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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 08 July 2022

How to Enhance Your Workspace with Imperial Feng Shui

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Over the last couple of years, the COVID pandemic has greatly impacted the way that we work. Hybrid working arrangements have become the norm, with many working both at home, and in the office. In this article, we will be sharing the implications of inauspicious Qi, and how it affects your working space.

According to Imperial Feng Shui classics, there are several important golden verses that not only govern the selection and layout of a property, but also discuss the implications of inauspicious landforms affecting a property space. The study room or the office space are both important locations in amplifying your direct wealth capacity and benefactor luck, and have a great impact on your success, and the achievement of your goals and aspirations.

Feng Shui tips for your work table

1. Avoid sharp corners

One of the golden verses in Imperial Feng Shui dictates, “壁刀煞 – 围墙门柱冲大门,家中易有中风人” — describing the inauspicious Wall Knife Sha. This term is defined as a sharp edge of a building cutting into your work desk, resulting in a multitude of challenges such as loss of wealth, legal troubles or family disharmony.

A study desk facing sharp corners may indicate that the individual occupying the space is likely to experience investment losses and increased obstacles in the workplace. In such cases, the effects of Wall Knife Sha can be mitigated by relocating the affected desk away from such sharp corners.

2. Refrain from sitting with your back facing the door

According to Imperial Feng Shui classics, sitting with your back to the door creates Poison Arrow Sha, an inauspicious Qi that promotes malefactors at work. Ideally, when seated at the desk, you should have a view of the door. The work desk should also avoid facing the door directly, as this can lead to conflicts within the workplace, especially with your superiors.

3. Avoid desks near the aisles

Refrain from selecting an office desk along a passage path or aisle as no auspicious Qi energy will be able to gather, leading to a lack of recognition and visibility in your career — hindering your progression. The continued movement along the passage paths of your workspace can disrupt the flow of energy, and promote poor communication between you and your colleagues.

4. Create space in front of your desk

According to Imperial Feng Shui classics, a golden verse states “宅前无余地,子孙稀” — indicating a correlation between having a large and spacious hall in front of your residence, and the enduring wealth and prosperity it ushers in. In Imperial Feng Shui, this large space is referred to as the Bright Hall.

When it comes to situating your work desk, it is inauspicious to place the desk flush against the wall as the Bright Hall aspect is absent. Therefore, it is ideal to have a sufficient amount of space in front of the desk, as this reflects the Bright Hall — ushering in beneficial opportunities for both career and academic growth.

5. Avoid placing rubbish bins on the left of your desk

Placing your desk against the left-hand wall of your working space creates the Green Dragon Crossing Hall (青龙过堂) formation. The onset of this formation extends to your working desk as well, with the left-hand side of the desk representing your benefactors. To avoid attracting any malefactors that may hinder your progress on your path to success, it is important to avoid placing any rubbish bins on the left side of the desk as doing so may even turn your benefactors into malefactors.

6. Auspicious items to place on your desk

Placing a table lamp on the far left corner of the desk introduces a bright and productive aura, and adding a small fan creates a calm aura that refreshes the colleagues and associates around you. Over time, these garner powerful and supporting benefactors, enabling you to have smooth-sailing progress in both career and business endeavours.

The addition of green plants can also assist in lessening the effects of Wall Knife Sha, as well as providing stress relief and mental respite. Bamboo plants’ ability to continuously grow and weather through harsh conditions symbolises lasting success and resilience, and other plants such as money plants or potted plants with rounded leaves are symbolic of good fortune and prosperity. Cacti and similarly thorny plants are not recommended for the workspace as they can cause you to feel isolated from your colleagues and associates.

7. Items to avoid placing on your desk

Turtles, also referred to as 玄武, are representative of malefactors in the workplace. Therefore, it is inadvisable to place them on your work desk, whether they are in the form of stuffed toys or figurines, in order to avoid attracting malefactors.

Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone Collection

Often, we see in our blessed clients a strong desire to advance in their careers, or to secure salary increments. However, they often face setbacks due to a distinct lack of benefactor support and opportunities. Benefactor support is one of the most crucial factors in career success. For instance, meeting or connecting with the right people could secure strategic opportunities, and become the catalyst for your progression.

The Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstone collection encompasses powerful Imperial Feng Shui treasures used to activate the authority star that promotes benefactor support, and your reputation within the workplace. Simultaneously, it negates inauspicious energies, as well as health and relationship issues that arise from any missing sectors in your homes and offices. Playing an important role in ushering in an abundance of benefactor support, prosperous wealth and good health, the Imperial Harvest Imperial White Inkstones allow their destined owners to focus on the key aspects of any important deliverables and business dealings, and to promptly arrive at inspired decisions that lead to career growth.

Emperor Qian Long, an ardent advocate of Imperial Feng Shui, had a penchant for using inkstones in his duties, and saw these stones as an important instrument in empowering him to make inspired decisions for the continued success of his empire.

Imperial Harvest Agarwood

Financial limitations are another prevalent issue that may hinder your progress towards your goals, as individuals in good luck cycles but have limited wealth capacities tend to struggle with their finances.

Agarwood holds great significance in Imperial Feng Shui, playing a major role in maintaining an optimal balance of the Major Yang, which governs direct wealth capacity. Imperial Harvest Agarwood supercharges the direct wealth capacities of its destined wearer, empowering them to rise to the top of the career ladder and become leading authorities in their respective fields. Harnessing its potent Imperial Feng Shui prowess, its blessed owner gains tremendous support from powerful benefactors and mentors and can secure lucrative, high-growth opportunities.

Emblazoned with the Imperial Harvest emblem, this exquisite mark of excellence serves as a hallmark of Imperial Harvest’s collection of Agarwood Bead Bracelets. This series of Agarwood charms seamlessly enhances the appearance of the Imperial Harvest Agarwood Bead Bracelet, its gleaming sheen providing a harmonious contrast against the understated elegance of the Imperial Harvest Agarwood Beads. Made from a proprietary blend of precious metals, this 18K gold charm affirms all that Imperial Harvest stands for in design elegance and technical expertise.

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