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Imperial Harvest Crystals: Laughing Buddha

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The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness as he enhances positive aspirations such as wealth, health, career and descendent luck. He is also almost always shown smiling or laughing, hence his nickname in Chinese, the “Laughing Buddha” (笑佛).

Appearing throughout Chinese culture as a representation of both contentment and abundance, the Laughing Buddha brings good luck, contentment and abundance in one’s life.

Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal: Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a figurehead of auspicious luck and abundance, where a plenitude of wealth, happiness and satisfaction befalls on its destined owner. It also has the benefit of revitalising the intellect and the reduction of tension within the environment.

Having an Imperial Harvest-grade Laughing Buddha crystal placed in the workplace or residence can activate the auspicious water star within the environment, ushering an abundance of wealth and prosperity while eradicating inauspicious energies.

Five Powerful Weapons of Prosperity 

In this crystal collection, Master David has designed five powerful weapons of prosperity alongside the Laughing Buddha, where each feature serves a symbolic purpose.

1. Gold Ingot 

Reference number: 5278

Gem: Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless


The treasure bag that the Laughing Buddha carries around is known to contain countless gold ingots (金元宝), signifying never-ending wealth to those in the Laughing Buddha’s favour.

As the Laughing Buddha is the manifestation of wealth luck and the wealth garnering gold ingot symbolises prosperity and prestige, Master David has purposefully incorporated this powerful feature to create the ultimate wealth garnering Imperial Feng Shui treasure.


Business Owners & Sales professionals:

The gold ingot is especially suitable for business owners and sales professionals as it safeguards your current fortune and enables your wealth to multiply exponentially as you make strategic decisions to achieve rapid sales and team growth.

For sales professionals, it empowers you with strategic benefactors to bestow you with quality leads and opportunities, colossal pipelines with huge spending power. In particular, it allows you to achieve smooth-sailing sales transactions, accelerating your portfolio and allowing you to achieve record-breaking sales.

2. Ruyi Scepter

Reference number: 5310

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless


The Ru Yi, or the “Scepter of Power”, is one of the most powerful emblems of leadership and respect. In ancient China, the Ru Yi was used in the Imperial courts, by government officials and royalties as a symbol of power and authority.


The Ruyi Scepter is beneficial for the highly driven and ambitious individuals who are in search of greater authority or career advancement.

It also helps one find a clear way to success even in times of hardships and adversity.

Sales professionals: Ruyi Scepter eliminates malefactors and challenges standing in your path to ensure the smooth executions of million dollar transactions. Additionally, it empowers you with strategic benefactors to build a formidable sales team that will consistently hit the KPIs and break company sales records.

Career professionals: Brings about accelerated career advancement opportunities with extremely attractive compensation packages and opportunities, which enables you to consistently grow your income and rise to the top echelons of the corporate ladder.

Reference number: 5311

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: VVS1

3. Ling Zhi

Reference number: 5276

Gem: Unheated Citrine

Colour: Fancy Yellow

Clarity: Internally Flawless


For centuries, Ling Zhi (灵芝), known for its medicinal properties, has remained the key ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. In the context of Imperial Feng Shui, it is a symbol of longevity and good health while carrying the connotation of rapid personal growth and success for your career and relationships.


In Imperial Feng Shui, Ling Zhi is the connotation to a long and successful life with your loved ones. Placing the Laughing Buddha and Ling Zhi in the auspicious water star sector of a home or workplace will empower its occupants with rapid personal growth and is essential for those who are in positions that require regular public appearances.

Laughing Buddha’s Ling Zhi creates a very unique and auspicious Qi, which possesses the ability to greatly increase career luck generating respect and to earn recognition, ensuring a smooth flow in all business ventures embarked upon.

At the same time, the Ling Zhi allows you to achieve a life of spiritual and financial abundance while maintaining family harmony and bliss.

4. Treasure Bag 

Reference number: 5279

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless


The figurative definition of the Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag derives from the Laughing Buddha. His name literally means “cloth sack”, and refers to the bag that he is conventionally depicted as carrying as he wanders. According to legend, the Laughing Buddha had an open and big heart, and in time he came to be loved by many as he added the often missing energy of lightheartedness, joy and laughter to everyday life.


