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Imperial Dragon Bangle Collection

The Imperial Dragon is the most revered mythical creature. In ancient China, it was a symbol of great power and authority that is associated with the Emperor of China to represent his imperial strength. In modern times, it is the ultimate symbol of success and prosperity.


The Imperial Dragon is said to emit a special form of Qi, known as “Sheng Qi” or “Celestial Breath”. This essence of life attracts wealth, good fortune, abundance and success. Regarded as a symbol of imperial authority, the Imperial Dragon was the exclusive right of the Emperor of China. It was an image adorned on his Imperial robe and throughout his palaces. Reach us vial email today.

Superlative Craftsmanship

In order to bring the intricate details of the Imperial Dragon Bracelet to life, the engraving of the dragon’s head is finished and polished by hand. Each brilliant diamond is carefully placed on the dragon’s head and surrounding the bracelet, an extremely tedious process that is executed with meticulous attention to detail by Imperial Harvest’s very own master craftsman. Reach us via email today.

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