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Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection: Legendary Creatures – Golden Toad

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Imperial Harvest is proud to present the Imperial Harvest Crystal Collection: Legendary Creatures – Golden Toad.

The Golden Toad is the animal companion of an accomplished Daoist immortal Liu Haichan, known for its ability to bestow upon wealth and riches upon its devotees.

According to legend, it is depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes, flared nostrils and only one hind leg (for a total of three legs) and sits on a pile of traditional Chinese coins. Its back is featured with seven gems – symbolic of the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation.

In other cultural contexts, the Golden Toad is also depicted as one of the Eight Immortals of Daoism – it represents longevity and wisdom.

The Imperial Harvest Golden Toad Crystal activates the water star – a spatial wealth star which governs intuition, wealth and opportunities. The activated water star catalyses the flow of prosperous wealth energies in their destined owners’ properties.

1. Reference No. 8990

A symbol of eternal wealth which will last through generations, the Money Bag amplifies the Golden Toad’s wealth-garnering abilities.

The Golden Toad on Money Bag is an important enhancer of auspiciousness in Imperial Feng Shui, and ushers wealth into its destined owner’s properties.

2. Reference No. 3556

The Dragon Orb, an emblem of everlasting power, success and wish fulfilment, amplifies the Golden Toad’s celestial powers in attracting immense wealth for its destined owners in all their endeavours.

3. Reference No. 8353

The golden ingot is a Chinese traditional symbol of auspiciousness, abundance and achievement.

A golden representation of prosperity luck, the extremely rare golden rutilated quartz mother-son Golden Toad guarding a giant golden ingot attracts and manifests fulfilment in all five types of wealth luck – career, business, windfall, investment and grand wealth luck.

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