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Imperial Harvest-grade crystals are cherished the moment they are on earth. Only crystals of the finest clarity and fancy vivid colours qualify to be an Imperial Harvest-grade crystal, befitting of the standards demanded by Imperial Feng Shui.

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The Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal collection is designed personally by Master David before they are masterfully crafted and blessed on auspicious date and time to amplify and multiply wealth and success.

Finest clarity, fancy vivid colour and expert craftsmanship are the three important unwavering principles that underpin the standard of Imperial Harvest-grade crystals.

The Imperial Harvest-grade crystal embodies the traditions of Imperial Feng Shui – only the rarest and finest crystals are used to activate the water star in your property.

Heritage of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals

The most widely cited verse from the principles of Imperial Feng Shui – “山管人丁,水管财” aptly summarises the importance of water star in the residential or commercial Feng Shui.

Water star (also known as the wealth star) governs wealth, opportunities and intuition. Since the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qian Long and his team of Imperial Feng Shui masters have advocated the use of Imperial Harvest-grade crystal in the activation of the water star.

Imperial Harvest continues this tradition by using only the world’s finest crystals – the same grade of crystal used by Emperor Qian Long and his team of Imperial Feng Shui masters. Every single Imperial Harvest crystal undergoes the most stringent certification process by an independent gemological institute before it qualifies to be of Imperial Harvest Grade.

1. Clarity

Clarity refers to the degree to which these imperfections are present. Depending on the size, location and darkness of blemishes and inclusions, these imperfections can interfere with light as it passes through the crystal, which affects the level of auspicious energies the crystals are able to administer. Only crystals with the highest order of clarity are qualified to be of Imperial Harvest Grade.

2. Colour

Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals are all-natural, meaning they have never been artificially treated to remove any blemish or to alter the colour.

3. Craftsmanship

Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals are impeccably hand-crafted by our artisans using traditional methods passed down from generations before. The result is an extremely detailed finish, an irreplaceable skill no machine could ever reproduce.

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The Water Star is present in our living and working environments and plays a pivotal role in governing wealth, opportunities and intuition. According to Imperial Feng Shui principles, the application of Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals is the authentic method to catalyse the growth of wealth and prosperity.

The Imperial Harvest Crystal collection is the continuation of the Imperial Feng Shui tradition from the Qing Dynasty, where internally flawless and impeccably designed crystals are deployed to activate the auspicious Water Stars.

Every Imperial Harvest-grade Crystal is designed and crafted to last or generations to come.