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Posted by Imperial Harvest on 28 October 2020

Imperial Harvest Stories – Jeff Yeo

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Jeff is the co-founder of a real estate business that builds, sells and manages tiny houses.

Heading the sales and marketing department meant that the success of the company lay heavily on his shoulder. In 2017, he decided to consult Master David and was prescribed with the Fine White Jadeite Guan Gong riding on Champion Stallion to help him secure business opportunities and to smoothen his relationships with suppliers and clients.

Almost immediately after wearing his first Imperial Harvest treasure, Jeff began to see better relations with all parties involved in the business. Along the way, more business opportunities began presenting themselves.

Within a year, Jeff’s business grew at an astonishing rate, reaching profitability and started to generate a 7-figure revenue.

In a bid to further expand his business plans, Jeff met Master David for a review session in 2018. Master David identified that he was not realising his earning potential due to the limitations of his wealth capacity.

To assist him in his expansion plans, Master David prescribed Jeff with the Dark Earth Agarwood Beads bracelet to expand his direct wealth capacity. To his amazement, his business doubled that very year.

As his business continued to grow rapidly, Jeff invited Master David to audit his house Feng Shui.

After a detailed analysis and discussion, Master David suggested that he should activate the auspicious Mountain star (wealth sector) within his home. As such he decided to acquire the Qian Long Jadeite Mountain to enhance his benefactor luck and attract even more business opportunities.

“After refining my house Feng Shui and activating the Mountain star, my wife’s career switch led to her becoming much more happier, and finding more fulfilment in her work” – Jeff Yeo

“After refining my house Feng Shui and activating the Mountain star, my wife’s career switch led to her becoming much more happier, and finding more fulfilment in her work” – Jeff Yeo

In 2019, Jeff invested in the Imperial Harvest-grade Dragon Fish Crystal to activate the water star in his house to usher in even more wealth and success. This led to further expansion in his business, prompting a foreign investor to express his interest in acquiring a stake in Jeff’s business.

At that point, his business was valued at 8-figures and the investor went on to purchase a percentage of equity from Jeff. That was one of the most memorable and defining moments in his journey with Master David and Imperial Harvest.

In 2020, the pandemic brought about strong economic headwinds. Many businesses in the hospitality and travel industry were badly hit. However, Jeff’s business stood strong and his team continuously worked hard to further their revenue.

The pandemic has also helped Jeff realise the importance of family. Hence he has made the decision to let go of his HDB flat and move into a bigger property so that his parents can move in.

“I believe strongly in fengshui and have consulted many different masters over the years. If I had a choice, I will not choose differently and still continue to consult Master David. I find that he is really sincere in helping his clients and he places his clients’ interests above everything else. ” – Jeff Yeo

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