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Throughout Chinese history, jade has dutifully captured the ideologies, culture and art of the era in which they were created. Today, Imperial Harvest gives Emperor Qian Long's Jadeite Table Screens a new lease of life in the Exquisite Jadeite Paintings — a timeless and eternal reimagination of Imperial Feng Shui traditions.

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Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Paintings – The Three Collections

A Diamond is forever but a Jadeite is eternal. The Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Painting is a timeless, eternal and treasured family heirloom that is designed to be carefully safeguarded for the next generation. It is also the world’s first jadeite painting collection – the result of Master David’s groundbreaking reimagination of the traditional jadeite […]

The Origins of Imperial Harvest’s Exquisite Jadeite Paintings

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins  Throughout Chinese history, jade has been labouriously carved and polished into all manners of objects from jewellery to desk ornaments to even cups. They dutifully capture the ethics, ideologies, culture and the style of art of the particular period they are created in. Such is their historical significance that they […]

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