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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 27 January 2023

Li Chun in 2023

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The first of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar, Li Chun (立春) denotes the beginning of spring. For the diverse Chinese communities and diaspora worldwide, this solar term often coincides with the cherished Chinese New Year festivities. Li Chun’s anticipated arrival brings widespread celebrations of new and revitalised beginnings, fresh slates and well-wishes of enduring prosperity and abundance.

The modern Gregorian calendar consists of a 12-month system, adding one leap day nearly every four years. To sync with the Gregorian calendar system, the Chinese calendar system adds a leap month approximately every three years. These leap months, also known as intercalary months or 閏月, are added to at the end of the lunar year to form a “double spring”.

With Li Chun occurring twice in 2023, this year bears witness to a “double spring” year. Li Chun falls on 4 February this year, and once again before the next lunar new year begins in 2024 — heralding an auspicious moment to start the year on the right foot.

According to Chinese tradition, this phenomenon of doubling energies was often seen as an auspicious occurrence, with double the happiness, good fortune, and with abounding prosperity. In many Chinese communities, the “double spring” year is seen as an auspicious one for marriage. In Imperial Feng Shui, the “double spring” occurrence in 2023 marks an opportune time to activate the two mountain and two water stars present in each home, office and other property spaces in the lead-up to Period 9’s official start in 2024.

Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

Mountains were regarded with great reverence in traditional Chinese culture, symbolising the emperor’s ability to lead and govern their empires to immense economic and political success. Resilient and stable, mountains were thought to have regulated cosmic order and ensured permanence — a role reflected in the emperor’s role as the Son of Heaven.

As the position of auspicious mountain stars shifted every 20 years according to the length of one Feng Shui period, it posed a technologically challenging issue for palace officials. Relocating imperial palace structures to harness these auspicious stars was economically unfeasible, with infrastructure challenging posing greater risks in this monumental task.

During the Qing dynasty, Imperial Feng Shui masters in the service of Emperor Qian Long devised a unique and innovative solution to harness these auspicious landforms — the first jadeite mountain. These mountains activated the mountain stars of the imperial palace grounds, in turn catalysing the Qing dynasty’s success and prosperity — propelling it to one of the wealthiest and most successful dynasties in Chinese history.

Today, this powerful artefact is reimagined at Imperial Harvest, melding time-honoured tradition with a contemporary design aesthetic. The Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain makes a welcome addition to any home or office. By activating the property’s mountain stars, this treasure empowers its destined owner with the same benefactor support and authority once harnessed by Emperor Qian Long and the Qing imperial court.

Detailed with a rich narrative of wealth-enhancing features, the Imperial Harvest Qian long Jadeite Mountain is poised to usher in abundant blessings of prosperity to those who leverage their auspicious properties, particularly during this foundational period before Period 9’s commencement in 2024.

Imperial Harvest Crystal

Water landforms, such as rivers and lakes, were regarded similarly in ancient Chinese cultures, bearing auspicious connotations to flowing wealth and prosperity. It suggested flowing wealth and smooth success in an individual’s endeavours.

The Imperial Feng Shui masters of the Qing dynasty found it similarly challenging to re-construct and orientate imperial complexes every 20 years to channel the auspicious water stars. This gave rise to another practical and innovative solution — the Imperial Harvest-grade crystal. Understanding the importance of activating the water star in ushering in wealth and prosperity, Emperor Qian Long installed Imperial Harvest-grade crystals around the palace grounds. In doing so, he catalysed the growth of the Qing Dynasty, ushering in an era of immense wealth and prosperity for the Chinese empire, defined by robust economic development, agricultural success, social harmony and stability.

Today, Imperial Harvest crystals are a contemporary embodiment of deeply-rooted Imperial Feng Shui traditions. The installation of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals in a home or office space empowers the space’s occupants with boundless wealth and prosperity, bolstering them with the strength to overcome their adversities, as well as establishing them as key authorities in their industries.

Imperial Harvest reimagined Five Wealth Gods collection

The period of Li Chun is inextricably associated with the Chinese New Year festivities, and its themes of renewed luck and prosperity. This year, one of the longstanding stalwarts in the Imperial Harvest collection is similarly renewed, given a new lease of life with a fresh outlook and purpose.

This pioneering collection in Imperial Harvest’s stable has always remained true to the five wealth gods in ancient Chinese tradition, paying tribute to the Sangang Wuchang (三纲五常), a cherished and highly respected set of values that underpins the Confucian teachings.

Designed by Master David and patented in Singapore, the all-new Imperial Harvest Five Wealth Gods collection weaves Confucian tenets, Imperial Feng Shui principles and the golden age of Chinese dynastic history. Elegantly manifesting as the five esteemed wealth gods of Chinese legend and history, this collection celebrates a new chapter of auspiciousness at Imperial Harvest.

Learn about the Imperial Harvest’s reimagined Five Wealth Gods Collection here

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