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Imperial Customs of Lidong

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Denoting the arrival of the winter season, Lidong (立冬) heralds a notable change in weather and climate for the northern hemisphere. It forms the 19th of the 24 solar terms in the traditional lunar calendar, marking a period of reflection and preparation for the coming year. This year, the period of Lidong will commence on 8 November.

Lidong saw festivity from many agricultural communities across dynastic China. It came to be known as a time of thanksgiving, with the bounty of the autumn’s harvest ascribed to the blessings from one’s ancestors. Elaborate worship sessions were held in their local communities, with gatherings and communal feasts as their main highlights. Over time, these cherished practices were established as seasonal traditions undertaken and upheld by successive generations.

Apart from a period of gratitude, Lidong was also a point of forward preparation and thinking. Dynastic China’s agrarian communities spent this time getting ready for the harsh winter, extensively planning and strategising to reap the greatest rewards from the year’s harvest.

Imperial Traditions during Lidong

Lidong was met with no less fanfare within the Imperial Palace, greatly anticipated by Chinese emperors, who would fast for three days in preparation for its arrival. During Lidong, the emperor would lead a grand procession of court officials from the Forbidden City to the outlying areas of the capitol, the royal entourage comprising magnificent symbols of the emperor’s authority and prestige. During these imperial rites, the emperor lauded contributions to the empire’s success — from military achievements to the eminent council of its leading officials.

The onset of Lidong often pointed to the fast-approaching winter solstice. Much like the summer solstice earlier in the year, the Forbidden City saw heightened activity during this time, with preparations underway throughout Lidong, leading up to the winter solstice. Standing at the centre of the bustling activity was the Temple of Heaven and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, where elaborate rituals were held in gratitude to the Heavens for the year’s bounty.

Imperial Harvest Bliss of Harvest Collection

Inspired by the architectural marvel and grandeur of the Temple of Heaven and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Master David conceptualised the iconic Bliss of Harvest collection — melding long-established Imperial Feng Shui tradition and centuries of cultural significance with a discerning contemporary aesthetic.

More than 600 years after its completion, the ethos and allure of the Temple of Heaven are perfectly encapsulated in the Bliss of Harvest collection. The crowning glory of each Bliss of Harvest ring is its masterfully burnished fine jadeite cabochon — brimming with luminescence while epitomising the ancient art of Imperial Feng Shui. Where jadeite pendants govern an individual’s luck, jadeite cabochons instead, bestow heightened intuition upon their destined owner, empowering them with sound decision-making skills and allowing them to seize first-mover advantages.

Hewn from the centres of raw jadeite boulders where Imperial Feng Shui energies are most intense, the artistry achieved in Imperial Harvest’s Bliss of Harvest collection accentuates the innate brilliance of each jadeite cabochon. Created from a proprietary blend of gold, silver and copper, each Bliss of Harvest ring undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and polishing by Imperial Harvest’s master artisans — in turn unleashing the innate abilities of each jadeite cabochon.

Imperial Harvest Crystals

Out of the four seasons, winter is most closely associated with the element of water — making Lidong an especially amenable period in activating the water stars within the home. These stars govern an individual’s wealth, opportunities and intuition, inviting wealth and smooth-sailing success across their personal and professional pursuits.

Based on the principles of Imperial Feng Shui, the water stars are activated with Imperial Harvest-grade crystals — the same grade once featured prominently throughout the Qing imperial court. Today, its proper installation in the wealth sectors of homes and offices empowers those within the space with an abundance of opportunities, wealth and prosperity.

A hallmark of Imperial Harvest’s Crystal collections is its impeccable craftsmanship, from extensive ideation and conceptualisation by Master David to the meticulous carving and detailing in the hands of skilled gemstone artisans. Each Imperial Harvest crystal is the epitome of a multi-generational lineage of expertise, shining as a masterful work of art in its own right.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Revered as the “Wood of the Gods”, Imperial Harvest-grade agarwood was a major proponent of the emperor’s ceremonial rites during Lidong, constituting the tributes and offerings to Heavens in gratitude for the year’s bounty. Their dedication to these imperial customs was thought to usher in unprecedented wealth, harmony, peace and prosperity in the coming year. Today, agarwood’s legacy and exclusivity have made it one of the most prized commodities in the world.

Agarwood additionally plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimal balance of the major yang. In Imperial Feng Shui, the major yang is one of the four universal phenomena that make up the forces of Yin and Yang, governing an individual’s direct wealth capacity (正财库).

Densely accumulated within each Imperial Harvest agarwood treasure, its fragrant and rich resin is a testament to its quality. Imperial Harvest’s agarwood treasures are unique, each boasting distinguishing characteristics, colouration and resin patterns. Harvested from the dense forests of Southeast Asia and offering the finest qualities of natural untreated agarwood, Imperial Harvest-grade agarwood is enriched with rich and dense agarwood resins formed over centuries.

Supercharging the direct wealth capacity of its destined owner, Imperial Harvest’s agarwood treasures accelerate career and business growth — exponentially multiplying income from these sources. Ushering in tremendous support from benefactors and mentors from its destined owners’ industries, Imperial Harvest’s agarwood treasures empower their destined owners to secure lucrative opportunities and soar to new heights in their professions.

Perfectly complementing the personal wearable treasures in Imperial Harvest’s agarwood collections is a handcrafted series of charms bearing the Imperial Harvest emblem. Designed with a contemporary outlook, the gleaming sheen of the agarwood charm is juxtaposed against the muted appearance of the Imperial Harvest agarwood beads — thereby achieving a visually striking, yet harmonious finish.

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