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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 22 July 2022

What You Need To Know About the Season of Indirect Wealth

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Across Chinese society and the global Chinese diaspora, the seventh lunar month marks a period of great reverence and cultural significance. It ushers in a myriad of festivities and events, including the Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节) — known as the birthday of the Ruler of Earth, Di Guan Da Di. However, this important period also marks the arrival of the all-important season of indirect wealth.

Zhong Yuan Festival

In Imperial Feng Shui, wealth capacity is one of the preeminent factors that govern an individual’s financial success. As the season of indirect wealth, the seventh lunar month marks the greatest opportunity in the year for individuals to enhance both their indirect wealth luck and indirect wealth capacity.

Minor Yin

Indirect wealth capacity encompasses the income that an individual is able to derive from secondary sources of income, such as stock or cryptocurrency investments, trading profiles and other infrequent sources of income. Additionally, it refers to their ability to acquire assets within a short period through their windfalls.

On the other hand, indirect wealth luck refers largely to an individual’s ability to spot the winning investments or strategic trading opportunities that lead to great breakthroughs in wealth.

Why is indirect wealth important?

As indirect wealth refers to income stemming from secondary sources, a common source of such indirect wealth is through stock or cryptocurrency investments as these digital assets have only gained greater appreciation in value and heightened mainstream acceptance.  With amplified indirect wealth luck, individuals are able to experience consistent growth and portfolios that are able to weather through constantly changing financial markets.

Activating the indirect wealth sector in homes and offices is paramount for its occupants to maximise their wealth capacities, empowering them in their financial pursuits and fostering abundance and prosperity.

Activating the Water Star to enhance indirect wealth capacity

According to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, each home, office or property space presents five important wealth sectors — one of which is the indirect wealth sector, which holds the key to ushering in prosperity from secondary income streams.

Indirect wealth sector

Imperial Feng Shui classics dictate that “mountains govern benefactors, authority and harmony, while water governs wealth, opportunities and intuition.” (山管人丁,水管财). This key verse indicates that the water star plays a pivotal role in governing wealth, opportunity and intuition — essential factors in the pursuit of material abundance and success.

Through years of rigorous research, the Imperial Feng Shui masters of the Qing imperial court discerned the importance of activating the water star and unveiled the role that Imperial Harvest-grade crystals held in doing so. Emperor Qian Long, a staunch patron of Imperial Feng Shui, advocated the use of such crystals within the imperial palace, catalysing the Qing empire’s rise as one of the most prominent golden ages in Chinese dynastic history.

Activated Indirect wealth sector

Today, the proper activation of the water star within homes and offices empowers its occupants with breakthroughs. Upon its proper activation with Imperial Harvest-grade natural crystals, the water star promotes the flow of wealth within the property, enhancing the well-being and prosperity of the occupants, and aiding them in their pursuit of well-rounded success.

Addressing missing indirect wealth sectors

Modern-day architectural considerations often gloss over the importance of the five wealth sectors present in each property space, and result in missing sectors that negatively affect the occupants of such spaces. For those seeking to enhance their indirect wealth capacities and luck, a home with missing indirect wealth sectors may negate their hard work and efforts. It is, therefore, imperative to address such issues. While Imperial Harvest-grade crystals are capable of powerfully enhancing the indirect wealth, homes and offices with missing indirect wealth sectors require alternative solutions.

Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone Royal Emblem Collection

The Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone collection encompasses powerful Imperial Feng Shui treasures that negate the effects of inauspicious sectors in homes and offices, while simultaneously activating the auspicious energy of the indirect wealth sector. In doing so, allowing their destined owners to focus on the key aspects of any important deliverables and business dealings, and promptly arrive at inspired decisions that lead to steady growth in secondary income streams.

Enhancing your indirect wealth luck

The arrival of the season of indirect wealth proves an opportune and auspicious time for individuals to enhance their indirect wealth luck. Enhanced indirect wealth luck enables them to experience consistent growths in their financial portfolios and secondary income streams regardless of ever-changing financial markets and circumstances. With amplified indirect wealth luck, individuals are able to effectively take advantage of evolving situations to best benefit themselves, and manifest prosperity across their financial endeavours.

Imperial Harvest Black Meat Sandalwood Bracelet with Emblem

Imperial Harvest Black Meat Sandalwood Bracelet clasp close-up

Imperial Harvest Black Meat Sandalwood Bracelet with emblem worn

Standing at the forefront of Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest ascribes to the principal findings of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Feng Shui masters, who had uncovered Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood’s unrivalled ability to balance the Minor Yin (少阴), thereby creating and amplifying the indirect wealth capacity of its destined owners.

This upcoming season of indirect wealth marks an auspicious period of prosperity, seize golden opportunities and enhance your indirect wealth to achieve breakthroughs in your investment and trading pursuits.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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