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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 15 May 2020

History and Heritage of Emperor Qian Long Jadeite Mountain

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Emperor Qian Long is regarded as one of the world’s most powerful and influential figures in the 18th century. Besides his talents in military campaigns and politics, he is also known as one of the most cultured non-Chinese rulers in Chinese history, with great intellectual and artistic accomplishments as well as a passion for Imperial Feng Shui.

He was often depicted in portraits engaging in various intellectual activities, in an elegant setting surrounded with Jadeite Mountain, Imperial White Inkstone and Imperial Harvest Grade Crystal for the scholar’s desk.

Emperor Qian Long demonstrated a keen interest in the art of Imperial Feng Shui through intense engagements in all manifestations of this interest.

From exploring the sources of jadeites via military conquests to supervising production, he also encouraged Imperial Feng Shui innovation and initiated new trends.

Emperor Qian Long’s profound love for Jade

His profound love of jade and respect for the art of Imperial Feng Shui is revealed in the way his sons were named. The princes’ names had a Chinese character associated with this beautiful precious gemstone.

The first Prince Royal Yonglian 永璉; the second, Yongcong 永琮, and his successor, Jiaqing 嘉慶 emperor (r. 1796-1820), Yongyan 永琰.

The second character in all their personal names refers to a jade-like precious stone, while the first ‘yong 永’ represents a wish for longevity, just like jade.

Emperor Qian Long’s Remarkable Territorial Conquest

As a strategic and capable militarist, Emperor Qian Long was proud of the ten remarkable triumphs on the frontiers which won him the nickname ‘Old Man of the Ten Perfect Victories (shiquan laoren 十全老人)’. Three of them are connected with Eastern Turkestan (now modern-day Xinjiang region)—two pacifications of the Dzungars (1755-1757) and the quelling of the Muslim tribes in 1759.

The conquest signified the epitome of the Emperor Qian Long’s military achievement of expanding the borders. To a jade connoisseur, ruling over the Xinjiang territory means having unparalleled access to the source of raw jade.

Before gaining firm control over the supply of raw jade, Emperor Qian Long had limited raw jadeite available to commission the production of Qian Long Jadeite Mountain.

Hence Qian Long Jadeite Mountains were smaller in size and dimensions.

White Jade Mountain – Qing Dynasty, Qian Long Period

The firm control over the supply of raw jade led to an unprecedented breakthrough in Imperial Feng Shui. 

Emperor Qian Long’s Imperial Decree 

After acquiring the firm control of raw jade supply, Emperor Qian Long worked with his team of Imperial Feng Shui masters to create a new genre of jadeite ornament known as the ‘Jade Mountain’ (玉山子), when large jadeite boulders became available from the Xinjiang region after 1759.

From the 1760s to the 1790s, Qian Long decreed that the imperial artisans collaborated with the local craftsmen in the south to produce a group of majestic jade mountains based on ancient or contemporary paintings.

The best known of these are Travelling in Autumn Mountains (秋山行旅圖); The Great Yu Taming the River (大禹治水圖) and Nine Elders of Huichang (會昌九老圖).

Emperor Qian Long’s unwavering passion for Imperial Feng Shui

Each jade mountain project depicts a momentous painting, either an ancient painting from the imperial collection or the emperor’s favourite work by a contemporary painter.

Due to the irregular shape of the jade boulder, producing such intricate and immaculate designs and carvings is a tall order even for the most experienced imperial artisans.

A finely-carved Pale Celadon Jade Mountain (Qian Long Period:1736-1795)

Before the workshops can even produce a jade mountain, the Imperial court painters had to create paper drafts of various perspectives and interpretations of the design. The models and prototypes were made of wood, stone and wax which will be presented to Emperor Qian Long for approval before they are handed to the imperial artisans.

Each jade mountain showcases Emperor Qian Long as the pioneer to these exceptional masterpieces. They bear lengthy imperial inscriptions and seals which resemble a picture colophon signature which can be found in paintings displayed around the imperial palace.

Emperor Qian Long’s stringent demand and standards

Unlike other stones, jade production requires a laborious grinding process due to its exceptional hardness and toughness.

Emperor Qian Long’s stringent demands for jade carvings to portray elegance and life-like details presented a technical challenge; which is to create the same effects on hard stone as brushwork on paper.

Imperial Harvest continues the heritage and tradition of Emperor Qian Long’s Jadeite Mountain

The Qian Long Jadeite Mountain was created by Emperor Qian Long’s team of Imperial Feng Shui masters to overcome the challenges of building the Imperial palace near an auspicious landform.

Over the years, we have deployed and installed Imperial Harvest Qian Long Jadeite Mountains at many blessed clients’ homes and offices to empower them with auspicious benefactors, wealth and success.

Imperial Harvest: Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Collection 2020

1. Metal Mountain 

Metal mountain refers to a mountain with a round top and is deemed as one of the most powerful wealth creation mountain features that can bring a tremendous amount of wealth and benefactor support.

Metal Mountain


Metal Mountain

Ref: 2884

Metal Mountain 

Ref: 2879

<sold to a blessed client>

2. Earth Mountain

Earth mountain is a mountain with a flat top, it empowers you with strategic benefactors to help you rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Benefactors are people who provide us with advice and guidance to embark on the path of least resistance to achieve financial and relationship success.

They usually appear at strategic moments to guide us through challenges and obstacles, while also inspiring us with new business and investment ideas to accomplish breakthrough results in our ventures and investment returns.

Earth Mountain

Ref: 2878

3. Wood Mountain

Wood mountain refers to a mountain with a conical top. In Chinese, it is known as 贪狼星 (Greedy Wolf Star). It is also ideal for raising children with high scholastic achievements. To become a successful business owner, you need to be innovative and constantly be on the lookout for golden opportunities to take your business to the next level.

The Qian Long Jadeite Wood Mountain provides strategic business and career inspirations, making it the most powerful Imperial Feng Shui treasure for business owners.

Wood Mountain

Ref: 2883

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