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Imperial Harvest Crystals: Celestial Deities

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Imperial Harvest Crystals: Celestial Deities

Among the Imperial Harvest’s crystal collection, the Celestial Deities crystal series are the most prominent and powerful as they represent omnipresent beings with immeasurable powers that are immortalised onto Imperial Harvest-grade crystals under Master David’s administration.

About the Celestial Deities Collection

Throughout history, devotees and followers alike have prayed conscientiously and earnestly to these powerful deities, wishing for good luck and prosperity for them and their family.

With this in mind, and Master David’s relentless pursuit to uphold the authentic principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the Celestial Deities crystal collection was born.

This collection was created for blessed clients to reap its potent Feng Shui benefits and auspicious energies, it is also an everlasting Imperial Feng Shui treasure for the generations to come.

This has been the most challenging collection as of yet, for the amount of time and effort Master David has put in from sourcing the finest raw crystals to replicating the lifelike features in order to bring these powerful representations of the celestial deities to life.

After months in the making, Imperial Harvest proudly presents the Celestial Deities crystal collection.

The five Celestial Deities 

  • Gautama Buddha
  • Goddess Tara
  • Guan Yin
  • God of Wealth
  • Tibetan Wealth God Zhambala

Gautama Buddha

Reference number: 6117

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless

Buddha (“The Enlightened One”) was a prince, a warrior, a spiritual leader, and teacher, whose life represents the entire foundation of the Buddhist religion.


Buddha is the symbolism of inner peace and prosperity. In Imperial Feng Shui, the Gautama Buddha is one of the most powerful representations of auspiciousness, benefactor support, wisdom as well as enlightenment – bestowing its destined owner with foresight as well as business intuition.


Gautama Buddha’s long ears are considered to be a symbol of wisdom and compassion. Having this Imperial Harvest-grade crystal placed at home or workplace will empower its destined owner with powerful intuition to make profitable million-dollar business decisions as well as the ability to correctly predict market outcomes.

It also ushers in calm energies for its occupants, allowing them to make timely resolutions during opportune situations to come out on top of any business endeavour.

Goddess Tara

Reference number: 6118

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless

The Goddess Tara is an important figure in Buddhism, she is known as the “mother of liberation”, and represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.


Tara’s name literally means “star” or “planet”, and therefore she is associated with navigation and travel both literally and metaphorically leading one to the state of enlightenment.

Immortalised by Master David in the Celestial Deities crystal series, the Imperial Harvest’s Goddess Tara is the supreme goddess for bringing swift success and the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations.


The Imperial Harvest’s Goddess Tara embodies the healing energies of release from fear and ignorance, bringing awareness and relief from negativity.

As the Goddess of nurturing, it possesses tremendous power to overcome fear and anxiety while completely eradicating obstacles and problems in one’s path, allowing its destined owner to scale the corporate ladder with ease and with the support of timely benefactors.

The Goddess Tara also grants wishes to those in its favour by showing them ‘the way’ and having the Imperial Harvest Goddess Tara placed at the auspicious water star sector brings a life-time of happiness as well as abundance and prosperity.

Guan Yin

Reference number: 6119

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless

Reference number: 6120

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless

Guan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy who hears the sounds of the world and offers miraculous powers to assist all those who pray to her. She’s the celestial one who rescues people in perilous situations.


Guan Yin is an extremely popular Goddess among buddhist followers as she is the ultimate symbol of mercy and passion. Inspired by the compassionate and giving nature of Guan Yin, Master David has dedicated his time and resources to carefully design the Imperial Harvest Guan Yin crystals after the benevolent goddess.

The Imperial Harvest Guan Yin crystals are intricately sculpted and modelled to replicate the essence of the goddess of mercy.


Imperial Harvest’s Guan Yin crystal brings blissful and harmonious energies to promote harmony and reduce conflicts. It also enables its destined owner to lead a life of spiritual and financial abundance by opening new opportunities and channels to usher in prosperity and benefactors for assistance.

Making a vow to never rest until she could help anyone who needed her, the empowering and inspiring Guan Yin grants intelligence and wisdom to those who ask for her benediction.

Imperial Harvest’s Guan Yin will help it’s destined owner overcome challenges and conquer over their competitors with ease. The Goddess of Mercy also expands the genius of its nearby occupants, allowing them to take command of leadership positions and vastly improve their communication and networking skills, the essential attributes of successful entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

God of Wealth

Reference number: 6121

Gem: Unheated Clear Quartz

Colour: Colourless

Clarity: Internally Flawless

The God of Wealth, also known as Cai Shen (财神), is one of the most popular gods of ancient China. Statues of the God of Wealth can be seen in businesses run by Chinese merchants all around the world and homes. There are also numerous temples and shrines dedicated to the God of Wealth all over the world.


In Chinese beliefs, the God of Wealth is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity, wealth and good fortune.

The God of Wealth holds a unique responsibility to assist people in becoming wealthy, and is therefore very admired in Chinese society. Many rituals are held to invite him to come into homes and bring good fortune to its occupants. The God of Wealth brings with him the ability to expand windfall and bring luck for the year ahead as he blesses any life he touches with unimaginable good fortune.


Imperial Harvest’s God of Wealth is depicted holding an auspicious scroll with the words – 招财进宝, proclaiming your wealth has arrived. In his other hand is the Ru Yi Scepter (如意) – a symbol of authority and respect that confers fabulous luck for those who covets power and leadership as well as representing a smooth sailing life for its destined owner.

The grand image of Imperial Harvest’s God of Wealth ushers in a torrent of auspicious luck in your homes and workplaces, emphasising the good fortunes coming your way to secure a prosperous future with a rich life – fulfilling life with a secure, high-paying and respectable job.


Reference number: 6122

Gem: Unheated Smoky Quartz

Colour: Fancy Light Brown

Clarity: Internally Flawless

Zhambala (or Jambhala) is the Tibetan Wealth God believed to be the manifestation of the Compassionate Buddha Chenrezig. This wealth-giving God extinguishes sufferings and obstacles caused by poverty and generates immense wealth luck. He is believed to not only help devotees attain material wealth but also wealth in virtue, wisdom, spiritual attainment and merits.


Zhambala is the protector of all from all sickness and difficulties as well as the Bodhisattva of material and spiritual wealth, granting financial stability.

The Tibetan God of Wealth is the essence of generosity and is known to help the poor and those suffering from ill-fortune.The Imperial Harvest Zhambala is illustrated with a jewel spouting Mongoose on his left hand and a peach of immortality on his right.

The mongoose spews forth precious jewels that symbolises perpetual wealth as well as the chance to start afresh, while the peace of immortality bestows strategic acumen and signifies the everlasting good health of its nearby occupants.


“Zham” means “deity”, “Ba” means “gold or wealth” and “La” means “to honour”.

“Zhambala” literally means “Precious Golden Deity, who gathers or brings the wealth of spirituality, material security as well as accomplishment into our lives.

Imperial Harvest’s Zhambala evokes auspicious forces within your homes or workplaces, bringing abundance, prosperity and happiness, ultimately transforming your home or workplace into an abode for the Tibetan God of Wealth – generating boundless prosperity and luck for its occupants.

The Imperial Harvest’s Zhambala is designed specifically to eliminate obstacles to help its destined owner to increase good fortunes. Imperial Harvest’s Zhambala’s extensive prowess increases your income streams with unexpected windfalls and advances your job prospects speedily.

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