Imperial Harvest 2023 Zodiac Forecast
Year of the Rabbit

2023 marks the year of the Water Rabbit, highlighting the importance of agility, resilience and adaptability in achieving breakthroughs in our businesses, careers, studies and relationships. As the final year in Period 8 of the Feng Shui cycle (4 Feb 2004 — 3 Feb 2024), 2023 also begins to usher in Period 9 of the Feng Shui cycle, defined by the trigram of Li Gua (离卦) where new economies and opportunities will emerge.

Academic Star (文昌), Heavenly Virtue (天德)
Red Matchmaker (红鸾) , Salt Pool (咸池), Torturing Tai Sui (刑太岁)
Keep a low profile on your financial decisions, and do your due diligence and research before embarking on investment opportunities. Malefactors may present themselves throughout the year and lead to further financial losses.
Due to the presence of Tai Sui in 2023, you should not be too impulsive in your career endeavours. Consider the consequences carried by moments of impulse, as misjudgements can affect your career.
Singles will have a high chance of meeting their potential partner in 2023. Practice patience and let the relationship naturally grow. On the other hand, those in relationships will continue to enjoy a stable and harmonious relationship.
While you may experience generally good physical health in 2023, work-related stress may cause your mental health to suffer. Taking time off for leisure, such as going on holiday, will mitigate such stresses.
5, 7
Northeast, South
Elegant Seal (华盖), Sky Relief (天解), Three Stages (三台),
Sky Dog (天狗), Drape Head Star (披头), Suspended Guest (吊客)
Encountering many patrons and partners in your field of work can help you attract benefactor support, and scale your business or career. Pay attention to your finances and curate a financial plan to avoid any unnecessary spending.
2023 brings smooth-sailing career luck, being a great year to lay a stable foundation for your career. Opportunities and career advancements should come naturally to you, and upskilling with courses relevant to your career will be greatly beneficial.
For singles, 2023 is a good year to meet their potential life partner, although they should not rush into the relationship. Those in relationships should strengthen their ties to their partner, resulting in a stronger, healthier and more harmonious relationship over time.
Regulate your diet and avoid consuming too much seafood as you may be prone to gastrointestinal issues. Being cautious regarding your health will help you focus on the more important issues this year. Avoid reckless driving, as you are prone to accidents in 2023.
3, 9
North, South, Southeast
Noblemen (天乙)
Death God (亡神), Achievement Star (陌越), Illness (病符)
With an excellent year for career growth, 2023 will bring resources and opportunities necessary for Tigers to scale their net worth and build rapport with their benefactors. Larger challenges can create fantastic opportunities for growth this year.
Avoid being too showy, or you may find yourself being ostracised from different social circles. However, this may also positively impact your colleagues' and superiors’ perceptions, allowing you to command greater respect and authority.
Singles will be popular on dating apps, granting them many opportunities to meet their destined partner. However, you should guard against any unwanted romantic encounters. Those in relationships will have a smooth-sailing year with their partners, with no major hiccups.
Although you have excellent fortune in 2023, you may experience bouts of minor health issues throughout the year. Paying attention to your health, maintaining a healthy diet and getting sufficient rest will be essential in getting through tough times.
4, 7
South, Southeast, East
General Star (将星), Duke’s Arrival (岁驾), Golden Box (金匮)
Sword Star (剑锋), Tai Sui (值太岁), Corpse (伏尸), Triple Punishment (三刑)
Due to conflicts with Tai Sui, you should stay cautious and make careful decisions regarding how financial resources are distributed. Otherwise, your decisions may lead to financial losses.
The influence of Tai Sui may cause you to experience hindrances to your career development. Keeping an open mind will allow you to focus on your goal, as haste and anxiety will disrupt your career progression.
Small conflicts and misunderstandings may happen in your relationship, but take a step back and refrain from making impulsive decisions. It is recommended to only commit to long-term relationships, as short-term relationships may prove to be tumultuous.
Due to Tai Sui, your health may be affected in 2023. Bouts of mental block may cause a downturn in your mood. Sports and activities that include cardio exercise may help to alleviate stress. Additionally, be mindful of your health while travelling overseas.
4, 9
South, Southeast
Great Sun (太阳), Court Charm (唐符)
Harm Tai Sui (害太岁), Six Harms (六害)
Take great care during any negotiations this year to avoid getting shortchanged on your business dealings. Due to Tai Sui in 2023, you may experience impeded career development. When it comes to investments, only invest in companies with good track records.
With obstacles in the workplace and the presence of malefactors, Dragons can anticipate a bumpy career trajectory. In 2023. Maintain good interpersonal relationships with your colleagues and superiors in your workplace.
Singles should pay attention to their potential partners and avoid withholding important information from their partner. Devoting time to your partner in 2023 will strengthen your bond, as conflicts are bound to emerge in your relationship.
Some underlying health concerns, such as skin or gastrointestinal-related issues, can lead to additional financial obligations in 2023. Eating clean and maintaining regular exercise can help you stay on top of your health this year.
2, 5, 6
North, Northwest, West
Sky Horse (驿马), Earth Relief (地解), Imperial Seal (国印)
Mourning (丧门), Solitary (孤辰), Arrowhead (飞廉)
You will experience fairly good wealth luck in 2023, especially from your full-time jobs or businesses. However, it is important to be prudent with your expenditure and spend when necessary.
There will be many opportunities in your career development in 2023. However, it is important for you to be mindful of your interpersonal communication and not being too ostentatious will help you get along with more people.
