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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 12 August 2022

Enhance Indirect Wealth Sectors with Imperial Harvest Crystals

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Marking a period of great significance in Imperial Feng Shui, the seventh lunar month ushers in an auspicious season of indirect wealth.

This season brings auspicious opportunities to supercharge your indirect wealth — the sphere of wealth that encompasses the income individuals are able to attain from their stock investments, trading profiles and other supplementary sources of income. For example, a full-time property agent who also invests in stocks would derive their indirect wealth from their investments.

Importance of Indirect Wealth

Building a strong and diverse financial portfolio is paramount, particularly during a turbulent and ever-changing economy. As such, a common source of indirect wealth is financial investments. With enhanced indirect wealth luck, individuals can achieve consistent growth in their portfolios and accumulation of wealth, despite unstable financial conditions.

Indirect wealth could also stem from windfalls. This refers to the unanticipated or infrequent wealth acquired from an inheritance or timely trading decisions. These windfalls enable individuals to effectively leverage up-and-coming opportunities to best benefit themselves, making this factor an essential one in attracting and manifesting wealth across a myriad of financial endeavours.

Activating the indirect wealth sector in homes and offices is paramount for its occupants to maximise their wealth capacities, empowering them in their financial pursuits and fostering abundance and prosperity.

Activating the Water Star

The water star — also known as the wealth star — is present in our living and working environments, playing a prominent role in governing an individual’s wealth, opportunities and intuition. Based on rigorous research conducted by the eminent Imperial Feng Shui masters appointed by Emperor Qian Long, it was unveiled that indirect wealth sectors within any home or workspace could be activated with the proper installation of fine, natural Imperial Harvest-grade crystals.

A stalwart advocate of Imperial Feng Shui, Emperor Qian Long understood the importance of activating the water star, using Imperial Harvest-grade natural crystals to catalyse the Qing Dynasty’s wealth and prosperity — resulting in a robust age of economic development, agriculture, social harmony and stability for China.

Today, the proper activation of the water star is crucial in enhancing an individual’s indirect wealth capacity, ushering in a wealth of prosperity from secondary income sources. Indeed, indirect wealth capacity is one guiding factor that governs success.

Based on Imperial Feng Shui principles, Imperial Harvest’s blessed clients are able to activate the water star in their living or work spaces with the world’s finest crystals – the same grade of crystals used by Emperor Qian Long himself. The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is a contemporary embodiment of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition that flourished in the Qing Dynasty. It empowers our blessed clients to attain their financial goals and destinies, by ushering boundless wealth and prosperity into their homes and offices.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collections

Meticulously designed by Master David, the Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection incorporates wealth-enhancing features of auspicious deities and creatures to bring its destined owner an abundance of wealth and prosperity. Imperial Harvest works directly with only the most reputable mines to curate the finest natural crystals for our blessed clients.

Each treasure in the Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection undergoes rigorous testing and certification by independent gemological institutes, ensuring their exquisite quality. The impeccable quality of Imperial Harvest-grade crystals is defined by three Cs — clarity, colour and craftsmanship.


As crystals are formed under intense heat and pressure deep within the earth, nearly all of them contain small imperfections. The clarity of each crystal is determined by the degree to which these imperfections are present — dependent on the size, location and intensity of these imperfections.

Imperial Harvest-grade crystals are of impeccable quality, possessing a similar clarity and quality as those that once composed Emperor Qian Long’s extensive collection. In Imperial Feng Shui, the clarity of the crystal has a direct impact on the speed at which prosperity is achieved, and wealth grows.


Consisting of only the world’s finest natural crystals, the Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is free from artificial heat or colour treatments. Spanning a range of colours, some Imperial Harvest crystals are completely colourless, while others sport natural hues of yellow, pink or brown.

  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is colourless and transparent — the result of a crystal growing with little or no contact with its host rock. The majority of clear quartz crystals available in the commercial space are tainted with impurities and faint hues of colour, having been artificially treated to induce colour within the crystal. Imperial Harvest’s curated collection of crystals features clear quartz derived from only the top 1% of crystals — ensuring the natural beauty of the crystal, along with its clarity.

  • Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz derives its signature smoky brown colour from the natural irradiation of silicon dioxide. A large percentage (99.5%) of smoky quartz crystals are either opaque or partially translucent — making Imperial Harvest’s highly translucent smoky quartz crystals a standout against the smoky quartz on the market.

  • Rose Quartz

Imperial Harvest’s collection of Rose Quartz crystals derives their signature rosy pink hues from trace amounts of naturally-occurring titanium, iron and manganese. Highly valuable, and widely sought-after worldwide, genuine rose quartz accounts for less than 5% of the world’s naturally-occurring crystals — making Imperial Harvest-grade rose quartz crystals a prized acquisition.

  • Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz features natural, needle-like inclusions of rutile, a naturally occurring mineral. These inclusions may appear silver, copper red, or deep black — the rarest of which are gold-tinged. Imperial Harvest’s crystal collections feature only full rutilated quartz — the highest quality available.

  • Citrine

One of the rarest crystals, citrine is found naturally in only a few countries around the world. Studies have shown that 97% of citrine crystals available are heat or colour treated, whereas Imperial Harvest’s collection of all-natural citrine crystals derives its brilliant yellow colour from the natural ferric minerals present in the quartz crystals.


While raw crystals owe much of their inherent beauty to the forces of nature, their manipulation at the hands of Imperial Harvest’s master artisans allows them to truly shine. Imperial Harvest honours these fine crystals with impeccable craftsmanship, bringing them to life with a fully organic approach — without any harsh chemicals or abrasive carving techniques.

Following the conceptualisation of each Imperial Harvest crystal, they are sent to Imperial Harvest’s state-of-the-art workshops, where our artisans manually cut and carve each crystal according to Master David’s vision. Drawing from the skills acquired from generations of artisans before him, our artisans imbue each Imperial Harvest crystal with inimitably detailed elements.

Imperial Harvest Crystal Collections

Imperial Harvest Zhambala Crystal – Smoky Quartz

Zhambala is a Tibetan god of wealth and the essence of generosity. Aiding individuals in attaining their financial goals, Zhambala bestows upon them wisdom in attaining their goals. The Imperial Harvest Zhambala Crystal aids its destined owner in removing obstacles in the way of success, leading to unexpected windfalls, generating immense wealth luck and boundless prosperity.

Imperial Harvest God of Wealth Crystal – Clear Quartz

The God of Wealth, also known as Cai Shen (财神), is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity, wealth and good fortune. The Imperial Harvest God of Wealth Crystal ushers in an abundance of auspicious luck into your homes or offices, bringing with it a prosperous future rife with good fortune.

Imperial Harvest Zhong Kui Crystal – Clear Quartz

As the Windfall God of Wealth, Zhong Kui aids individuals to achieve monumental financial breakthroughs, guiding them in reaching their greatest aspirations. Imperial Harvest honours Zhong Kui’s intelligence and wisdom with the Imperial Harvest Zhong Kui crystal — propelling its destined owners to reach new heights and breakthroughs in their wealth and careers.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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