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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 16 September 2019

3 Reasons Why You Need Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain was created by Emperor Qian Long’s team of Imperial Feng Shui masters to overcome the challenges of building the Imperial palace near an auspicious landform such as the metal elemental mountain.

The importance of auspicious landform Feng Shui is further proven in the case study of Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, Li Ka-shing. His residence was carefully constructed to said principles, so much so that it took 7 painstaking years to be completed.

While it’s impossible to be surrounded by such auspicious landform features as we live in an urban city such as Singapore, Master David’s utmost dedication to his clients is reflected in the launch of Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountain. The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain is the result of 4 years of intensive research and development to ensure our clients enjoy the same quality of Imperial Feng Shui treasure owned by Emperor Qian Long.

This collection consists of three mountain structures (Metal, Earth and Wood) to suit different needs and aspirations.

Here are 3 reasons why you need the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain:

1. Attract Powerful Benefactors 

Benefactors are people who provide us with advice and guidance to embark on the path of least resistance to achieve financial and relationship success. They usually appear at strategic moments to guide us through challenges and obstacles, while also inspiring us with new business and investment ideas to accomplish breakthrough results in our ventures and investment returns.

To put it simply, benefactor support brings us opportunities, wealth and success.

Recommendation: Qian Long Jadeite Earth Mountain

Qian Long Jadeite Earth mountain empowers you with strategic benefactors to help you rise to the top of the corporate ladder.

2. Optimise The Influx of Wealth

Inspired by Qian Long’s personal Jadeite mountain Feng Shui collection, Master David specially designed the Metal Mountain (金山) to optimise the influx of wealth and success.

Metal mountain refers to a mountain with a round top, and is deemed as one of the most powerful wealth creation mountain features that can bring a tremendous amount of wealth and benefactor support.

Recommendation: Qian Long Jadeite Metal Mountain

Metal mountain produces immense amount of career, business and investment wealth

3. Attract Business Opportunities and Boost Academic Achievements 

To become a successful business owner, you need to be innovative and constantly be on the lookout for golden opportunities to take your business to the next level. The Qian Long Jadeite Wood Mountain provides strategic business and career inspirations, making it the most powerful Imperial Feng Shui treasure for business owners.

Wood mountain refers to a mountain with a conical top. In Chinese, it is known as 贪狼星 (Greedy Wolf Star). It is also ideal for raising children with high scholastic achievements.

Recommendation: Qian Long Jadeite Wood Mountain

Wood mountain provides strategic business and career inspirations and academic breakthrough

To usher in maximum prosperity, Master David will personally select the auspicious mountain star position at your home or office and install the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain at an auspicious time and date using the Imperial date selection method.

Master David’s meticulous approach and calculations reflects his utmost dedication to his clients. The Imperial date selection method consists of three date selection systems – Heaven 天 – Movement of Planetary Stars, Earth 地 – San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Human 人- Individual Bazi auxiliary stars.

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