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Inspired by an age of unparalleled prosperity and innovation, the Imperial Harvest QING collection pays tribute to the Qing Dynasty’s cultural advances. This iconic collection embodies the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

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Imperial Harvest QING Collection

The Qing Golden Age under Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong was the most prosperous era of China’s dynastic history. Under their wise and benevolent rule, there was a flourishing in arts, culture, architecture and innovation. The Imperial Harvest QING Collection is inspired by this age of unparalleled prosperity. Rise of Cosmopolitan Art and Architecture The Qing […]

Mangzhong: New Beginnings with Imperial Harvest QING Collection

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins The auspicious season of Mangzhong precedes the Summer Solstice’s grandiose celebrations, spanning from 5 to 21 June. 《月令七十二侯集解》:“五月节,谓有芒之种谷可稼种矣。” The 72 Pentads (月令七十二侯集解) is an ancient Chinese calendar system which depicts the subtle changes in Nature over the four seasons. It achieves this detailed periodicity by dividing each year into 72 […]

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