Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Ref: 8349

  • DescriptionActivates the auspicious Mountain star sector, empowers occupants with auspicious benefactors, wealth and success.

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Emperor Qian Long’s Jadeite Mountains

Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins With the recent appointment of Master David as the principal Feng Shui consultant for many international luxury brands, Imperial Feng Shui — a closely guarded and exclusive art — is gaining prominence among global MNCs and luxury brand owners. The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain is, perhaps, the single most important […]

2021 Autumn Exclusive Qian Long Jadeite Mountains

Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins With their able and committed leadership, eminent Qing dynasty emperors such as Kang Xi and Qian Long steered the empire through a golden age in its illustrious history. Under their stewardship, the Qing dynasty prospered economically, militarily, and also in its cultural and artistic pursuits. Well-known as an avid cultural […]

Untold Story of the Qian Long Jadeite Mountains

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Defined by great economic, political and social successes, alongside abundant prosperity, the legacy of the Qing Dynasty is well-documented in the annals of history. Legendary rulers, such as Emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long, are renowned for their profound and inspired decisions and capable leadership. Their eminent rule over the […]