The Laughing Buddha is almost always depicted with his treasure bag that is filled with rare jewels, gold ingots and elixirs, serving a prominent emblem. As Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag is one of the most fundamental symbols of perennial auspicious luck and prosperity, it brings the notion of amassing good fortunes and achieving financial contentment in life.

In other words, the Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag is the ultimate representation of abundance, prosperity, and contentment, blessing the destined owner with an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Reference number: 5280

Gem: Unheated Citrine

Colour: Fancy Yellow

Clarity: Internally Flawless

5. Fortune Bat

Reference number: 5277

Gem: Unheated Citrine

Colour: Fancy Yellow

Clarity: Internally Flawless


In ancient China, the Bat was a symbol highly coveted by emperors and high-ranking government officials as having the emblem of a Bat sewn into their robes was a sign of high status and power. Part of the reason is that the bat is written as 蝙蝠 in Chinese (pronounced as Bian Fu) and 蝠 being  a synonym of the word 福 (pronounced as Fu) which means good fortune and happiness.

As the bat hangs upside down when resting, it plays a huge part in the Chinese custom of displaying the word 福 upside down. This is Fu Dao (福倒 or 蝠倒) which sounds the same as Fu Dao (福到) which means the arrival of happiness and blessings.


The Chinese believe that bats are symbols of good luck, wealth, success and prosperity and also warding off negative energies. Science has also proven that Bats can navigate confidently through the dark to discover the resources they need to survive and build and prosper in great colonies.

In the context of Imperial Feng Shui, the presence of the Bat together with the Laughing Buddha ushers massive abundance and opens a channel to accumulate great wealth quickly.

Imperial Harvest Philosophy: An ever-lasting treasure meant to last a lifetime

The jewel in the crown of an Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is the fact that it has been handcrafted by a dedicated master artisan, with skills passed down through generations.

It all starts with Master David’s relentless pursuit of creating the highest quality Imperial Feng Shui treasures meant to help our blessed clients achieve their desired breakthrough success in life.

With precision and expertise, every Imperial Harvest-grade crystal is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal 

Only crystals of the finest clarity and fancy vivid colours qualify to be an Imperial Harvest-grade crystal, befitting of the standards demanded by Imperial Feng Shui.

Master David’s extensive travels in search of the world’s finest crystals had led him to work with mine owners from Brazil. This unparalleled access to the source results in the discovery of the rarest raw crystals.

Master David selects the raw crystals for the collection according to a complex calculus, applying a high level of gemological expertise. His discriminating connoisseurship of this earthly treasure remains consistent, and every masterpiece created is truly one of a kind.

18 Rounds of Sketches and Hand-crafted to Perfection

As a perfectionist by nature, Master David typically produces at least 18 rounds of sketches of Imperial Harvest-grade crystals, the first designs pave the way for other sketches that add further detail to the initial idea and determine the exact dimensions for each masterpiece.

In order to achieve the highest order of craftsmanship of the Laughing Buddha crystal, Master David works closely with his trusted master artisan who uses traditional hand-carving and polishing techniques which achieves an extremely detailed finish, an irreplaceable skill no machine could ever reproduce.

To replicate the life-like symmetries of the Laughing Buddha on a raw crystal is a tall order even for an experienced artisan. In addition, the figure has to vividly represent the Laughing Buddha’s everlasting charm, emanating contentment and happiness with its big belly and the brightest smile.

8 rounds of gemological inspections

After about nine months of stringent hand-cutting, hand-carving and fine polishing, each Imperial Harvest crystal is individually inspected by Singapore based gemologists. Every masterpiece from Imperial Harvest comes with an independent gemstone certification issued by Nanyang Gemological Institute based in Singapore as well as a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Singapore’s leading Feng Shui consultancy, Imperial Harvest.

The Masterpiece 

After each detail is meticulously reviewed, the finished Imperial Harvest-grade crystal arrives at the Imperial Harvest flagship galleries. The culmination of efforts and skills between Master David, craftsman and gemologist, each Imperial Harvest-grade crystal represents the high quality standards that are synonymous with the Imperial Harvest name.

Collectors of Imperial Harvest’s Laughing Buddha and Laughing Buddha’s Treasure Bag

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