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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 03 November 2023

Imperial Customs of Lidong

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Lidong (立冬), which signifies the onset of the winter season, marks a significant shift in weather and climate patterns across the northern hemisphere. The transition into Winter reflects a period of contemplation and preparation for the coming year, as well as the onset of Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle.

This year, Lidong will commence on 8 November.

Cultural and Imperial Customs of Lidong

A time of celebration with deeply rooted traditions in dynastic China, Lidong held great significance among agricultural communities. This period was characterised by a sense of festivity and gratitude as it marked the culmination of both the autumn harvest and agricultural activities for the year, which was believed to be a result of ancestral blessings. Local communities engaged in elaborate worship ceremonies and communal feasts; these cherished activities were being passed down through the generations, evolving into enduring seasonal traditions.

Inside the Imperial Palace, Lidong was an eagerly anticipated occasion, carrying significant ceremonial importance. Chinese emperors would observe a three-day fast in anticipation of this event. During the ceremonial rites in celebration of Lidong, the emperor led a magnificent procession of court officials from the Forbidden City to the outskirts of the capital, a display of the emperor’s authority and prestige. These imperial rites allowed the emperor to acknowledge and commend contributions to the empire’s prosperity, whether they stemmed from military achievements or the counsel of esteemed officials, adding a layer of grandeur and solemnity to the Lidong festivities.

Imperial Harvest Crystals

The winter season corresponds with the element of Water in Imperial Feng Shui, embodying qualities of adaptability, fluidity, and intuition. This unique connection makes Lidong, the beginning of winter, a highly favourable period for activating the Water Stars within one’s home.

In the realm of Imperial Feng Shui, these Water Stars hold a prominent role in governing an individual’s wealth, opportunities, and intuition. When harnessed effectively, these auspicious stars have the potential to usher in financial abundance and promote success in both personal and professional endeavours.

Imperial Feng Shui’s core principles underscore the activation of the Water Stars through the use of Imperial Harvest-grade crystals, which bear historical significance as they were once prominently featured in the Qing imperial court. During the Qing dynasty, Imperial Feng Shui masters faced a significant challenge — orienting imperial structures following the shifting Water Stars every 20 years. This led them to develop an innovative and practical solution: Imperial Harvest-grade Crystals, whose strategic placement played a large role in the success of the Qing empire.

In contemporary applications, the strategic arrangement of these crystals within the wealth sectors of homes and offices aligns with Imperial Feng Shui practices, bestowing individuals in these spaces with a wealth of opportunities, financial prosperity, and overall success.

Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove Crystal

The second in a series of Imperial Harvest Crystals that align perfectly with Period 9, the Imperial Harvest Treasure Pot features a bounty of yuan bao (元寶), or gold ingots — the very epitome of good fortune.

The Imperial Harvest Emblem adorns this treasure, nestled in the wish-fulfilling orb, blessing its destined owner with enduring prosperity, good health, family harmony and blissful relationship. The Imperial Harvest Emblem embodies the unrivalled Imperial Harvest craftsmanship and heritage, reaffirming the brand’s unyielding adherence to the principles of Imperial Feng Shui.

Surrounding the wish-fulfilling orb is a double-dragon motif, which focuses on the legendary mythical creature that embodies the authority, power and wisdom of ancient Chinese emperors. These twin dragons emit auspicious energies and are commonly invoked to bestow a spirit of personal growth, good fortune, wisdom and foresight, inspiring individuals to triumph over their adversities and soar to greater heights.

Finally, the Imperial Harvest Treasure Trove Crystal is bounded by two handles inspired by Ruyi Scepters (如意) — highly-esteemed and treasured imperial artefacts. Crafted from jade, gold, or precious stones, these exquisite pieces featured intricate motifs that symbolised the multifaceted achievements of the times. As a result, the Ruyi Scepters held a special place of favour among the nobility, representing a powerful symbol of peace and prosperity.

Imperial Harvest Goldfish Crystal

Modelled after the cherished goldfish, this exquisite crystal embodies abundance and wealth. These creations extend their significance to encompass good fortune, ambition, courage, and the unwavering pursuit of happiness and harmony.

Imperial Harvest Dragon Crystal

The Dragon, a paramount figure in Chinese mythology, holds a position of utmost significance. Regarded as a supremely powerful and divine being, it stands as a symbol of unparalleled might and grandeur. Beyond its mythical role, the Dragon serves as a potent spiritual and cultural symbol, representing power and authority.


Imperial Harvest’s Crystal collections are characterised by their exceptional craftsmanship, reflecting a multi-generational lineage of artisanal expertise. The process begins with extensive research and conceptualisation by Master David, followed by the skilful hands of experienced gemstone artisans who manually carve and detail each crystal. The result is a testament to the fusion of artistry and tradition, with each Imperial Harvest crystal standing as a masterpiece in its own right.

Imperial Harvest’s expert consultants are always on hand to guide you on your journey and provide you with insights to help you realise your fullest potential. Book a complimentary consultation today or contact us at +65 92301640.

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