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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 04 August 2023

Imperial Harvest 2023 Anniversary and Appreciation Luncheon Recap

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This July, Imperial Harvest achieved another remarkable milestone in our pursuit of unwavering excellence and innovation. With immense pride and gratitude, we celebrated the Imperial Harvest 2023 Anniversary and Appreciation Luncheon, embracing the future with renewed enthusiasm and determination.

We were honoured to host over 250 of our blessed clients and guests at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel for an afternoon filled with celebration, camaraderie, and cherished memories. Registration for the event began in the early afternoon with Imperial Harvest’s dedicated consultants, as well as Master David, greeting our esteemed family of clients.

This year, we commemorate Imperial Harvest’s anniversary with a commemorative, limited-edition gift for our clients: a specially designed, handcrafted and individually stamped Imperial Harvest Jewellery Tray. This tray has been meticulously prepared by Master David and the team at Imperial Harvest, representing our well-wishes of gratitude to our esteemed family of clients.

The first release of Imperial Harvest homeware pieces, this limited edition Jewellery Tray is individually hand-stamped with a unique and commemorative design, completed with a gleaming gold trim. With its bold, yet refined lines that are both modern and contemporary, each piece draws back to a myriad of principles espoused by the studies of Chinese metaphysics. Each piece features an Imperial Harvest Emblem-stamped base – a mark of distinguished merit that hearkens to the genesis of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition.

Greeting our guests this afternoon was a photo wall where our clients were able to take photographs with their friends and family. The event floor also featured a curated display of the latest collection at Imperial Harvest: the Red Phoenix Mountain. This feature display held a selection of the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountains, each a dedication to craftsmanship that echoes the spirit of timeless artistry.

Event Lineup

With a palpable sense of anticipation, the Imperial Harvest 2023 Anniversary Event promptly kicked off as our lively emcee took to the stage, welcoming our guests to the day’s festivities. This was closely followed by Master David’s introductory speech, putting into perspective the brand’s position in relation to the soon-approaching Period 9 Feng Shui, as well as reaffirming our core values as we venture forward into a new era of Feng Shui.

As the courses were served, our clients mingled with their loved ones and tablemates, creating an animated buzz in the banquet hall while forging new friendships. The different courses were accompanied by a Chinese Ensemble duo, filling the hall with rich, yet melodious classical Chinese music.

Following shortly after, Master David took to the stage again to begin the main address of the day. In this speech, Master David shares the exciting new initiatives and collections at Imperial Harvest. The focus of this main address is on the approaching Period 9, highlighting the metaphysical changes that this transition will bring and their impact on various industries. Master David then emphasised the importance of understanding and applying the concepts of direct and indirect spirit in harnessing the auspicious energies of property sites during Period 9.

The speech highlights the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain Collection: a collection designed to align perfectly with the energies of Period 9 and is inspired by the mythical Red Phoenix, symbolising enduring abundance and success. Each piece in the Red Phoenix Mountain Collection is intricately crafted and laden with symbolic elements representing prosperity and fortune.

Read about the Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain here

Following shortly after Master David’s main address to our guests was a lively dragon and lion dance performance.

Lastly, Master David took to the stage again alongside our emcee to announce the winners of our lucky draw. In total, 10 lucky winners from our family of blessed clients walked away with prize hampers prepared by Master David.

With that, we wrap up our recap of the Imperial Harvest 2023 Anniversary and Appreciation Luncheon. We were honoured to have been able to host so many of our blessed clients this year in celebration of a momentous occasion in the Imperial Harvest journey.

Master David would like to extend his gratitude to our blessed clients for their constant support, referrals, recommendations and continued trust in Imperial Harvest. We look forward to embracing a new chapter in the history of Imperial Feng Shui with excitement and purpose, envisioning a future where the mysteries of this art are unlocked, and its wisdom becomes accessible to all who seek to design their own destinies.

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