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FAQs on the Five Wealth Gods Collection

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In our previous articles, Master David shared about the five gods of wealth in Chinese history who are responsible for the stewardship of different areas of wealth.

We have consolidated some of the most frequently asked questions that our fans and blessed clients have about the signature Five Wealth Gods collection.

Which Wealth God should I choose?

With five different wealth gods to choose from, it is a decision that is hard to make.

We recommend choosing the wealth god that best suits your needs, in line of that we have listed down the specific purpose of each Wealth God:

Career Wealth God Tua Pek Gong is ideal for those who are looking for massive breakthroughs in their careers and for attracting powerful benefactors, as well as to consistently receive salary raises with the ultimate goal of rising to the top echelons of the corporate ladder.

Business Wealth God Guan Gong is ideal for those who are looking for massive sales breakthroughs in their business and career, attracting and closing multi-million dollar sales opportunities and gaining powerful referrals from benefactors.

Grand Wealth God Bi Gan is the most powerful wealth god who controls both direct and indirect wealth of the human realm and is ideal for those seeking massive wealth breakthroughs and successes in all aspects of their financial endeavours.

Windfall Wealth God Zhong Kui is ideal for those who are looking for massive breakthroughs in their financial portfolio, accumulation of financial assets and the removal of malefactors as well as those who require a massive windfall in order to clear your debts.

Investment Wealth God Tua Di Ya Pek is ideal for hedge funds managers, private equity traders and individuals with investment plans looking for investment breakthroughs, accelerating the growth of their financial portfolios and to grow their AUM at breakneck speeds.

How are the Five Wealth Gods made?

Like all Imperial Harvest collections, the Five Wealth Gods are engineered firstly from Master David’s daily inspiration from his meditative sessions, then intricately sketched out by Master David personally.

The sketches are then sent to our workshops for our master craftsmen to meticulously sculpt over a period of no less than 8 months before the end-result is approved by Master David. Each jadeite is created using a wide array of fine carving and intricate polishing techniques to enrich the brilliance and aesthetics of the jadeite and are meant to last for generations.

While many jadeite retailers have abandoned the art of hand-carving to pursue machine cut jadeites, Imperial Harvest has remained steadfast in her pursuit of the utmost standards in Imperial Feng Shui.

Can I wear more than one Wealth God?

Yes you can definitely. As each of the Five Wealth Gods have their own distinctive powers, often at times individuals who have different aspirations will require more than one wealth god to assist them in achieving their goals. In fact, possessing more than 2 wealth gods actually compliments each another and amplifies the auspicious luck and power of the deities.

With that understanding, acquiring one or more wealth gods will massively amplify the indigenous powers of the wealth gods. Having both the Fine Jadeite Zhong Kui and Fine Jadeite Tua Di Ya Pek will lead to explosive returns on your investments, as well as receiving massive windfalls to accumulate more wealth, which allows you to funnel more funds into your investments to achieve even greater returns.

For massive jaw-dropping breakthroughs, we recommend pairing the Grand Wealth God with any other wealth gods. Since the Grand Wealth God is the embodiment of supreme auspicious luck in both spectrums of direct and indirect wealth, the Grand Wealth God greatly amplifies the powers of other Wealth Gods in your possession, giving you the ability to transmute any financial endeavour you engage with into a successful venture.

Which colour is suitable for me?

As with all collections in Imperial Harvest, all of our designs are available in five elemental colours. For prospective clients of Imperial Harvest, choosing a colour may prove a challenge.

Everything in the universe is made of the five elements – represented by Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. We are composed of five elements as well, hence every individual is unique in a way that some are born with more wood and some are born with more earth as dictated by the time, date, month & year of birth.

The law of nature is about balance and harmony of the five elements in your destiny chart.

For example, a weak Yang Fire requires Wood (Resource element) and Fire (Friend element). Using your lifetime favourable elements & lucky colours helps you to achieve harmony of your five elements. Your favourable elements and lucky colours will be decided based on the assessment of your Bazi chart by Master David and his team of prosperity advisors.

How do I acquire my Wealth God if I am not based in Singapore?

With a pool of international clients, Master David and his team of expert consultants regularly tend to overseas clients over a video conference or phone call to determine their favourable element and colours. According to your needs and aspirations, we will recommend the most compatible Five Wealth God to assist and guide you in your aspirations and dreams.

Upon confirmation, your Imperial Harvest treasure will then be blessed by Master David with Imperial Feng Shui blessings on a carefully selected date and time-based on Vedic Astrology, San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Personal Bazi favourable element date selection.

After the highest-order of blessing has been conducted by Master David, it will be packed carefully before we arrange your Imperial Harvest-treasure to be delivered to your home.

What happens after I have acquired my recommended Wealth God?

Every Imperial Harvest treasure is personally blessed by Master David on an auspicious time and date using the Imperial Feng Shui method on a carefully selected date and time-based on Vedic Astrology, San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia and Personal Bazi favourable element date selection.

The vermillion 开光朱砂 used to bless your Imperial Harvest-treasure is concocted using pure cinnabar powder 朱砂粉, Agarwood oil 沉香油, Sandalwood oil 檀香油 and 24K gold foil 金箔, grounded on the top of the Imperial White Inkstone 御用白端砚 to bring out the heavenly and prosperous energies of the jadeite. Only then, the energies of the jadeite are unlocked and the Wealth God shall then proceed to prosper its destined owner to achieve his/her life goals and aspirations.

Imperial Harvest’s Philosophy

At Imperial Harvest, each client of ours is unique with their own specific goals and aspirations. Aiming to understand every client so that we are able to tailor the prescription to suit that particular need and aspiration is also the very gist of everything Imperial Harvest stands for.

We strongly recommend each client to book an appointment with us so that we can better understand you before prescribing you the most appropriate Wealth God for you to achieve greater success and breakthroughs in your life.

Your expert consultants are on hand to help you find the perfect Imperial Harvest treasure, book a complimentary consultation or contact us at +65 91221826

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