundance and virtue.

Imperial Harvest Collections

With the solar term heralding a time of growth, renewal, and hope, we seek the guidance of Bi Gan in growing our financial futures. In the spirit of this rich tradition, we are proud to introduce a curated series of Imperial Harvest treasures inspired by the God of Wealth. Designed to be a conduit of prosperity in each domain of luck, each treasure is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and steeped in the cultural reverence that Bi Gan himself inspired. The five domains of wealth luck include career, business, trading, investment and windfall.

Each collection from Imperial Harvest is thoughtfully aligned with Lixia’s themes, offering unique ways to channel this period’s vibrant energy.

Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite God of Wealth

Reflecting Lixia’s themes of renewal and prosperity, the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite God of Wealth is depicted holding a gold ingot in both hands, symbolising the balance of direct and indirect wealth. —. akin to the dual nature of summer’s promise. Ideal for those seeking comprehensive financial growth, this collection encourages a flourishing of resources akin to the agricultural boom season Lixia traditionally heralds.

Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God

Masterfully conceptualised by Master David, the Imperial Harvest Fine Jadeite Grand Wealth God is adorned with multiple symbols of prosperity. At the heart of the pendant’s design lies a treasure trove brimming with gold ingots, symbolising the rapid accumulation of wealth through diligent work and smart investment.

In his left hand, he holds another gold ingot, signifying “招财进宝” — translating to “ushering in wealth and treasures”, thereby inviting opportunities and success. The Ruyi Scepter in his right hand represents “万事如意”, which translates to “may all your wishes be fulfilled”. This ensures a smooth and prosperous financial journey filled with abundance and harmony. This period embraces his legacy of ambition and integrity, resonating deeply with Lixia’s focus on seeding future success.

Imperial Harvest QING Collection

Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the Qing dynasty, a period renowned for its unparalleled cultural and artistic prosperity, the Imperial Harvest QING Collection is a tribute to an era when China reached the zenith of its imperial splendour.

Conceptualised by Master David, this exquisite collection melds ancient majesty with modern craftsmanship, designed to empower its owners with prosperity and success. Each piece in the QING Collection is imbued with symbols of power and wealth, enhancing leadership qualities and decision-making prowess. It is particularly beneficial for professionals and leaders striving to make impactful decisions and lead with authority.

Harnessing Lixia’s Energies

Engaging with these collections during Lixia offers a powerful means to align with the season’s prosperous energies. Each piece is crafted as a testament to Imperial Harvest’s dedication to craftsmanship, and as a conduit for the auspicious powers that the season of Lixia offers. They provide spiritual and material support essential for flourishing during this significant time.

As Lixia unfolds, it invites us to reflect on growth, renewal, and the abundant possibilities that lie ahead. Embrace the transformative power of this season with Imperial Harvest and let the spirit of Lixia inspire your journey towards prosperity and success.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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