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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 20 April 2023

Celebrating Cundi Guan Yin (準提观音) during Lixia (立夏)

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Signifying the passing of spring, the arrival of Lixia (立夏) denotes the arrival of summer in traditional Chinese culture. The seventh out of the 24 solar terms that constitute the Chinese lunar calendar, Lixia marks the period when the sun falls between the celestial longitudes of 45° and 60°. This year, Lixia will take place between 6 May and 21 May.

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, Lixia brings a characteristic rise in temperatures, as well as a remarkable increase in rainfall and thunderstorms. These environmental changes and weather conditions proved highly favourable for crop growth, bringing them into their peak season of growth.

Imperial Traditions of Lixia

Given the centrality of agriculture in ancient Chinese societies, Lixia has long since enjoyed illustrious importance in Chinese culture, particularly amongst rural farming communities. Around this period, farmers focused their attention on their agricultural endeavours as they stepped into their busiest season, additionally symbolising Lixia with the dawn of immense growth and new beginnings.

These farming communities highly anticipated the weather changes that Lixia brought, marking a period of festivity and lending to Lixia’s regard as a period of great importance that was analogous to abundance, auspiciousness and achievement.

Behind the gates of the Imperial Palace, the arrival of summer was seen with equal anticipation. Historically, Lixia held great cultural significance from as early as the Zhou dynasty (from 1046 to 256 B.C.). To greet the beginning of the season, it was tradition for Chinese emperors to don red ceremonial robes — an auspicious colour in hope of an auspicious harvest — and lead their court to welcome the beginning of a new season. With great emphasis on agricultural activities at this time, the emperor would honour the efforts of the farmers in ensuring the continued prosperity of the empire, praying for good fortune and favourable weather conditions.

Commemorating the birth of Cundi Guan Yin (準提观音)

The arrival of Lixia this year brings great anticipation for a season of excitement and prosperity, with unprecedented growth for our blessed clients just over the horizon, as this rousing solar term coincides with the arrival of Cundi Guan Yin’s birthday on 5 May 2023.

Guan Yin, or Avalokitesvara, refers to the Goddess of Mercy — one of the most iconic deities within the Buddhist pantheon. Given Guan Yin’s universal adoration among her devotees, it comes as no surprise that events such as her birthday are eagerly anticipated occasions. In fact, no less than three distinct birthdays are commemorated each year, each celebrating a unique milestone in her life.

Furthermore, Guan Yin’s supreme importance is observed in the sheer variety of manifestations in which she appears. No less than 33 manifestations are widely acknowledged among Buddhists around the world, one of which is the Cundi Guan Yin (準提观音).

Guan Yin’s eminence transcends that of the Buddhist ideology, permeating the spatial and temporal underpinnings of ancient arts such as Imperial Feng Shui. As an Imperial Feng Shui maison, Imperial Harvest holds Guan Yin, in all of her manifestations and glory, in great regard.

Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin

Underscoring Guan Yin’s centrality to the Imperial Harvest ethos is this tribute to her benevolence — the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin pendant.

In line with Imperial Harvest’s commitment to using only the finest sandalwood, this exquisite treasure is meticulously handcrafted from Imperial Harvest-grade sandalwood, specially sourced from India Old Mountain sandalwood trees. Only mature sandalwood trees, at least 80 years of age, are selected in preparation. Three distinct sandalwood varieties — Yellow, Red and Black Meat — cater to the diversity in Imperial Feng Shui preferences and requirements of Imperial Harvest blessed clients.

Through extensive enquiry into the legends surrounding Cundi Guan Yin, Master David conceptualised and designed the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin pendant, revisiting sketch after sketch and refining them in line with the blessings conveyed by Cundi Guan Yin and her suite of auspicious emblems of prosperity.

Through extensive inquiry into the legend of the Cundi Guan Yin, Master David unveils the inspired conception of the Imperial Harvest Cundi Guan Yin Sandalwood Pendant. Each element is meticulously conceptualised, sketched and refined, in line with the blessings conveyed by the Cundi Guan Yin and her suite of auspicious accoutrements. Each pendant is then brought to life by the superlative craftsmanship of Imperial Harvest’s artisans, who cut, carve and shape each piece of sandalwood according to Master David’s inspired vision.

The Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin pendant features Cundi Guan Yin, seated in the archetypal lotus position, instantly recognisable as the epitome of benevolence. This manifestation of Guan Yin is featured with nine pairs of arms, each depicting wielding auspicious emblems, such as her wish-fulfilling pennant, agarwood beads and the sword of wisdom — symbolic of her unparalleled divinity and eminence.

Read more about the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin here

Leveraging complementary qualities of these diverse instruments, the Imperial Harvest Sandalwood Cundi Guan Yin pendant is a potent treasure for clients looking to embody the laudable qualities of this compassionate and omnipotent deity. Indeed, it is a culmination of Master David’s extensive research on the Buddhist tradition, in particular Guan Yin’s role in shaping its principles and practices through its historical course.

Today, Imperial Harvest is honoured to present centuries of Guan Yin’s blessings, compassion and prestige — distilled into the Imperial Harvest Cundi Guan Yin Sandalwood pendant.

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