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Four Pillars of Destiny Part II

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(This article is Part 2 of this series, click here to read Part 1.)

The critical success factors in our lives ranked in the following order of importance

1. Destiny determines the family we are born into (rich/average/poor), the degree of giftedness and the status of health. It is likened to the car we are driving. Born into rich and influential family is akin to driving to a Ferrari. Similarly, born into a poor family is akin to driving a low horse power car.

2. Luck decides the people we meet, the events that happen and opportunities that we get as well as the status of our health at different age of our lives. Good luck is like a smooth highway, free of obstacles and challenges, full of benefactors and opportunities to advance our personal luck and fortunes. Bad luck is like a steep mountainous road, treacherous and dangerous, filled with pitfalls and potholes.

3. Fengshui influences the energy of spatial environment we live in and plays a role in influencing our decision making process as well as our emotional state. Good fengshui is like a perfect sunny weather; it brings you positive vibes and energy, empowering you to make good decisions.

How to predict luck

Based on the month of birth, we list out the subsequent months of the year. Each month represents a 10 year luck pillar. A complete life cycle of 12 months will make 120 years.

Our consultants make use of the insights gained from the comprehensive analysis of our client’s personal luck to understand our client’s situation before moving on to the prescription of the remedy to address the specific challenges and achieve their aspirations in life.

Application of Jadeite in Personal Fengshui – restoring the balance of five elements

Natural Type “A” Jadeite has many vibrant colours ranging from green, blue, black, white, lavender, yellow and red. Jadeite has been traditionally used by Chinese Emperors in achieving balance and harmony of the Five Elements in their destiny chart. Upon achieving the balance and harmony of five elements by wearing our carefully prescribed jadeite, it brings balance and harmony to our client’s destiny chart and empower them to achieve success in lives.

Famous examples: Empress Dowager Cixi’s favourable element is Wood and hence she uses Green Jadeite. Qianlong Emperor’s favourable element is Metal thus he uses White Mutton Fat Jade.

Wood element: Green

Fire element: Red & Lavender

Earth element: Yellow & Brown

Metal element: White

Water element: Blue, Black, Grey

Our jadeite collections are available in jadeite pendants, rings, earrings and bracelet.

Application of Sandalwood and Agarwood in Personal Fengshui – balancing the Yin and Yang

Fengshui is also achieving the Yin and Yang balance. Jadeite belongs to the Yin energy while Sandalwood and Agarwood belongs to the Yang energy.

Sandalwood and Agarwood have an important role in Chinese fengshui application. Agarwood is ideal ideal for direct wealth and good health while sandalwood is ideal for indirect wealth and literati power.

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