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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 12 July 2016

Four Pillars of Destiny Part I

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Four Pillars of Destiny is a logical forecasting system that uses the concept of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

Four pillars of destiny is also known Tzu Ping, named after Tzu Ping who pioneered the revolutionary forecasting system in Song Dynasty. Prior to Song dynasty, the Chinese forecasting system focused on the year of birth and fortune tellers forecast a person’s life based on the year of birth. This unreliable & inconsistent practice lasted until song dynasty when Tzu Ping introduced the system of forecasting and placed the focus on the day of birth where the day of birth represents the person himself. The day of birth is called as the day master and forms the centre of the analysis.

The concept of Yin and Yang and the five elements form the foundation of Four Pillars of Destiny.

Yin and Yang is represented by the Tai Chi symbol – reflecting two sides in everything in the universe.

Five elements are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, which form the basic component of all maters in the world. It forms the framework and mechanism that governs the daily happenings in our lives.

Destiny Analysis

Upon the conversion of a person’s birth data from Western calendar to the Chinese Hsia calendar, we utilise it to understand the character strengths & weaknesses, potential career/business direction, relationship with family members, health and luck cycle.

The first step in our destiny analysis is to establish the lifetime favourable & unfavourable elements. It involves deciding if a person’s self-element/day master is weak, extremely weak, strong or extremely strong. The principle of achieving good luck is to achieve balance and harmony among the five elements in our destiny chart. Hence in our free destiny consultation, our consultants will determine the lifetime favourable and unfavourable elements, auspicious colours and inauspicious colours before moving on to prescribing the exact cure.

Further explanation

A strong fire person needs to be weaken. A weak fire person needs to be strengthened.

A strong fire person would need Earth, Metal, Water. A weak fire person would need Wood and Fire..

Once our consultants identify the favourable elements and unfavourable elements, they proceed to plot our client’s luck pillars and forecast the age that our client enjoy success and fortune and at what age our client suffer from failure and misfortunes. The purpose of doing this exercise leads our consultants to have an intimate understanding our client’s situation before prescribing the cure. The favourable element and its auspicious colour also helps us to select the auspicious jadeite colour to apply.

Application and Importance of Destiny Analysis

In our daily lives, we make regular forecasts about the stock market, company and weather to make good and informed decisions. The purpose of the four pillars of destiny is the same. Knowing what decisions to make at different stages of our lives empowers us to fully maximise our potential and allows us to achieve our financial and non-financial goals.

Career: Benefactors and advancement opportunities are critical to helping corporate executives to achieve massive and tangible breakthroughs in their careers. Utilising the Four Pillars of Destiny, we endeavour to understand our client’s situation deeply and apply the exact cure to empower them with career benefactors, removing malefactors standing in their path of success, equipping them with strategic and timely advancement opportunities to achieve their ideal career progressions.

Featuring: Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong

Fine Jadeite Tua Pek Gong

Sales & Business: Revenue growth and cash flow are important for any sales and business owners to thrive and prosper in any economic climate. Utilising the Four Pillars of Destiny, we help sales professionals and business owners to strategise their sales and business growth to acquire high-quality sales leads, increase conversion rates and assemble a team of star performers thus achieving phenomenal growth regardless of the economic climate.

Featuring: Fine Jadeite Guan Yin Midas Touch

Investment, trading and speculations: Passive income derived from investment and portfolio helps us build a solid financial portfolio Windfalls also help those who are debt-ridden to be given a second chance to recover their financial position/portfolio to rebuild their lives. Our consultants study the destiny of our clients before prescribing them the appropriate cure to help them achieve massive financial breakthroughs, clear their debts and build a solid recession-proof financial portfolio.


Romance & Family bliss: The Chinese have a saying 家和万事兴, which can be loosely translated to a blissful and harmonious family is the foundation of a prosperous life. With divorce rates and spouse cheating cases on the rise, our destiny consultants help existing clients to study and assess the compatibility of their potential and current partners to resolve differences and make informed decisions in their relationship and family harmony. The application of our Imperial Feng Shui solutions empowers them to achieve relationship success and breakthroughs.

Featuring: Fine Jadeite Laughing Buddha

Studies: In an increasingly competitive academic landscape, our consultants help our clients’ children to gain an unfair competitive advantage by studying and assessing their academic strengths and weakness and prescribing the appropriate Imperial Feng Shui solutions to help them sharpen their thinking skills, improve concentration and acquire the exam luck to sail through their academic journey.

Featuring: Fine Jadeite Bamboo of Successive Blossoms

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