You will experience favourable relationship luck in 2023 and form excellent friendships with people from all walks of life. Do note to pay attention to, and spend time with your partners this year as the advent of your enhanced wealth luck will take up much of your time.
2023 may bring you periods of restlessness and worry, so it is important to take a step back to rest and take care of your physical and mental health before pursuing your next goal.
3, 7, 8
Northeast, Southwest, South
Moon Star (太阴), Sky Happiness (天喜), Jade Hall (玉堂)
Piercing Rope (贯索), Seduction (勾神)
With limited wealth luck, 2023 may be a financially challenging year. Exercising caution and prudence in business plans is advised, as malefactors may create unnecessary obstacles. However, favourable investment luck makes 2023 an opportune time for investments.
Being proactive in helping your superiors and colleagues will bring recognition for your efforts and diligent work. Practice patience during any setbacks or challenges, and make decisions with careful deliberation.
You will experience many opportunities to embark on new journeys with your romantic partner. However, due to limited relationship luck, singles may find it difficult to connect with a suitable partner. You may be at risk of being involved in schemes that will impact your career and wealth prospects.
You will experience generally good health, although you may encounter minor health issues throughout the year. Be mindful of overeating or excessive drinking, as doing so may amplify any health issues.
1, 3, 9
Northeast, Southwest, Northwest
Three Stages (三台), Sky Relief (天解), Elegant Seal (华盖)
Officer Charm (官符), Five Ghosts (五鬼), Emotional Star (浮沉)
Gaining favour with your superiors and colleagues will bring greater chances for promotions at work. In 2023, you will form new friendships and find business partners in the process, which will allow you to accumulate wealth.
Being practical and diligent in your work can usher in breakthroughs in your career development. However, maintaining a positive relationship with your colleagues is equally important.
For those in relationships, it is important to pay attention and spend more time with your partner as your daily habits and practices may strain your relationships with your loved ones. Those who are single may experience rejection. Instead, work on your personal growth and allow things to develop naturally.
Get adequate rest as your well-being may be affected due to work pressures in 2023. Avoid water-related activities as you are prone to accidents and injuries this year.
2, 4, 8
East, Southeast, South
Sky Horse (驿马), Month Virtue (月德)
Robbery Sha (劫煞), Small Indulgence (小耗), Death Charm (死符)
Diligence and hard work invites opportunities for recognition and returns in 2023. Although you can expect exponential growth in wealth this year, take note that these breakthroughs should be achieved through hard work.
You are advised to stay vigilant as unexpected circumstances and malefactors may hinder your work. While you may experience ups and downs this year, actively adjusting your mindset to face these challenges will help expand your connections and usher in career breakthroughs.
With positive relationship luck this year, those who are single have many opportunities to change their single status. Those in relationships can enjoy a smooth-sailing year ahead with their significant other.
With limited health luck, minor health issues may pose a constant hurdle for you. You are advised to pay attention to your health, get regular exercise and go for routine checkups to keep yourself in good health.
1, 5, 7
North, Northwest, West
Fortune Star (禄勋)
Clash Tai Sui (冲太岁), Sui Po (岁破), Calamity Sha (灾煞), Obstacle Star (栏干)
Due to the clash with Tai Sui, 2023 will bring limited wealth luck. This year, wealth accumulation will be affected, which exacerbates the loss of wealth from your endeavours. Avoid any risky investments.
Unforeseen circumstances may hinder your career progress, leading to slow development in 2023. Practising patience and humility can place you in a favourable position.
With limited relationship luck in 2023, singles may experience difficulties in meeting the right partner. Those in relationships should practice greater communication and tolerance to maintain stable relationships.
With moderately positive health luck, keeping good habits, a healthy diet and good mental health can place you in good stead over the year. If you are travelling, purchase travel insurance and exercise vigilance.
3, 5, 8
Northeast, Southwest, Northwest
Zi Wei (紫微), Dragon Virtue (龙德), Duke Collaboration (岁合)
Dark Sky (天厄), Sheep Blade (羊刃), Defeat (暴败)
It will be a financially prosperous year with plenty of financial opportunities arising. Business owners will be able to accumulate a small fortune. With favourable investment luck, it is an opportune moment to make some small investments.
With good career luck in 2023, you can make great breakthroughs in your career. Those working in government and financial sectors may experience beneficial support from their colleagues this year, nurturing their career development.
You will experience moderately good relationship luck in 2023. Those who are single have many opportunities to change their single status, while those in relationships will continue to maintain strong bonds with their partner.
2023 brings excellent physical health. However, your personal and professional responsibilities may greatly strain your mental health. Do exercise a healthy balance between your work and personal lives to reduce the impact of such stresses.
2, 6, 8
East, Southeast, South
Sky Horse (驿马), Earth Relief (地解), Imperial Seal (国印)
White Tiger (白虎), Backstabber (指背), Sky Warrior (天雄), Earth Fiend (地煞)
2023 will be a prosperous year for you. You will have many opportunities to showcase your talents, and working diligently can help to attract recognition within your industry and usher in commensurate returns.
You may experience good career luck and enjoy smooth-sailing career progression in 2023 due to strong benefactor support from your superiors. Hence it is advisable to strengthen and maintain the trust and respect placed on you by your benefactors.
The new year will bring opportunities for those in relationships to pursue wealth breakthroughs together. On the other hand, those who are single may encounter good chances of meeting potential partners.
You are advised to exercise prudence in your health and establish a healthy lifestyle with a regular workout routine to prevent health issues.
1, 5, 9
Southeast, Northeast